Let’s talk about being displaced by disaster….

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about being displaced by disaster….

    1. Hello Ali. Yes. And that is the point of the people at the southern border. These people are asking for asylum and legally they have that right. US laws and treaties the US has signed say they have that right. But the right doesn’t care, to them the people coming over the southern border asking for asylum hearings are the wrong color, they are brown. Notice there are not the same fears or hate for the people crossing the northern border asking for asylum.

      The solution is not to block these people from any entry or having hearings like the racist right wants. The solution is not to throw more money into detaining and removing these people who have a legal right to ask for asylum. The solution IS to put that money into more hearing judges and facilities so these people can be processed and cared for. The southern red states claim that it is a burden on them, but they fail to mention they get money from the federal government for this but also have NGOs that raise their own funds and do most of the work, think how much more money could be directed to these states to care for and process these people if the republicans would only allow it. But instead, these states spend millions on stunts and gimmicks like placing shipping containers on the border costing many millions while harming the environment / wildlife and on lands the state doesn’t even own. The US needs more workers, needs more young people paying taxes, and yes more people having babies in town / areas where the places are dying due to young people leaving. This nation is huge and in the red states there is far more land than people and it needs more people to have a functioning country. If it was not for the bigotry of white people on the right who think they will lose everything and become a brown nation, which really what does that mean that they fear it so much. Not only the loss of white power but right wing media claims that the US will lose its culture. I asked what that means, and it seems it means the US will lose the bigotry and idea that black people should be slaves while whites should always be assumed to be in charge of everything. Well that mindset needs to go away anyway. The US should be a culture in advancement and progress, never stagnant like those wanting to regress to the 1950s /1850s are demanding. Hugs

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