Wyoming GOP Opposes Bill To Ban Child Marriage

But reading a book or seeing a movie with an LGBTQ+ character or seeing a commercial with a same sex couple will sexualize kids.   It is grooming them for sex if their teacher is in a same sex marriage but not in a straight marriage.  WTF!   It never was about protecting kids from sex, it is about attacking those who are not straight cis as predators that need to be removed from society.   It is about marking the LGBTQ+ as wrong, bad, evil, and harmful to children.  But as you can see about the idea of old men to have sex with little kids and marry them is a religious and parental rights that is good to the republicans.   Hugs


Newsweek reports:

The Wyoming Republican Party is seeking to kill a bill working its way through the state Legislature proposing to raise the state’s legal marriage age to 16, arguing that putting “arbitrary” limits on child marriage interferes with parental rights and religious liberty.

The bill—which already passed the Republican-controlled Wyoming House of Representatives on a 36-25 vote late last month—proposes banning state residents from marrying anyone under the age of 16, while requiring anyone under the age of 18 seeking to get married to receive written consent from their parents under the eye of a competent witness.

Currently, Wyoming is one of just eight states in the country—including California, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington and West Virginia—without a minimum age requirement for marriage.

Read the full article. Wyoming GOP chair Frank Eathorne [photo] attended the Capitol Riot and is a member of the Oath Keepers. Eathorne was endorsed by Trump after he spearheaded the campaign to unseat Liz Cheney.


Seems to me “parental rights and religious freedom” are getting a little out of hand.

Basically, those parents have the right to tell others how to raise their children.

Let’s not forget about them drag queens and men who insist on using women’s bathrooms and participate in women’s sports. As long as we can Fuck a 13 yo.

I have a firm belief that these creepy motherfuckers want to marry young because they are also obsessed with getting a virgin who doesn’t know that all the painful, degrading things being demanded of her are things she has a right to say no to.

Cis-Het Republican Pedophile Groomers in Wyoming oppose bill that would raise the minimum marriage age to 16 – citing “parental rights.”

This news actually underscores just how pernicious and anti-child, this so-called “parents rights” movement in the fascist GQP, is. It is more widely known for supporting bullying, denial of medical care, and imposition of genocidal laws against trans children and adults, as well as against all LGBTQ+ people, and forcing schools to teach only whitewashed history.


But Drag Queens are the problem?!

These fuckers want to marry their victims in order to continue to abuse them well into the future.

Tell me again how we’re the groomers.

What a bunch of sick fucks!

They need to change their name to the “Pederastic Party.” Kind of rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?


Fer shame! Don’t you know the correct way of pronouncing “heterosexual pederasty” is “holy matrimony”?

Evidently they don’t realize their child brides will grow up. I guess the consolation is that by the time their “wife” gets too old, there will be children to abuse.

Of course – the bill is presented and supported by a bunch of old white coots who haven’t had a full erection in years. Yet somehow they think allowing men to bang rape a 12yo will restore their vitality.

Hey buddy! Go fuck yourself a sheep! You can get ’em real young!

Fucking freaks.

Religious liberty? A bunch of old, wrinkled fuks want to rape young girls? Isn’t that what they have now? Some religion.

I’m surprised the national legal minimum age isn’t 18, so the people getting married can give informed legal consent, as is required on all other contracts.

Christian groomers lie and project and get power in Republican-run states.

Claim people can’t be LGBT before age 25 regardless of parental issues, demand to be able to trade children like breeding stock, though.

Why are the QAnon far-right fascists so hell-bent on grooming and sexualizing children?

**RAISE** the minimum age to 16???????

Teenybops have no business starting families at that age! They need to finish high school, at minimum!

(Yes, I know, forcing my own values on others!)

I agree. But compared to current law, which apparently allows toddlers to marry if the parents want them to, it’s a big step in a good direction.

So to recap:
Kids can carry guns
Kids can’t handle hearing drag queens reading to them
Kids can’t handle books
Kids can be maneuvered into marriage
Kids can’t get abortions
Circumcision doesn’t count as genital mutilation
Don’t teach about slavery or other struggles marginalized groups continue to encounter

But god forbid a man takes his child bride to a drag queen story hour before deflowering her, now that would just be sick in the eyes of the GOP.

While we’re touting “religious liberty” as if it is an absolute virtue unto itself, let’s not forget that religious liberty used to include things like burning people to death.




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