What the allergy test on my back looks like


Yes it itches and burns.  This morning they take them off but I still cannot wash it or scratch it and Friday the doc sees me.   Hugs

6 thoughts on “What the allergy test on my back looks like

    1. Hello Nan. Yes and more. They took them off today and marked them. Now I have to wait until Friday so they can read the delayed one. One already got such a reaction that they gave me a paper saying what it was and what it is in. But the whole point of this was to find out what is causing my face to burn so badly when I use soap on it, and the allergist told me today that she doesn’t think that this reaction would explain that. My answer was why are we doing it then, to see how badly I can itch and how long I can stand the pain? They mark it with a marker and Ron has to keep them darkened in. Hugs

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