A recent post on drag called into question what drag is. Here are a few links to so many examples of drag. Plus an explanation of what drag really is.


See 34 Actors Who Dressed Up In Fabulous Drag  


Cross-dressed to kill: movie/TV actors doing drag


30 Famous Actors Dressed in Drag

30 Famous Actors Dressed in Drag

What is drag?

 Drag usually involves cross-dressing. A drag queen is someone who performs femininity and a drag king is someone who performs masculinity.


What is the difference between drag and burlesque?
Drag does not typically involve nudity or stripping, which are more common in the separate art of burlesque.
What is drag in culture?
Drag refers to an entertainment style wearing stylized clothing. Most common, it is men wearing women’s clothing cross-dressing, generally for the purpose of a performance. The origin of the term drag is uncertain. The first recorded use of drag in reference to actors dressed in women’s clothing is from 1870.
What is the definition of drag?
Drag is a type of entertainment where people dress up and perform, often in highly stylized ways. The term originated as British theater slang in the 19th century and was used to describe women’s clothing worn by men.
 There is a lot more information online.   Stop listening to hateful right wing media and republican MAGA leaders with an agenda to vilify groups to get votes.   Drag is nothing new or scandals.   It simply is being made out that way to create fear and loathing of the right wing voters to turn back the clock of social acceptance of the LGBTQ+    
Educate yourself.   Hugs

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