BUZZFEED NEWS: 13-Year-Old Karon Blake Cried “I Am A Kid” As He Was Fatally Shot. The Man Who Killed Him Is Facing A Murder Charge.

13-Year-Old Karon Blake Cried “I Am A Kid” As He Was Fatally Shot. The Man Who Killed Him Is Facing A Murder Charge.
Jason Lewis, a DC Parks and Recreation employee, is facing one count of second-degree murder in connection with the Jan. 7 killing of 13-year-old Karon Blake.

Read in BuzzFeed News:

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Best Wishes and Hugs,Scottie

5 thoughts on “BUZZFEED NEWS: 13-Year-Old Karon Blake Cried “I Am A Kid” As He Was Fatally Shot. The Man Who Killed Him Is Facing A Murder Charge.

  1. DAMMIT!!! What kind of monster does this??? And what kind of MONSTER sits in Congress collecting nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year of our hard-earned money and refuses to do anything to STOP this madness???? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs

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    1. A very, very bad monster. And a very, very bad congressperson. But, until we the people make them authentically protect people, the very bad ones won’t do it. It’s a big mess to clean up, isn’t it?

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      1. Quite so, my friend. And it’s unlikely that anything we say or do will change the situation, for we are too divided, we cannot agree to hold our legislators accountable for their inaction. Meanwhile, they are raking in mega-donations from the gun lobby and have an A++ rating with the NRA that endears them to a certain segment of the voting public.

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    I am a fan of someone owning a gun to protect themselves. I’m ok with protecting their property. But, when you have someone running away, pleading, CRYING! to not be shot, declaring they are a child, this leaves self-defense in every context and enters murder.
    No one likes to be up to bat and intentionally walked. We all want to swing the bat. Just like no one likes to go hunting and never fire the gun. No one likes to play poker and never get to bet against a caller. My point: there are too many who look at wearing a gun like a challenge, a game, and declare themselves “forever ready” and “willing” to pull that gun on anyone or anything that would attack them. It’s no fun if they never have to pull it.
    These fools; a gun bought for protection should be like insurance: the best news is you never need to use health, auto, home, or for those in Florida – hurricane insurance. But very few gun owners own just one gun. Most brag about how many rounds they have, and most have multiple guns, secreted about like they are about to be raided by the zombie horde, preparing to fight a war they worry will never come. They talk about hiding guns and ammo because the government is coming to take it away, and they use any unlikely event, any justification, any anecdotal story of how someone with a gun came to the rescue. And, come the ultimate prize, they are up to bat and instead of taking the walk they swing/fire away knowing that they likely will never get another chance. They see it as a badge of pride, of manhood, of the ultimate wisdom in purchasing a gun and a justification of all the brags and swagger. What they instead find is a little boy crying for his mother as he bleeds out in the street, shot in the back by a fool.
    Scottie, it is for these reasons that I find these stories so sad. F’ the NRA, they don’t care about safe gun ownership, it’s all about sales, and F’ anyone who takes their blood money. F’ those who Perpetuate the myth that owning a gun makes someone safe, despite the statistics of kids getting parent’s guns and doing the unthinkable, despite the story above, despite the fact that MOST gun related incidents are either dealt with by the police or an unarmed citizen. And F’ those who, now owning a gun, refuse education in how to use and NOT use a gun.
    Ok. rant over. sorry.

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