“Do You REALLY Think I’m Indoctrinating Students?”

A remarkable student comes forward at a school board meeting and shares the importance of lgbtq+ rights and transgender rights. The students shares the struggles the trans community faces in states like Missouri, North Carolina and Florida. The transgender community needs support now more than ever, especially in the young people like this student here.

Damn amazing!     I think this boy will go far in life, and it gives me hope for the future.   We need more young people like him.  Sadly the school board won’t listen to him or his supporters.   They have their idea that adults know so much more than kids do about their own body.   Why because their god tells them this in a book written 2,500 years ago amended and incorrectly translated over centuries, that this boy can not exist.   Their personal view of 1950s gender ideology and their political desires make this boy’s testimony something they scoff at and won’t hear.   Yet in a few years this boy and his friends will vote these people out of office if we still have a democracy.   And that terrifies these religious conservative bigots enough that they want to do way with democracy and allowing people to vote.     Hugs

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