Let’s talk about George Santos and blame….

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about George Santos and blame….

  1. Hi Scottie;
    The previous administration was quite literally choked with incompetence. It is no secret that were it not for those who just couldn’t allow the unprofessional and incapable leadership above them to destroy what they spent a lifetime of service towards, the country would have folded like a half-baked loaf of bread — looking fabulous from far away but one moment away from sinking into a gooey mess. The problem is that the efforts of those underneath go hidden by those above, and somehow despite their head being so far into their ass they come out like roses to those who WANT to believe.
    In a federal campaign, as shown so very clearly by Oz and Walker, is not about the candidate. It is about the party. The voter that is voting for the candidate would NEVER have voted for Walker, yet he lost by half a percent of voters voting against him. The guy was incompetent in the extreme. He was mentally ill. Stupid as a brick. Incapable of understanding the issues – and but barely lost.
    I’ve met republican candidates that I strongly disagreed with, but could not deny they were very intelligent, competent, capable people – wrong on some things (imo), but capable. Fred Upton is one great example of that.
    I’m going to speak on something I think dangerous, and I invite comment: The more extreme platforms of our party need to tone things down. I don’t agree with things like reparations — I did 100 years ago, but I think that ship has sailed. I do believe in treating a man, a woman, a person as a person and not as a ” ” person, requiring someone be typed and cataloged. I believe we need to have health care for all because I know that businesses and the common worker spend a fortune on it and unless you work for a large corporation it’s shit. Further, we pay for uninsured to get their healthcare anyway – why are we supporting an entire health insurance industry employee base on the backs of our workers? It makes economic sense. I believe we spend too much on the defense industry and military — not because they don’t deserve it but because we are then MORE inclined to use it where we would do better minding our own business. Republicans are wrong about Ukraine – not because we need that money for our own interests, but because Putin is draining his strength fighting what for us is a proxy war. Let him burn it. If and when we go to war with Russia about something, it will be that much weaker. I believe in solar and electric/hydrogen cars not because I think petrol is evil but because it makes us reliant on other nations and the solar and electric/hydro markets are alive and growing.
    But, see, I think Beau has this from the wrong perspective: people aren’t voting FOR the republicans so much as voting AGAINST the more extremes of the dems. Owning the libs. And, as Walker, MTG, Bobert, and way too many others have shown oh so clearly, they don’t need these people to develop strong ideas on how to go forward. They need them to remain in control. A trained monkey just isn’t allowed to run.

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      1. P.S. I think YOU should start doing videos. πŸ˜„

        I detest listening/watching Beau (I realize I’m in the minority) so when I can READ a comment like yours, I don’t need him!


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