Most Of Kenyan Starvation Cult’s Victims Are Children

I am sorry but I can not deal with this.   For the last few days I have read of how bad gays and trans people are and I have even posted religious leaders screaming about this.  I am really not able to process that the very religion’s that scream about how bad people like me are but they don’t seem to care about the members of their faith that rape or even kill the followers of their faith.   Before anyone tries to tell me about the very few gay  / trans killers please remember that our community did not gather around to protect those horrible people.  Churches / religious organizations do!  Hugs


A child would NEVER choose to starve themselves to death.

Therefore these kids were all MURDERED.

This is so sickening. Decades after Jim Jones poisoned his congregants with Kool-Aid, here we go again with another Messianic mass murderer cloaked in religious garb.

“Suffer the little children?”
Seriously, if adults want to do this to themselves, that’s one thing. But children do not have any choice. This is sickening and learning that most of the dead are children is even worse.


2 thoughts on “Most Of Kenyan Starvation Cult’s Victims Are Children

  1. It is sickening. It defies imagination in this day and age that people behave so barbarically under cover/color of Christianity or any religion of which I’m aware.

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    1. I don’t want to blame all faith or religion because some forms of those things are helpful to people. But some religions teach unquestioning obedience to the church leader. And those leaders often take advantage of that. Hugs

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