Florida Schools Pull Books On Prominent Latino Figures

The short version for those who do not want the full long text version.   Hugs

NBC News reports:

A book about late Afro-Puerto Rican MLB legend Roberto Clemente can’t be found in the shelves of public school libraries in Florida’s Duval County these days.

“Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates” by Jonah Winter and Raúl Colón — and other books about Latino figures such as the late Afro-Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz and Justice Sonia Sotomayor — are among the titles that have been “covered or stored and paused for student use” at the Duval County Public Schools District.

In January, 52 certified media specialists for Duval started reviewing about 1.5 million book titles, Sonya Duke-Bolden, a spokesperson with the public schools district told NBC News Friday. Close to 2,800 books have been approved by media specialists so far.

Read the full article.

Why arent people revolting ?

And the Florida Cubans will continue to vote for the GOP

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️


Any mention of racism the subjects may have encountered it a red flag to pull the book.

They’re just no stopping this maniac.

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