A bunch of Joe My God news posts I wanted to share. Hugs

Florida Pastor Sentenced To 20 Years For Child Rape

Yet still not a drag queen or trans person.  There were other ones posted in the days I got these from but I felt one was enough.  You can see the tally that Joe has been keeping.    Hugs

FAA System Outage Blamed On “Honest” Human Error

New MO Rule: Female Lawmakers May Not Bare Arms

The handmaids tale gets closer and closer as the republican run states fight to return the society to a much more regressive time when women were under more control of men.   Hugs

New York GOP Official Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud

The republicans know there is voter fraud because they are the ones doing it.   I wonder if this guy will get five years in prison like the poor black woman who was told she could vote and did so but she did not qualify.   Texas threw the maximum punishment at her.  Hugs

Fox Host Rants About “Transvestite” Pilots [VIDEO]

Notice that he never thinks of women pilots.  To him all piolets must be male and the ones in dresses or skirts are cross dressing men to his mind.  What a bigoted piece of shit.   Hugs

CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Drag queens are the newest boogieman of the right, easy targets to rile up their base that hopes for either the return to the 1950s or the 1850s depending how they feel about women and black people.   Hugs

Aunt Lydia Bans “Indoctrinating Children” In Arkansas

Notice it is only indoctrination and wrong when it is about acceptance / tolerance of diversity and minorities.   Push hard right wing ideology is just reality for these republicans.  Pushing an outdated 1950s style of society to them is normal but in truth that is the indoctrination they accuse the left of.   They are trying hard to regress society and the acceptance of others who are different from them.  They cannot live and let live.   They must force everyone to fit the mold they demand they live in.   The want a society where straight Christian males are assumed to be in charge, women are subservient to white straight men, blacks know their place and stay in it, and the gay and trans people are not seen or acknowledged in society staying firmly hidden in their closets.     Hugs

Texts Support Groping Allegations Against Matt Schlapp

House GOP Showboats With False Anti-Abortion Bill

As the article points out once born it is a child, living child and to kill it is already murder.   By definition abortion is not being born.  The bill is just grandstanding.   Plus they don’t seem to learn, restricting abortion is not popular so they are doubling down and this time claiming that abortion is the killing of already born babies.   Hugs

School Official Halts Reading Of Dr. Suess “Race” Book

We must not admit that discrimination is real and happening even now.   Afterall they don’t seem concerned about the discomfort the minority children of color and the LGBTQ+ kids experience every day, but we must never make the white kids uncomfortable.   Actually it is not the kids’ comfort they care about, but the white republican parents.    Hugs

Voldemort Sues TX Medical Schools Over Admissions

If you read the comments you will see that several admissions directors commented that the persons scores were not that great and they look at social media along with other factors.   They clearly seen something all of the schools disliked.    Considering his complaint is non-whites are getting into the school while white males such as himself are waiting for a spot seems that he is a racist misogynist who they don’t want in their student body.   

Florida School District Bans Book About Gay Penguins

Because letting kids know that even in nature with animals there are gay couples will rot their teeth curve their spines and cause them to suddenly become gay or trans.   What stupidity.   Gay couples exist and are legal.  Land of the free remember.   They don’t want to hide straight couples from kids.  They don’t think kids seeing straight couples is sexualizing the children or teaching them sex.   It is simply bigotry, and they are not really hiding it.   They want to erase the gays and trans from society and they are using the kids as the excuse.    Hugs

Right Wing Platform Parler Lays Off Almost All Staff

The right wing doesn’t even want to be on their own platform because there is no one for them to fight with, these site ban liberals which takes the fun away from the trolls.   Hugs

FL Supreme Court Asked To Clarify Definition Of “Riot”

This was an attack on minority people of color and totally racist.   It was a set of laws designed to let the state stop any protest for equality or the killing of unarmed black people by the police.   They also passed a law saying that if protestors such as the George Floyd killing protestors got into the street they could legally be run over and arrested even when they had a permit.  Yet when the Cubans who normally vote republicans protested in the street the government did not allow them to be run over nor did they arrest them.   Strange it seems the law only applies to the left or democrats.     Hugs 

Santos Took Illegal Donation From Migrant Smuggler

Carlson Claims Deep State Plot Brought Down Nixon

Notice he doesn’t admit Nixon broke the laws and did things that were illegal.  Nope it is the fault of the people who caught him, and they are the bad guys.   Hugs

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