IL Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Grooming Charges

I am posting this for the tic Tok video where the person lays it out how it is in the churches where the real grooming takes place, not schools or library book, nor drag queens reading stories.  Hugs


The Baptist Press reports:

A pastor from McLeansboro, Ill., was arrested Jan. 5 on two counts of grooming minors for sexual purposes. Garrett Biggerstaff was charged after a four-month investigation that included the seizure of his electronic devices and collection of evidence at his home.

Biggerstaff was taken into custody and booked at the Jefferson County Jail. His bond was set for $150,000.

Biggerstaff, 28, was employed by the Spring Garden School District in Ina, Ill., at the time, but he resigned when the investigation became public in November. He was also the pastor of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Fairfield. The church suspended Biggerstaff immediately.

Read the full article. The TikTok user below has something to say about this one.


Randy5033 minutes ago

She really nails it! Bravo!

rednekokie23 minutes ago

Okay — how many of these since the first of the year??????

Rebecca Gardner3 hours ago

Still no Drag Queens or LGBT folks grooming children. It’s always the fucking ChristoNazis.

Halou3 hours ago

The moral panic against drag and trans people is being used as an excuse to look the other way when members of the clergy get caught.

Longpole Galvestonian2 hours ago

It will take lawsuits and TV commercials about rape by clergyman. Lawyers talking about the cover up of abuse and how to fight back in order reach most people and create awareness.
The news media has failed to get the message out on this danger in the churches.

Darreth Longpole2 hours ago

All of that would have to happen for years to even make a dent. It’s very public how many diocese’ have gone bankrupt due to sexual abuse issues and still parents send their children off to the rectory unsupervised.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ Galvestonian3 hours ago

Because the faith addict never likes to admit their addiction…
And to do so publicly is tantamount to suicide for their faith.

cheakamus Galvestonian3 hours ago

Absolutely. If people in small communities who rarely read the news began putting two and two together are realized that the problem starts in their own churches, we might begin to have some action on this front. It wasn’t until the accusations against the Catholic Church went mainstream that priests and other church employees began to be held accountable. Now do the Evangelicals!

Raging Bee JoeMyGod4 hours ago

If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and really wants to talk to us, then how would it even be possible to “remove God from a society?”

Nic Peterson4 hours ago

Dear TikTok lady, I love you but you need to understand that they don’t care about children being abused in churches. Why not, because to point that out would hurt the feefees of churchy people and just like some white folk don’t want to be made uncomfortable because of our shared history, many christians would like the same treatment when it comes to the wholesale sexual abuse of children and others at the hands of religious leaders.

Please keep it up though. Many hands make big work small.

bambinoitaliano Nic Peterson3 hours ago

I think her question at the end of the video was meant to be rhetorical.

What, me worry?4 hours ago

I have yet to see a mug shot of a drag queen who was arrested for molesting or “grooming” children. And you know that we would definitely see it if it ever happened.

2 thoughts on “IL Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Grooming Charges

  1. This is, truly bad, as these, preachers of God, continue to, sexually abuse or, molest children who don’t know how to tell the difference between, what is improper and what’s happening over their own, bodies, and, these are still, predators, dressed in, God’s, name, and the church doesn’t do anything.

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