This is the world Der Santis and the Nazi republicans want to build in the US as a national force.


This is the America Republicans are making 👇

This is Orlando, just a few days ago.

Orlando folks should tweet this at their local news. Where's the coverage? People have the right to know Orlando has nazis harassing its Jewish community with terrible hate speech & harassment ON THE SABBATH

Originally tweeted by Rachel Bitecofer 📈🔭🇺🇲🇺🇦 (@RachelBitecofer) on February 22, 2023.

2 thoughts on “This is the world Der Santis and the Nazi republicans want to build in the US as a national force.

  1. Hi Scottie and Taurusingemini;
    This IS f’d up, but it is also the ugly side of our 1st Amendment. I would expect that there are some noise ordinances and interference with traffic ordinances that should be able to limit this a bit, but that really isn’t a problem.
    To answer your question, Taurusingemini, the government really CAN’T do anything about this. Speech doesn’t need to be pretty to be legal. What should have happened is that every church, every person of decency, every local politician that believes in decency should have come and counterprotested to let that very loud few know that they were not a majority, not a voice for the area.
    Now here is the real problem: Those organizations chose not to refute these assholes. That is a societal issue. We can point to a very choice few who so strongly have championed idiocy as to make this a poisonously normal event.
    Hugs to all


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