Watching Sunday morning shows and catching up on days of Joe.My.God news stories I have not been able to get to. I think some of the formatting dropped out on me so … the post is what it is. Hugs


Of course there is no racism in slavery based on race / skin color.   


It’s Biblical. God didn’t want Adam and Eve to know anything and forbade them from “eating from the Tree of Knowledge”.



community values** are reflected in each school library catalog in the district

**Some exclusions apply

Gay, trans, Black, Muslim, non-Christian community member’s values will not be reflected – or even acknowledged.

Also, Missouri has out-uglied Texas.

In Missouri, the Republican-controlled House on Tuesday approved a budget that completely defunds public libraries. The move came in response to an ACLU lawsuit filed by the Missouri Association of School Librarians and the Missouri Library Association, challenging a recent law that bans certain books. The measure has led to the removal of over 300 books from school libraries — many with LGBTQ characters and social justice topics. Missouri Democrats have denounced GOP censorship

Do Texas lawmakers know about the Internet? Any books they say are “harmful” can be read or purchased online. Prohibitions don’t work.

Tell a kid they can’t do something and they’ll want to do it even more. My parents told me I couldn’t be gay. Look how that turned out.


Missouri AG Limits Gender-Affirming Care For Adults

For adults.   This is not about protecting children, it is about wiping out a group of people that the religious right doesn’t like.   It doesn’t fit their view of the world created by their god.  So the right doesn’t just live and let live, these religious right groups force everyone to live by their church doctrines.   Hugs

Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced plans to restrict health care for transgender people weeks ago, when protesters rallied at the Capitol to urge lawmakers to pass a law banning puberty blockers, hormones and surgeries for children. But the discussion was focused on minors, not adults.

Note how effortlessly the goalpost has shifted from saving harming minors to harming adults? Of course, as we here have always known, it was never about “protecting children.”


They’re testing the waters. Trans people are easy targets for the theofascists. I guarantee you that 80-90% of Americans know absolutely nothing about trans people, their lives and their challenges.

The theofascists’ ultimate target is the LGB community.

They see what other nations like Russia and Hungary are doing, and are envious.

This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Creeping restrictions on civil rights and criminalizing the existence of ‘suspect’ groups of people. We have to fight back and beat this before it spreads to other states.

The federal government is going to have to intervene. They did it in the civil rights movement for black people and they are going to have to find their will and courage to do it again. These people mean us harm and will not stop

This has always been the goal – not “protecting children,” but eliminating trans people from society, with an eye toward eliminating gays, lesbians and bisexuals too. Trans people are just the easiest target, and going after them makes for an effective divide and conquer strategy if you can get homocons and TERFs on board.

Anyone with a working brain knew this was going to happen. Like other people have said, this whole “think of the children” BS was just a cover! Now they are coming after trans adults. After that they will come after gay rights! I guarantee it! I’m sure interracial marriage will be on the chopping block too. These fascists will stop at nothing to get the right wing theocracy they crave. We must fight these asshats tooth and nail!

Florida Rep: “Damn Right, We Ought To Erase” LGBTQs

6,000 minors were killed or injured by guns in 2022.

Guns are the leading cause of death for minors.

Minors killed or injured by drag queens? ZERO.

And the GOP?



Tory Rep: “All White Men Should Have Black Slaves”

The push for racism and white supremacy is making a worldwide comeback due to wealthy racist donors pushing such garbage.  Hugs


SD Gov: I Gave My Toddler Granddaughter A Shotgun






Gov, Noem, on celebrating the diversity of the NRA.
“It’s not just a bunch of old white guys…”

(as the camera pans the audience applauding her statement)


wonder where the big money going to the NRA is coming from




DeSantis: Florida Had No “State Pride” Until I Was Gov

DeathSantis has made the state of Florida racist bigoted white supremacist religious right conservative maga paradise.   He has made minority rule of pushing hate and intolerance against anyone not following the maga Christian talking points.  It is not enough for these people to publicly live their maga Christian right hateful lives they demand they get to use those Christian maga conservative views against others, they feel entitled to attack those they feel are not following their church doctrines and they attack those that allow or are tolerant of others.  They feel that every one around them must act according to their regressive, backwards beliefs.    Hugs 

Really? Looks like it’s been at least 20 years.


Florida pride. https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.e… 

Many elected leaders like U.S. Sen. Rick Scott denounced the Nazi salutes, anti-Jewish slurs and Nazi regalia. On Monday, the governor did not condemn the demonstrators. Instead, he criticized Democrats.

Meanwhile, bomb threats forced the temporary closure of historically Black colleges and universities. Also, on the first day of Black History Month, DeSantis asked the Florida Supreme Court whether Black congressman Al Lawson’s district was unconstitutional. Lawson responded that the governor is race-baiting to build political points with his base.




State Job Applications Demand Praise For Aunt Lydia

Aunt Lydia Axes Demand For Praise From Job Seekers

Boebert’s Teen Son Blows Off Car Accident Court Date


WaPo: Thomas Reported Big Income From Defunct Firm



Pro-KKK Former GOP Rep/Pastor Guilty Of Felony Theft


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