Some news articles I wanted to post over the last few days.

I tried to group these articles in some sort of order.  But you can see the goals of the right just from the titles.   The eradication of transpeople at any age from society. The removal of any gay rights with the goal of eradicating gay people from society.  The enforcement of stereotypical gender roles and the returning to the days when women were dependent on men, and few had authority or independence on their own.  They want tyranny and dictatorship of one party rule with no restraint on their activities even to the point of attempting the overthrow of the US constitution / government and the celebration of those that committed the illegal acts in the coup attempt.    Republicans want to rule not govern, they want to have the people afraid to disagree with them or dare to speak against their rule.  Just like the countries of China, North Korea, and their beloved Russia.   Please notice the attempt is to return the US to the regressive oppressive times before the New Deal that empowered the public.   They want 1910 to 1920.  We had better join together to stop them or we won’t be able to.   DerSantis is shopping the campaign slogan “Make America Florida”.   Is that not enough of a threat to the country?   Has the trump years not shown how quickly the right can move if given power to destroy all norms and rights to enforce their minority rule.   McConnell even said that while republicans will lose elections the democrats couldn’t stop a republican stacked court system from enforcing republican goals for decades.  He was correct.  Mitch McConnell said, “My goal is to do everything we can for as long as we can to transform the federal judiciary, because everything else we do is transitory.”   Hugs

Read the comments on this to see how things used to be for families and kids before labor laws and government assistance were created. Kids younger than five working a full day in the farm fields. Is this the grand vision of the future the country needs or wants? Think of every movie of the future that has a great working society and they are progressive but the ones with dystopian unfair or dangerous future and it is regressive oppressive hellish places were greed is king with businesses in charge killing any regulation that prevents profit. Hugs