Florida teacher allegedly investigated for showing students film Strange World


This is an important article and I hope everyone takes a minute to read it.   Then think about what happened.   A teacher had permission slips to show Disney catalog of movies to her students, and every parent said yes they were OK with their children seeing the Disney movies.   Then this movie Strange World was show and one parent freaked out and filed a complaint against the teacher.   Think of it, again one maga right winger maybe highly religious parent gets to derail the public education of all students to push their rabid right wing agenda.   

So what was in the movie that could be that offensive, you ask?  I did ask that, so Ron and I bought the movie for 20 dollars off Amazon Prime.   Almost from the start, I saw what these MAGA right-winger republican types would hate.   The parents were a loving couple who loved to smooch and kiss as they made breakfast, all very clean and not sexual / porn, just mom and dad quick cute kisses.  So what is offensive about that to the maga?   Well if you have seen the trailer you know that the mom is black and the dad is white.   Which leads to the next maga issue.  

The son, Ethan Clade, is a mixed race drawn with darker skin tone openly gay boy who is accepted by his family and his friends.   In the opening get to meet the characters part of the movie, Ethan’s friends show up with some kind of game cards.  With them is a boy Ethan has a crush on and the movie plays out letting us know in a funny sweet way of Ethan being shy around the boy.  But the movie also makes it clear that the boy Ethan has a crush on likes Ethan as well along with all the friends being OK / happy with the boys being gay and liking each other.   That is when the dad interrupts them and does the dad meeting his son’s boyfriend stating to Ethan how he likes the boy, saying something like he can see why Ethan likes him.   I thought the movie was cute at this part, as most teenagers are embarrassed of their parents around their friends and to meet the one they have a crush on.   

Which leads us to the the last part I think the maga people get angry at.  Remember I have only gotten about a 1/4 of the way into the movie but in the movie the mother, who is black remember, is the outgoing adventurous one who manages to swoop in and save the flying ship.   Imagine the maga people going crazy that a black woman acts to save everyone while the white people cling to the ship trying to hang on.   Oh and also the women in the movie so far are more the adventurers and seeming more capable than the main white man character so far.  Another thing I guess makes maga right-winger upset, the movie destroys their gender role stereotypes.   

In all I like the movie so far.  It is inclusive in a way that real life is.  It is drawn and colored in bright vivid colors.  The dialog and action is fun to watch.  I have not watched a lot of movies in the last few years and I have not watched any animated ones.    But I am really enjoying this one.    But I can see why the republican right winger maga want to destroy Disney and take over what kinds of shows / movies they produce.   This movie is a very far place from the stereotypical gender role models and public social standards of the 1950s that the maga are desperate to return the country to.   Hugs



Purported investigation after screening of Disney animated movie comes amid governor Ron DeSantis’s attacks on educators

DeSantis at podium with sign reading freedom from indoctrination

DeSantis has claimed, without evidence, that there is ‘indoctrination in our schools’. Photograph: Daniel A Varela/AP

Florida education officials allegedly told a school teacher that she was under a misconduct investigation after, her friend claimed, she showed students the Disney animated film Strange World.

The purported investigation following this alleged showing of Strange World comes amid rightwing Republican governor Ron DeSantis’s attacks on educators that include book censorship and limitations on discussions of race and sex as he jockeys for his party’s presidential nomination with “anti-woke” talking points.

Two women and a man in separate portraits
‘The point is intimidation’: Florida teachers besieged by draconian laws

“My friend showed Disney’s Strange World in a Florida classroom and one student reported it to their parents. Now she’s under investigation by the state,” Carl Zee tweeted on 11 May. “Florida is not safe for teachers, DO NOT MOVE HERE.”

The film involves a group of explorers who try saving a “mysterious land from losing its vital energy source”, per Variety. It also has a prominent gay character – a rarity in children’s animation.

Zee included a photo of a letter from the Florida department of education, stating that “following receipt of a receipt of a complaint, this office has determined an investigation is warranted into allegations that you engaged in inappropriate conduct”.

“If you have evidentiary witnesses or documents pertinent to the case, send them to this office no later than two weeks from receipt of this letter,” the alleged missive continues. CBR.com first reported on Zee’s Tweet.

The alleged letter does not state specific allegations against this teacher. The Florida department of education did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In response to a Twitter user who said that teachers who break the law find themselves under investigation, Zee wrote: “She has signed permission from every parent in the classroom to show Disney & Dreamworks movies in class, even offering lines to specify specific movies parents didn’t want shown. Not one exception was written down, so no she didn’t break the law. Try again, doofus.”

News of the alleged investigation is in keeping with Florida teachers’ concerns that they are being stymied and intimidated by new legislation championed by DeSantis. He has claimed, without evidence, that there is “indoctrination in our schools” and allowed his press secretary to claim that teachers are “grooming” pupils.

A new Florida law has effectively resulted in book bans, with classrooms and libraries removing books over concerns they contain “inappropriate” content.

One high school English teacher in Palm Bay, Florida, told the Guardian that a librarian took away a third of the books in his classroom – among them a collection of Emily Dickinson’s poems, which was not on her list of green-lighted books.

DeSantis has also assailed Disney as a company after the entertainment titan pushed back against his “don’t say gay” legislation. He hit back at Disney by signing a bill that took away Disney’s status as a self-governing special district near Orlando.

Disney fought back against DeSantis, filing a federal lawsuit contending that he retaliated against the company for expressing its first amendment right to free speech. In the suit, Disney is asking to stop the governor’s attempted takeover of the special district.



But the teacher wuz trying to turn his students into gays!!! 🙀


Tell the teacher to show the kids Song Of The South and all will be forgiven. It’s hard to find since Disney threw it in the vault and ate the key, but the DeSantis crowd will love him/her for it.

I’ll bet that teachers and medical professionals will also be leaving, as well as high school graduates who want a real college education. It’s a crime what republicans are doing.

Yep, my daughter’s teacher friend from Florida already packed it in and moved away to a blue state where she gets paid a LOT more and has more freedom to teach. She is urging her fellow teachers stuck in that hell hole to get the fuck out now.

There won’t be a teacher left in FL.

They’ve already got a plan in place to hire less-than-honorably-discharged ex-military and rogue cops to teach the kids. They will be armed at all times so the kids will be totally safe.

So, there literally is a war against one of the most popular companies in the world right there in Florida. Evangelicals can literally destroy anything.

Them Disney folk are witches, we gunna dunk them deep into the ocean to see if they die, it they die then maybe they not witches.

Investigating a teacher for showing a Disney film? Migrant workers are leaving your state in droves, which will affect construction projects, the gathering of crops, the hotel and hospitality sector of tourism, and God knows what else, and you’re still trying to stomp on Disney by going after a teacher for showing a film? Lord love a duck, just how stupid are you, Ron?

Don’t forget that the SEAWEED MONSTER has come to destroy their beaches and recreational tourism, but let’s focus on a fricken kids animated movie that might have a gay cartoon character in it.

I find it so ironic that Republicans think that all this banning of everything is “freedom.”

The party of “limited government” strikes again.

So, signed a permission slip and still complaining? Dishonorable creep.

One parent complained. ONE. So nobody gets to watch it. That sure sounds like cancel culture to me. I’ll bet the parent who complained didn’t even have any children in the school.


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