Hateful Karens Occupy Montana Capitol Hallway Bench So That Trans Lawmaker Is Forced To Work Standing Up

Please remember that what the republicans say this is about and what is really happening it two different things.   The republicans claim she violated decorum by claiming that she accused them of killing kids.   That is not at all what she said.   She said if the republicans pasted the bill denying trans kids medical assistance would cause kids to try to commit suicide, which is true, so the people passing the bill would have blood on their hands.   No one doubts the validity of that statement.   But this was the opening they used with republicans claimed victimhood and talked of how badly they were being abused by being accused of having kids blood on their hands.   Yes the big bad in charge republicans were the victims here.   

What this really is about is the fact Rep. Zooey Zephyr is trans!  And the republicans want her gone!   That is what this is about.   They don’t care her constitutes not only voted her in to office to represent them, they have increased their support for her after this happened.   So they are trying to make her life so miserable, hoping she will just go away.  That is what the anti-trans and anti-drag people bills are about, trying to make those people so miserable they will just go away.   It is what red states with the don’t say gay laws are doing in schools, just trying to make gay  / trans kids just hide and go away.   How proud the republicans must be to make people hide who they really are just so republicans can feel good in their lives.  

Please note every act the republicans took was to make her life miserable which included locking her out of the work areas and bathrooms.   She is forced to work and vote representing her voters from a public hallway, so this week some hateful people made sure to show up and occupy the only seating available, causing an elected official to be forced to stand all day and work from a food counter.   This is not democracy people!   This is one party trying to make those they don’t like to disappear from the public.   Hugs

The Associated Press reports:

Republicans moved to sideline Zephyr further by canceling some meetings of the two committees on which she serves and moving the bills they were to hear to other committees, Democrats said.

She spent the first day of her exile last week battling to use a bench in a statehouse hallway. Her key card to access Capitol entrances, bathrooms and party workspaces was deactivated, according to the lawsuit.

Zephyr spoke briefly during a House Judiciary Committee meeting Monday morning. The full House — minus Zephyr — reconvened in the afternoon. Zephyr cast votes from a statehouse snack bar because several people occupied the bench.

Read the full article. As you can see in the photo below, the bench seats three people and the evil bitches have a fourth woman on standby as a seat-filler for bathroom breaks.




They get great joy out of HATE

Klanned Karenhood.

The Justice Department really needs to get involved.

I agree. What the slave state legislatures like Montana’s are doing is trampling on any and all minorities’ civil rights. She didn’t break decorum. She was very measured and impeccable with her word. She never raised her voice. Her crime was that she told them the TRUTH. People will die. There IS blood on their hands.

I’ve tweeted to Montana Dems, the Montana ACLU, and Montana Pride with a plea for allies to come tomorrow and hold the bench for Zooey. I added that a couple of drag queens would be a nice touch.

Joe, I’d like to see someone bring in a comfy folding chair for her, even though both state houses would vote, and the governor would sign, a bill banning them on capitol grounds the next day.

They probably attend the same Klan Klavern or Baptist church. Who can tell the difference? Is there a difference?

You think working standing up is a problem for Zooey? History will remember Zooey Zephyr, not the three Karens trying to torment her.

Plus the fact that her name is alliterative, makes it easy to remember.

Edit: I misgendered Zooey at the very end! Damn autocorrect! ☺️☺️

It’s a rock star name from the start.



Yes. And all of the “lunch counter” protest photos.

I was just looking for that photo, that is EXACTLY what I was reminded me of. I hope they know they are on the WRONG side of history on this issue, and will be shamed for many years.

The level of hatred is astounding, even though I am fully aware of just how hate-filled Republicans are. This is truly epic level pettiness.

I’d bet money that all four of those hateful hags were in church yesterday and believe themselves to be ‘good Christians’ (if that isn’t an oxymoron).

She needs to show up with her own folding table and chair.

With a sign.



3 thoughts on “Hateful Karens Occupy Montana Capitol Hallway Bench So That Trans Lawmaker Is Forced To Work Standing Up

  1. That is just awful. Awful.
    Which reminds me I saw our AG, Kris Kobach, address how KS’s anti-trans law will be enforced: he says his office hasn’t looked at that yet, as he expects that various entities will handle things, with his office being involved only if legal complaints are made to him. (Remember that; he gets back to it.) Basically, it’ll be up to those who wish to enforce to enforce according to their legal policies, guidelines, and procedures. He says his office would make a determination for enforcement if a situation arrives in his office, which he doesn’t expect.

    To me, this sounds as if schools will be forced to either somehow enforce the law, or just hope people use the appropriate restroom and don’t bother others while there. So what will happen, it seems to me and I’ve seen some things over the course of life, is that students will handle things as students do; there will be literal blood on hands that punch students in their noses for being too whatever in the presence of kids learning to be a-holes from their families. Then, if/as/when the punchers go to the office for punching, they’ll claim the punchee is trans, and the punchers were defending themselves.
    So, yeah, they’ll cancel and erase a bunch of kids, many of whom won’t even be trans, just easily bullied. I say this because instead of attending to actual legislative business, KS’s leg worked on this law through the entire session (there were a few others, none of which is in the greater public good) to cancel and erase fewer than 8 students in the entire state, as things stand at this time.
    But it will matter to those students.


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