Unhinged Christian activist rants about oral sex in Lego store after seeing rainbow pin


Think of the irrationality of this.   This man started shouting obscenities and talking about oral sex in front of kids because he saw a rainbow pin.   How exactly is this either protecting kids or rational?  He took his self-righteous entitled anger out on store clerks, knowing they would lose their job to fight back against him.   Hugs

The employee had enough of this unruly customer so he got security
The employee had enough of this unruly customer so he got securityPhoto: Screenshot

A man is getting roasted online after he had a temper tantrum at a Lego store because some of the employees were wearing rainbow flag pins and then posted it online.

John K. Amanchukwu Sr. – who calls himself a “faith contributor” to the far-right organization Turning Point USA (TP USA) – posted the video in which he asked an employee of a Lego store if “the Lego Group supports” LGBTQ+ people.

The employee called over another who said, “Yes.”

“But the question is,” Amanchukwu asked, “why are you all in here with those pins on? Do you think children care about what man sucks d**k at home? What girl eats vaginas at home?”

“It’s time to leave, man,” the employee responded, probably because there were children present at the store.

Amanchukwu insisted that he wanted an answer and the employee said, “I don’t think they think about that, personally.”

“They think about it when they see your pin!” Amanchukwu responded.

“No they don’t,” the employee said, who then told him to leave again while Amanchukwu said, “That’s called grooming!”

The employee said that he’ll call security and Amanchukwu threatened to tell security “that you’re in here wearing, uh, Pride flags.”

The video then cuts to when a security guard is present and Amanchukwu was still ranting about the pins.

“Most children don’t know!” Amanchukwu said, who then talked about his own kid. “He’s been educated by me. I think it’s grooming, it’s borderline pedophilia and child abuse for these weirdos to come in here and wear that and at the same time kids buy from this store!”

The security guard then told Amanchukwu to leave, and he said that he won’t spend any more money at the Lego store and started shouting to everyone at the store that “this store is intentionally promoting LGBTQ behavior on children!”

Charlie Kirk, the founder of TP USA, then posted the video to Twitter. It does not appear to be on Amanchukwu’s TikTok account anymore.

People mocked the conservative activists for thinking that shouting about genitalia and sex acts in a Lego store would protect children.



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