9 thoughts on “Changes

    1. I am glad to do them. My healthy struggles make it hard for me to do longer posts and to reply to comments. I love to reply with comments but it takes an effort to do so properly that I struggle to be able to manage. But encouragement like yours helps me keep trying. Thank you. Best wishes. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Thank you I agree. Plus I think what is on the inside will show on the outside most of the time. What I really hope is that the current hate against LGBTQ+ people won’t drive the acceptance that young people have found away. I remember what it was like to grow up a gay child hearing only the worst about people like me, knowing I was not those things. Feeling targeted and suffering harm of the haters. I ended my time in the military, even as the command begged me to reenlist because of being gay. In fact the day I left, I solved an issue that the rest of the crew couldn’t. I don’t want the country to go back to that time. I don’t want kids in schools to face what I did and to seriously think of taking their own life because of hate and attacks on them. We cannot let these regressive fundamentalist religious assholes take the social public acceptance back to the 1950s. No more kids need to suffer because their god is intolerant and they want to make it perfect as they think he would love, so he will return. What they are basing their beliefs on is a mistranslation and the words of preachers pushing their own feelings / cultural understandings, nothing from the holy scriptures at all. I am sorry to blame religion for a lot of this anger and hate, but those are the groups pushing it in the US.

      I had a friend when I was 14 that I felt we were getting really close. He wanted spend more and more time with me, even though I wouldn’t let him come to my home despite his requests to meet my parents. You know why. But we were spending a lot of time in school together, and after school we would hang out. So one day I sat next to him and told him I was gay but had no interest in him so it was cool, right? I thought because of how he was trying hard to be part of my life at school that it was ok to tell him. The next day, he handed me a letter and told me we couldn’t be friends anymore, that I was an abomination to his god and all I felt was wrong / evil. He had talked to his parents and they felt instead of him bringing me and my parents into their church, I was now pulling him to Satan. Then he walked away and we never talked again, he avoided me. I was crushed as I did not have many friends due to my family situation, learning that I shouldn’t ever talk about my feelings or what was happening to me as I was evil, wrong, would lose any friend I might ever make. Unfortunately he told others in the school I was gay. You can imagine how my life was after that. Sadly if he had not reacted that way my abuse at home might have come out and I have gotten the help I needed to prevent that abuse. We really have to prevent these people taking the world back to those times. It is happening in the UK as well as the US. Best wishes. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. WordPress has made the blog editor nearly impossible as well. They are forcing the block editor on everyone and designing the platform for businesses, not blogs. When I try to use the classic to edit a post with both pictures and words they have made it really hard. They have removed the ability to post from word also. I am soon going to have to look for a different blogging platform. Hugs


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