Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose vandalized days before opening


This is done by Christian Nationalists, not Christians.   I want to be as clear as I can that I no longer think of these religious zealots as Christians.  They are not religious for the moral teachings, they are not interested in living by a personal code to do the right thing towards others.  They are not interested in the truth or history of their religion.   No instead they simply want to gain power and then to use that power to force others to do as their church doctrines demand.  It is not about them living as their religion tells them to, it is about making others, the nonbelievers in their views, forcing those others to live as the Christian Nationalists believe / demand they must.  I want to be clear that I don’t blame people who use their religious faith as a guide to their own life for the acts of these US Taliban or wannabe moral police.  This is the same thing the Muslim Taliban did the first time they controlled Afghanistan when they destroyed very valuable old statues claiming they were offensive to their god.  The Christian Nationalist railed constantly against the Muslim countries ruled by their religious zealots / church leaders, yet they are trying to do the very same thing here in the US demanding their god / religion be in charge of the government and laws be enacted to make everyone live according to their church doctrines / rules.     Hugs


Oksana Kotkina
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
One of the spray-painted inscriptions

Porter Sculpture Park, listed by TIME Magazine as one of the top 50 American Roadside attractions in 2010, was vandalized Wednesday, May 10. It will now take up to several years to repair the damage, said the creator and operator of the park Wayne Porter.

His sister Audrey Porter said that when she got a call from her brother that Wednesday around noon, she immediately realized that something was wrong as usually it was her who was calling her brother and not the other way around.

“I call him, he doesn’t call me, he might text me about things, but he doesn’t [call],” said Porter.

That Wednesday morning, Porter went to check on his sculpture park, for the annual opening of the new season planned for May 15.

Porter was in the far northwest corner of the 18-acre park west of Sioux Falls when he noticed that someone had apparently visited the place before him this year. His sculpture group of the bull and its four guardians was vandalized.

The guardians are the skeleton sculptures with goat-like faces.

The guardians, which look like human-sized skeletons with protruding ribs and goat-like faces and horns stationed around the bull, were beheaded, and the heads were gone. The bull’s base was spray-painted with the messages “Satan is defeated,” and “Jesus is King.”

A few other sculptures, including the Irish monks and a sculpture depicting the artist’s brother, have also been vandalized. Porter said that it will take him more than a year’s worth of work to replace the pieces that were stolen if they cannot be recovered.

His sister noted that the worst part of it is that it all came up just before their opening for the new season. It usually takes them a few days and several adults to get the place running at the best circumstances, she said.

“There will be four strong adults working on it under the best of circumstances, and it’s a big job.”

Her brother said that in the past there had already been a few instances of vandalism in the park, but they were usually limited to minor issues, including spray-painting, but that did not bother him a lot because he could repaint pieces if needed.

“I don’t care about paint, I will just paint over,” said Porter. “It does happen occasionally.”

His sister said that from time to time they were getting a comment on their social media that referred to the bull sculpture as Moloch. Moloch is a deity mentioned in some religious texts as a deity whose worship was marked by the sacrifice of children by their own parents.

The Irish monks' sculptures were vandalized too.

Both Porter and his sister said they never heard the term before. Porter noted that when it first came about, he looked it up, and discovered that the deity had arms and legs, while his sculpture was clearly a bull.

His sister noted that she remembered that some of the visitors would come up to her and mention that they felt Satanic influence associated with the park sculptures, while at the same time they would also get visitors that would come up to her and say that her brother must be the world’s best Christian.

Porter said that while neither of that was true, she could assert that her brother was the kindest human being on the planet. It was the essence of art, Porter noted, to reveal what the spectators already carry around with them.

“Art is whatever people bring with them, and whatever they want to see — they see,” she said.

The sculptor himself said that his bull had a neo-Egyptian art influence about it. Porter, a graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in political science and history, said he was fascinated with the ancient Egyptian empire. 

After graduating from the university, Porter used to run a sheep farm. Although not a professionally trained artist, Porter has been making sculptures since he was a child helping in his father’s blacksmith shop.

Both his historical background, as well as his rural experiences are now evident in his sculptures although they are so varied in styles that people think it might be several artists working on them. He said he is an outsider artist, who doesn’t know art words.

“I am all over the place,” said Porter.

During his time at the sheep farm, he continued to make sculptures whenever he had some spare time, and over the years he accumulated dozens of them.

“The sculptures added up over a long period of time,” said Porter.

Eventually, people started to want to come and see them, and when they did, they wanted to pay for what they saw even though Porter initially declined, and that was how the sculpture park gradually got going.

Potter said that his urge to make a bull sculpture came from his experiences of growing up in St. Lawrence, Hand County, with a population of less than 200 people. The surrounding area, he said, has always been known as a cattle region and home to famous rodeo riders, such as the Etbauer brothers.

The bull is surrounded by the guardians' figures.

The Porters noted that although the majority of their social media followers were supportive of them after the incident, they still got a few comments stating that “the vandalism was justified in the name of God.” But the family said they had no assumptions on who committed the act of violence.

“Most people are good people, but you have a slim sliver of crazies,” said Porter. “They are clearly violent.”

In addition to simply being art pieces, Porter’s sculptures are also part of his personality. He said that he himself pounded every square inch of them with a hammer. His sister said that her brother puts his whole life in his sculptures, and the recent attack hit hard on him.

“He puts his whole life into his sculptures,” said Porter. “He can’t even sell them, they become a part of who he is, and he keeps them.”

The Porters family asked anyone who might have tips on the whereabouts of the guardians’ heads to contact the McCook County Sheriff’s Office at 605-425-2761. The family announced a $1,000 reward for the return of the stolen heads.


Now just imagine how enraged those same Christians would be if their sacred symbols, buildings or other erections were equally vandalized.

The fundamentalist christofascist right (a major player in today’s Republican Party) is the Christian equivalent of the Taliban.

Different gods, that’s all.

I would not have known that this had happened except for JMG posting it. But, believe me, if the reverse had happened and Satanists had vandalized a cross or some other Christian symbol this would be a major news story, especially on right–wing media. Hannity would talk about it for days! Every right-winger would be ranting about “Christian persecution in this country.” Tolerance is certainly not a Christian virtue.

That’s mainly because Satanists don’t generally DO shit like that.

Being an asshole in the name of Christ is standard operating procedure.

yeah, these relig kooks have been waiting in the wings for YEARS for the chance to become relevant,and then trump opens up the WH halls to them…(sigh)

Remember when a 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma City was destroyed when a guy drove his car into it? They absolutely flipped out and were working on getting it replaced that day.

(Of course, the replacement was later removed because of that pesky rule about not singling out a religion for promotion by the gov’t, and they weren’t going to let anyone else put up a monument for their religion or lack thereof…)

It never was. They claim to follow Christ, but they have no idea what Christ was all about. They should read the Sermon on the Mount. It pretty much spells it out for them.

They don’t need to read their bibles, they are told what to think.

They lost their fucking minds over this:

*** Piss Christ » by ANDRES SERRANO  The American artist placed a crucifix with a figurine of Jesus in a jar of urine (his own) and blood. ***

Fucking tax the churches. Christianity is the most destructive political and genocidal motivator of the past two thousand years. They can at least pay.


The next time a redcap invokes Jefferson, remind them that he wrote this.

It does me no harm for my neighbor to say that there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket not breaks my leg.

Or this one.


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