Arizona Bill Would Outlaw Sunday Drag Brunches And Define Drag “Exaggerating Gender” As Adult Content

Can’t have the more popular drag shows cutting into church attendance can we.   Hugs

Phoenix’s CBS affiliate reports:

Before the legislative session begins on Monday, three bills have already been introduced by Republican senators aimed at regulating and limiting drag shows in Arizona. The most controversial of the three is a bill that wants stricter regulations on adult drag shows, including limiting the hours they’re allowed to operate.

Introduced by Republican Senator Anthony Kern, SB 1030 specifically calls for regulation and business licenses for drag shows and a limitation of their hours, not allowing shows between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday-Saturday and prohibiting shows on Sundays from 1 a.m. to 12 p.m. That would impact Sunday morning drag brunches.

Read the full article.

Kern last appeared on JMG in August 2022 when he and US Rep. Paul Gosar were ordered to pay a Democratic state lawmaker $75,000 for filing a “lawsuit for the purpose of harassment.” In 2014, Kern was fired from a local police department for lying to superiors. In 2020, Kern joined US Rep. Louie Gohmert in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Electoral Count Act. Also in 2020, Kern was among the 11 local Republicans who falsely claimed to be Arizona electors. In January 2021, Kern tweeted a video showing himself as present during the attack on the US Capitol. In April 2021, reporters spotted him counting ballots inside the Maricopa County election center, despite rules saying that the counters must be nonpartisan.

JackFknTwista minute ago

Why not on Saturday ?
The Jewish Community hole the Sabbath sacred,- on Saturday.

JackFknTwist3 minutes ago

So more and more they push their fascist agenda. Maybe they’ll call drag performers and the gays ‘degenerates’.
This is exactly what the Nazis did and then packed the degenerates off to the Camps with the Jews.
It’s not so long ago.
I was classed as a criminal in Ireland until 1994.
But then the faeries all came to my rescue.

ZRAinSWVA8 minutes ago

I don’t do drag, but dressing in drag is ostensibly “speech”, so FOAD

biki13 minutes ago

So I guess Harry Styles in a dress is a no no too?

mythictom biki3 minutes ago

*horrified gasp*

But Catholic priests in dresses are a-ok. For now.

Elagabalus bovsklo3 hours ago

They’re trying to bring Putin’s Russia to Amerikkka

2patricius2 bovsklo2 hours ago

He thinks wearing a suit and tie while attacking people in drag makes him a real man. If he really wanted to outlaw drag, he would outlaw vestments for preachers and robes for judges.

juanjo54 Darreth2 hours ago

This has nothing to do with Christianity. It has everything to do with a bunch of fascists looking for a group to “other” and allow the general public to hate while the fascists take away everyone’s civil liberties while transferring all economic power to the wealthy elites.

Elagabalus 2patricius22 hours ago

No, it doesn’t, but having read John Boswell’s “Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality,” I know that for most of the church’s 2000+ year history there have only been isolated brief pockets of time where some sort of accommodation was made for gay people but mostly it’s been full-on hate for over 2000 years. That’s just a fact.

juanjo54 J.Martindale26 minutes ago

I am not a Christian and never have been. I do not particularly like Christianity given the long history of issues between them and my own people. That said, far-right extremists have used the religious beliefs of of Americans to manipulate them just as often as they they have used to racial and ethnic prejudices of Americans to manipulate the American people.

The fact is that these fascist arseholes know that they can no longer just scream “fa&&ot” and work up a crowd the way they used to, so now they use Trans folks and drag queens and nonsense about grooming to get foolish people riled up. But it is just the same as the old stories from my younger day back in the 50s and 60s when it was how gay people had to recruit new gay people by turning children gay.

nocadrummer3 hours ago

“Exaggerating Gender” As Adult Content.
And yet, it’s okay to take the kids to HOOTERS.


DmR nocadrummer3 hours ago

But, but, but, that’s good old fashioned Christian Traditional Family Values Cishet type of stuff. You know, stuff that little boys will grow up and ooogle to and little girls will aspire to be.

amy cuscuriae nocadrummer3 hours ago

Little heterosexual boys just love titties! They make the boys blush and giggle.

Tor3 hours ago

Not before Sunday, noon!


Happy_Housewife3 hours ago

Does this mean there can’t be a Catholic Mass on Sundays?

Karl Dubhe IV3 hours ago

Fucking hell, talk about the party of small government, eh?

3 thoughts on “Arizona Bill Would Outlaw Sunday Drag Brunches And Define Drag “Exaggerating Gender” As Adult Content

  1. Scottie, well God forbid they talk about the global water crisis hitting Arizona hard with the seven states competing for water from the Colorado River. Or, maybe some infrastructure need. Or, maybe a workable and humane border policy. They need to focus on the big items like transgender issues. I am sure some people now feel safe. Keith

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Keith. I agree. It is like Kevin McCarthy giving his first speech as speaker about getting things done and then listing all the investigations and culture wars the republicans plan to address rather than addressing anything they ran on like inflation or crime. They are not addressing anything that polls as high on the public demands, but their base and the freedom caucus demands more and more attempts to target and hate. Hugs


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