Aron Ra was answering questions from a right wing troll who demanded he answer a question of gender and biological / assigned at birth sex.   Ra brings in an expert that points out the medical science as we know it now.  The part runs until about 22:15 at which point the guy asks questions about morals I also found interesting.    But the main part I wanted everyone to see is the debunking of the idea that biological sex can be determined by looking and is strictly binary, because both of those ideas are just wrong medically.   Biologists and medical science clearly show that sex is a spectrum and that gender is not tied to if it dangles or not.   Also I have decided to shut off comments as I cannot moderate the misinformation at this time.   

If you want to talk about the post and your feelings while admitting the science the majority of medical organizations agree with, just email me.   I will read it even if you don’t get a reply.  If you want to argue conspiracies or weird claims based on faulty studies or fringe doctors / Florida Health Department crazies, then don’t bother emailing me.  I won’t read it, won’t bother responding.     Right now I am done trying to show the anti-trans anti-progressive social policies how they are wrong.   They cannot deal with reality and I cannot help them at this point.   Time has moved forward; social progress has been made and they cannot deal with it for whatever reason.   So they want everyone to go back to the time they were comfortable with the way things were.  Traditionalist.  It was good enough in the old times, why not good enough now?   The simple answer is we know more now than we did then.   Hugs  Email is