Tennessee Nears Criminalizing Public Drag Shows

Public dress codes separated due to gender assigned at birth. Soon don’t you women dare wear pants, men make sure you have your beard and regulation hat when you leave the house.    This is the US Taliban.  No miniskirts you women, be respectful with skirts at knee length and dresses covering your ankles.   Plus as JMG says let’s protect kids by making dress up illegal but allow teenagers to carry guns.  The republicans are a minority party that has to gerrymander and suppress the right to vote to insure they stay in power, but they rule like they have a landslide majority.  I really think this comes down to a religious motive.   Men shall not dress as women, women shall not dress as men or men might start sleeping sexy with men dressed as women.   Oh no!   Hugs

The Tennessean reports:

Tennessee House Republicans on Thursday moved to prohibit “adult-oriented” entertainment from public property and restrict it to age-restricted venues in legislation filed after a flurry of controversies over drag shows across the state.

The bill classifies “male and female impersonators” as adult cabaret performers and bans “adult-oriented performances that are harmful to minors,” as defined in Tennessee’s obscenity law.

Bill sponsor Rep. Chris Todd, R-Madison County, filed the legislation after he fought a public Pride drag show in Jackson, Tennessee. Todd at the time called the drag show “child abuse,” though he said he wasn’t aware of the actual content the show would contain.

Memphis’s Fox affiliate reports:

House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 3 would ban those performances from public property or in a location where they could be viewed by minors. The bill addresses performances like “topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest.”

The bill passed as amended with 74 in favor and 19 against. News Channel 11 reached out to the office of Governor Bill Lee regarding the bill. A spokesperson for Lee said he intended to sign it when it came to his desk.

The bill now returns to the state senate for a procedural concurrence vote before heading to the governor’s desk, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Rep. Chris Todd first appeared on JMG in April 2022 when he authored a successful bill allowing 18 year-olds to carry handguns. Because he so wants to protect young people. Last year he forced a local Pride organization to cancel drag performances in a public park.

This is step one. Once they get away with this they will go to the next steps. Eventually, being publicly or openly gay will be a reason for being arrested.

Followed by being suspected of being gay becoming legal cause for arrest.

I still frequently see comments that try to hit back at these things using logic or accusations of hypocrisy. And I’ll keep saying: These bigots don’t give a shit that their laws make no sense or are hypocritical. They just want to lock us up and kill us.


Thank you! I’m 67 years old at went to school at a time when we learned about how this encroachment begins. We’re in for some hard times. And I’m not being Chicken Little about this. Trump’s Supreme Court has already been unleashing their terror on women.


The only solution is civil disobedience and acts of malicious compliance. Defy the law, stage your performance and let the cops pull you out in handcuffs. This isn’t 1962, there’s camera everywhere. Let America see.

And maliciously comply. Put together your drag bunch, market it as a drag brunches but have a group of of cis women do the performance in modern drag style costumes and makeup. Confuse the shit out law enforcement when they come to make the arrest.

It’s also not 1962 in that there’s an entire media industry created by the right that exists just to deny sympathy when the police start cracking skulls.

Also most evangelical christmas and Easter shows feature men in dresses. Report that shit to the cops, organize call trees and place hundreds of calls for each performance.

Also add Jesus, a man clearly in drag, to each drag show…doesn’t have to be reverent, just have Jesus. He could serve wine.

Yes, I have been saying that for a while. Get some straight ally women to dress up in drag-style and host a drag brunch. Confuse and frustrate the police.

Also, the law says “…male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest”. I can’t think of anything less prurient than someone dressed in a full-length gown reading to kids.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take some arrests and lawsuits to get this shit over with. But we know that drag queens have some of the biggest balls out there to do it.

Or do like in the old days when drag queens would wear a tag reading “I’m a boy” so they couldn’t be accused of being female impersonators.

“The bill classifies “male and female impersonators” as adult cabaret performers adult-oriented performances that are harmful to minors,”

I’d like to see ONE long term, peer-reviewed study that proves this.

How is it “adult-oriented” if it’s just a man in women’s clothes reading an age-appropriate book to children? Where’s the “adult” part?

Please, these bills have nothing to do with “protecting minors.” Just like anti-abortion bills have nothing to do with “protecting the unborn.” These bills are all rooted in the desire to suppress female sexuality.

To the MAGAts, drag queens are a form of “female liberation.” The right to express, the joy of expressing, “female-ness.”

To those same morons, abortion rights threaten the right of men to control female bodies. The right to suppress female bodily autonomy.

These morons can’t define the word “woke.” Bet their “research” is from some OAN crackpot loon.

Interesting that “Mrs. Doubtfire” the musical is coming to TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center) in Nashville this coming season. I hope that the whole season gets pulled.

The coup d’ etat continues unabated. Get ready because if you live in a red state this and so much more is coming to you. Soon the bills to not recognize same sex marriage will start coming out. Pride marches will be banned. Then people will see why cops had no business being in those parades because now those same cops gonna be splitting your skull if you get out of line


Here in Sf, over 80 years ago, the police were arresting “female impersonators” at the Black Cat nightclub.

They suffered through police raids and subsequently were jailed. Sadly, history repeats. Get ready for the fight.

Next up, no dancing.

Didn’t we learn the lesson in Dirty Dancing (1987) that going after basic human expression is cringe and harmful?

Don’t see him and all his cronies going after the child pageants.

What about all those women with ridiculous boob enhancements?

That is drag.

What about all those old men in a straight…bar, who covered up the grey for a Saturday night?

That is drag.

I can go on.
Please get the point.




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