Let’s talk about some legislation in Idaho….

8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about some legislation in Idaho….

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had read about this, but it hadn’t registered what severe ramifications it could have. I should have paid more attention. And to think that some people in Oregon are working to move their counties from Oregon to Idaho! WHY??? Sheesh. Will the madness never end? Hugs


    1. Why do people in Oregon want to become part of Idaho??? One BIG reason is because they want to be able to buy GUNS without restrictions of any kind and carry them whenever and wherever they want.

      This vaccine thing is just another log for the fire to increase their redness.

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      1. I might have known. Sigh. GUNS!!! I’m so sick of them! In my state, the state is trying to pass a law saying that they don’t have to abide by any federal gun regulations. WTF??? And yet, just tonight in the news there were at least four fatal shootings here in Cincinnati!


          1. They have come up with every damned excuse in the book, but the bottom line is that an angry man without a gun is far less dangerous than one with a gun. Seriously, though, what do you think are the odds of those counties in Oregon actually becoming a part of Idaho? At first, I laughed it off, thinking there was NO WAY that would happen, but it seems to be gaining momentum and now I’m scratching my head, wondering if the cartographers are going to be busy next year redrawing the maps of the U.S.


            1. The information I have is that the Idaho legislature voted on it and is gung-ho in favor. However, since Oregon leans Democrat, our policymakers aren’t in any hurry and there’s been no action.

              Overall, -IF- both states were to vote in favor (Horrors!), it still has to be approved by Congress and those-in-the-know say it’s HIGHLY unlikely it will every happen. In any event, it’s a long way off.

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  2. We used to make jokes about people in Idaho. Now the people in Idaho are making joke of Oregon.

    Idaho shouldn’t even exist, is one of the “North/South” (East/West) states like Dakota, Carolina or Virginia that was penciled out to give the slave states greater opportunity. The Panhandle should be Montana and Washington and the rest Oregon, Nevada and Utah …


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