An update on my medical issues

Seen my pain doctor this morning, came home, ate, and went to bed.  Got up a while ago.   Tomorrow morning I go back and have spine shots in the base of my spine to keep me walking and treat that area of bad pain.  The MRI showed more damage there.   The C area of my spine shows a little damage but not enough compared to the other areas to be concerned about now.  So now I have to get an MRI of the middle of the spine.   I have a very large amount of pain from there and that is where the worst of my muscle spasms are at.    But Medicare would only let my doctor order two MRI sections at a time so we had to do it this way.   I also have to schedule a nerve study because my pain doctor thinks I have Carpal tunnel in my right hand and damage in my right shoulder.   She is having it done in both arms.   Then I have to have shots / treatments in my right shoulder.   So much pain right now makes it really hard to think and sit.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “An update on my medical issues

    1. Hello Nan. Not for me. A lot of my bone issues track right back to my childhood of being thrown downstairs and into walls, my hips were dislocated when I was 4 years old. But before my pain medications allowed me relief and to function somewhat normally. But now the pain is too great to sit, think, I wake up in pain so bad I have to get up but can barely walk when I do get up. My pain doctor told me I could get some relief for a period of time if I had surgery on those parts of my spine, if the surgery went correctly. If it went wrong, I could suffer more pain or even be paralyzed. Plus if I do have surgery I will have to have it redone as the issues grow back. But right now a lot of my pain is in the center of my back, but that has not been scanned yet. That means I won’t get shots in that. A friend of mine did the procedure to burn the nerves out (I guess they heal up over time) but he said it was exceedingly painful. He had to stop several times during the procedure to let his vitals go back to normal. Hugs


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