Let’s talk about my son’s questions about Christmas cards….

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about my son’s questions about Christmas cards….

  1. Awesome work there!
    We haven’t sent a Christmas card in almost 3 decades, now. I do send e-cards to some when I can. I think more people blow it off than many may be aware of, also. It’s expensive and time consuming, when a person can make a call or a visit with some cookies, or something. I think we’ve got some Christmas cards still hanging around the house, but we donate most of the greeting cards we receive from well-meaning charities to the local schools for art projects. I’m glad this guy made this video, though! It’s a good suggestion.

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    1. Hello Ali. I can remember when we hung them around the door to the house and up the wall. But as you said over the years it has changed. We still send a paper card to a 50 year old mentally disabled woman with the mentality of a 4 or 5 year old. She gets so excited to receive the cards that it is worth doing. But most people we text that day with our well wishes. Hugs

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  2. Well damn!!! I never even thought about that! Beau’s 8-year-old son has given me something to ponder on! I will not likely be sending a mass mailing of Christmas cards again. We can learn from this younger generation, can’t we? Wow … I never even thought about that. Hugs


  3. Scottie, you know how I am about this guy’s videos, but after reading Jill’s comment, I though I’d see what the fuss was about.

    Yes, the message is spot-on — even though I could have read the same thing in half the time). 🥱


    1. BTW, just as a sidenote — I haven’t sent C’mas cards for YEARS! In fact, I can’t even remember the last one I sent. So I’ve been saving the trees without even being prompted by “Beau.” 😋


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