GOP Indiana Governor Signs “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Notice how these bills are written as vague as possible to include anything the right doesn’t like.   Remember, gender and sex includes more than trans or gay people, it also includes all the hetero straight people.  They have gender and they have sexual relationships.  But of course the people behind these bills don’t mean the straight hetero kind as it is “normal” right.  They only mean that icky kind they don’t like.   Who cares that gay and trans people exist, let’s make any mention of them illegal, just like Russia did.   Remember when the president of Iran said they don’t have gays in Iran, as that is a western disease?   They just force all gay men to become women and as for lesbians, well women have no rights so they are forced into relationships with me.   That is what these bills in Florida and other red states comes down to, the forcing the end of LGBTQ+ people out of society and back into hiding again.   The writers of these bills don’t care about the health or well-being of the gay or trans kids, it is about pushing their religious church doctrines of moral correctness on everyone else.   Same with the attempts to ban everything their religion hates, it is about forcing every person in these red states to live by strict Christian church doctrines and standards.   Fuck you if you have a different idea or way of living, you will live by our demands, by our church morals because we are the Christian Taliban.   Hugs

The Associated Press reports:

Indiana’s governor on Thursday signed a bill that will require schools to notify a parent if a student requests a name or pronoun change at school, one of the final bills approved in a legislative session that had targeted LGBTQ+ people in the state, especially students. Critics worry the law could out transgender children to their families and erode trust between students and teachers.

It also prohibits, from prekindergarten through third grade, instruction on “human sexuality,” something that is not defined in the bill. Holcomb said in a statement Thursday,“I also just believe its commonsense that sex education should not be taught in prekindergarten through third grade.” GOP bill author Rep. Michelle Davis said the law will “ensure Hoosier parents are in the driver’s seat when it comes to introducing sensitive topics to their kids.”

Read the full article.

The bill’s author, Rep. Michelle Davis [photo], has appeared on the Family Research Council’s daily podcast. Republicans hold supermajorities in both Indiana chambers.



Then no talk about mothers/fathers/children because that teaches sexuality.


“I also just believe its commonsense that sex education should not be taught in prekindergarten through third grade.”

First off, where in the hell was “sexuality” being taught in K-3, and secondly, does this now mean you can’t refer to your teacher as Mr., Miss, or Mrs. as they all explicitly imply gender, and Mrs. implies that there is a sexual relationship somewhere.


Oh that’s ok. When you talk about straight people you talk about good, normal people

When you talk about LBGT, you talk about straight people who have sodomy because they’re sick snd evil

I guess there will be mass arrests on the first day of kindergarten when the teacher shows the children where the (gasp!) boy’s and girl’s restrooms are.


It’s not about sex Ed. It’s about heather having 2 mommies

We are seeing LBGTs being made illegal state by fascist state

And santos thinks if gays and lesbians abandon trans people the MAGAts will leave us alone

They’re just working their way toward making us illegal in the literal sense – it’s only a matter of time before they try to get Lawrence v. Texas overturned.

And Santos thinks if gays and lesbians abandon trans people the MAGAts will leave us alone
I don’t think he really thinks that. He’s just helping the fascists in their attempts to divide us up into as small groups as possible so that they can stamp on each in turn.

Sadly there are some that will agree with that message, thinking that they are the good upstanding ones, and those trans / drag queens / kinky people / whoever are ‘making us look bad‘.

(I’m also not sure why the message included TQIA+ as the ‘others’. What do they have against questioning people? Most of us were at some point. Asexual / Aromantic people are no threat to anyone. They can’t pretend that Intersex people are ‘making a bad choice’ like they try with the rest of us, since they were obviously biologically born that way! Just looks like a transparently lazy way to split the community.)

No surprise here. Indiana is a racist hater State that flies under the radar. Our politicians are pussies and are usually a year or two behind the others. Today, I am putting my Rainbow Flag out and keeping it there.

Our local GOP rep decided to not seek re-election because she was so disgusted with her fellow colleagues in that party She and her husband are now independents. She refused to endorse any GOP candidate for her seat.

Often overlooked in media discussions of this wave of anti-LGBT legislation is the fact that some kids will attempt — or succeed in — suicide on account of the hate directed to them.

The Republicans engaged in this campaign of hate are murderers, pure and simple.

Do we have any progressive straight allies paying attention to this wave of homophobic bullshit? Are there any wealthy or powerful gays in the fight or we still just in the “tsk tsk” stage of a fascist overthrow?

He kiddies if you want to be an ally, change your name. If you’re Susie, ask to be called Susan. If its Malik, ask to be called Mallie. If your name is Billy, asked to be called Mister Smith. There are plenty of name changes that are not gender related. While this puts a burden on the teachers, it will point out the ridiculousness of this law.


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