Why it Matters – I Liked You More When You Drank. By Randy

I live in Michigan, so I am allowed to make this statement:  The Lions have demonstrated an ability to consistently disappoint their fans to a level only surpassed, maybe, by the Cleveland Browns.  And yet, my uncle was not only a great fan of the Lions team but wouldn’t miss a game on tv.  Picture1 That, my friends, is the mark of a true fan:  it isn’t the fact that the product is the best in quality, best in performance, best in taste, it’s the fact that a fan is a fan for no better reason than he has chosen to be a fan.  Thereby lives a love of heartbreak, ridicule, and a test of loyalty sufficient to scar any soul forever.   I of course come from much better stock:  I am a fan of the Chicago Bears.  Da Bears!   If you’ve not solved this puzzle by now, this is not about the Lions.  Don’t get me wrong, they will forever disappoint – Sorry Uncle Bob – but  this post regards how a beer company has received backlash for sending beer to someone who is an internet influencer.  Now, there are few things in this world that I purposely choose not to pay attention to, and among those are the Lions and things that republicans and rednecks have chosen to cancel in their anti-cancel-culture rants.  Yes, that’s confusing.  It makes more sense if you drink a lot of low-quality beer and believe what Tucker Calson tells you.

Loyalty trumps Competence, as the saying goes.  And, while there are those who believe Bud Light cheated on them, I expect to find all of those who have made a Picture2lifetime commitment with their Bud Light beer that has weathered two marriages, four kids, eight teeth and 29-stories that start with “dude, hold my beer…” will be drinking again like nothing happened.   In time they will forget why they were mad at a beer – because let’s face it, who gets mad at beer?  And, those of us watching from the sidelines, even as reluctantly as I, will remember that this was never about the beer, never about the internet influencer, but was ultimately about the homo- and the trans-phobic prejudice and hate that was so easily stirred to cause the easily led to put down their favorite beer.

I, for one, am going to continue to buy Bud Light.  Mainly because it’s very drinkable – as the joke goes it’s much like sex in a canoe.    What I would like to hear them ask these detractors is why they are so against someone being who they are? Picture3 Who are they to not only disparage the character of that person, but to speak as if a beer company deserves to be shot for treating a person as a living and worthwhile person?  Each of us in America is born with the freedom to voice our opinion.  It bothers me that so many have chosen to use this freedom to be so manipulated as to only be able to speak hate and so weak as to give up a beer they appear to love for the affront of giving another citizen simple respect.  What are they truly angry or afraid of?

I love Randy’s writing.   He has a way of getting his heartfelt ideas across with words that few can manage.  I am glad he has offered to add his voice here.  When Randy was talking with me on this post, he mentioned it might help people understand how stupid this unwarranted hate response was if people could see the video that these bigots are responding to.   Also remember that these cans of beer with Dylan Mulvaney’s picture on them were not mass-produced, were never for sale to the public.   These few cans were just a promotional gimmick and were not intended for putting in stores.   This was not a national commercial but only on social media.    If the bigots and haters had ignored it, then very few would even have known of the entire thing.   But the haters managed to gin this up using a fake outrage over something not happening and getting people who drink a mediocre mass-produced beer to question their own manhood.  That was what this was about, men fearing a beer that had let a trans woman promote it made them less than a man if they drank it, made them less masculine, maybe others would question the size of their penis by the beer they drank because a few cans had a trans woman on them.   That is what this is really about, look at how the men reacted in destroying the cans of beer, with displays of macho destruction while yelling about how manly they are.   In fact most hate of trans people is about fear of measuring up to some mythical stereotypical standards for what is masculine or feminine.     Below is the social media promotion by Dylan Mulvaney.   Hugs

*** it was hard to find just the video with no commentary added.  The comments are the YouTube page constantly cisgender Dylan as he and calling her a gay man.  Dylan Mulvaney identifies as a trans woman, and she is proud to be a woman.   Hugs

3 thoughts on “Why it Matters – I Liked You More When You Drank. By Randy

  1. “What are they truly angry or afraid of?”
    IMO, they are afraid they are or might be attracted to someone who’s trans. I don’t know what there is for those big men, especially the ones with the guns, to be afraid of, but that’s what I think. If there is someone here who knows and knows my opinion is mistaken, by all means, please tell me so, and how.

    Next, this is a great piece, and I’m so glad to see that video of BearTheVoice cap guy. I accidentally ran across it last night, but never got here yesterday to say anything about it. That worked out well, because this piece is better than just a link to a vid! Thank you, Randy and Scottie.

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    1. Hello Ali. Your opinion is well founded. Often those scared of their own sexuality or attraction often attack those who are open about it. Think how many well known church leaders have preached furiously against gay sex to only be caught having sex with other men. Same with political leaders. Recently the leader of the hard right CPAC Matt Schlapp was recently accused of sexually groping and fondling his driver. His organization is rabid against the LGBTQ+. Yet it has been rumored for years about him. Same with media people, those that yell the loudest against the lGBTQ+ are always suspect. They feel so threatened by what they feel, who they are, that they try to destroy it in others to deflect suspicion. Hugs

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