Again hurrying to spend time with my family a comment is blocked.

Our son is home and we are having time with him, yet I need to finish up the Roundup.  This came up.  So I tried to repost the comment removed and it has gone crazy.  You decide if my comment was out of line.  

this is the comment I was responding to.

and yet this is the highest paid govt ‘servant’ that should be able to thus clearly state to the public what advice he imparts. The fact that his advice changes so often is not helpful nor is it helpful to find he provided funding and other aid to the Chinese to develop the virus.
He is assuredly ingenious and has made himself worth more than $10 million.
He advised Trump on how the virus would evaporate and then turned on a dime when it did not. Trump and the public are not used to advisors who can twist so violently and then at as if the new proclamations were always what he claimed.

So my response which has been deleted.  

Dr Fauci gives his advice based on the current situation as it is, as the data shows at the current time. The situation / data changes. It would be silly to think the advice would stay the same, never changing when everything else changes all the time. The protection his advice gives wouldn’t be much use if he gave information based on what was known 2 years ago and never updated it.

The conspiracy fueled by misleading right wing media and used by Rand Paul to fund raise aside, the evidence is clear that the grant money funded to the lab in Wuhan was never used for gain of function.

Dr Fauci has invested his hard earned salary well, wrote books, and does speaking engagements. Are you trying to infer something wrong with his finances?

Your nuts if you think Dr. Fauci was saying the virus would just disappear. That was what tRump was spouting to try to keep himself looking better than the markets from reacting badly. Talk about projection. tRump went on TV and tried to deny and minimize Covid at the same time the CDC and NIH were saying how bad it could get and dangerous it was. Reports from other countries were coming in. But tRump had all sorts of nonsense theories that it would be gone by April, it was 15 and then would soon be zero and so on.

Again I never understood the obsession with a public servant that the right has with Dr. Fauci. I guess it is because he is smart, well accomplished, well educated, knows what he is talking about, cares about the public instead of himself, and doesn’t lie or act like an sycophantic jerk. He cannot be bribed nor frightened away. Yup that is why they hate him so, he corrected their deity tRump and showed what a moron loser tRump was. Sorry Den, facts matter and in this case, you don’t have them on your side.

Yet I cannot seem to win against the authority of the system.  Is there any doubt that the US is being pushed to what the Russians want?  

7 thoughts on “Again hurrying to spend time with my family a comment is blocked.

    1. Hello Nan. That is true for most of them. One person makes an off the wall comment and the rest follow with agreement. Yet I have noticed something. Before there was a single person or two who would reply negatively back. But their responses were more in line with the way that the right acted. When I would respond with thought out comments those others would like it, but then I started to notice more thought out comments rather than just more insults. Yes there are still insults, but more substance also. Am I having an effect or am I just noticing a trend that was going to happen without me? What I know is my adding facts and reason means others coming to the cartoon then going to the comments will see some reasoned disagreement if my comments get to stand. Ark often said he wrote for the people reading along not the person he was arguing with. I won’t modify my comments to please the assholes. I just hope it works the way I intend.


  1. Hi Nan and Scottie;
    Having read a couple of the efforts you have made to give considered and relevant comment thwarted by some sort of spam accusation, these are people who don’t have the courage or surety of their opinions and information to risk inspection. This seems to be the way of people who call themselves republicans; open and ambiguous accusations lacking definition of terms or even actual events. It is preaching to the choir, as Nan said. Trump made this popular some 6-years ago: if people want to believe then it doesn’t matter how stupid, inarticulate or ultimately damaging it is to the cool-aid crowd, they will stand and applaud their own eventual demise and curse you for daring to object.
    I do commend your efforts. I’ll also remind you of Mark Twain’s admonition about arguing with fools. Good luck!


    PS: In hindsight, I sort of encouraged you down this muddy road some time ago, didn’t I? Sorry.

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    1. Hello Brother. I am reminded that you both stick to your principles regardless of who is against you, and that you have always tried to help those that needed your help. Sometimes both got you into trouble. Yes you have been an inspiration. So you need to be flogged for my misdeeds at the next meeting. 😀😃😂😋😎

      Yes tRump opened the flood gates for these people to feel good about themselves again, but in truth they were always there lurking below the surface. They were in the Chann areas. Now they have moved up the sewer to where the right wing media cartoonist dwell. Remember these are not fringe cartoonists I am responding to, they are in a very mainstream publication, a mainstream company. These misleading cartoons are in a lot of newspapers daily infecting a lot of people. So I am hoping that being on their web sites I can influence positively some who come see the cartoons. Remember the same cartoons these right wing ones are on also have family cartoons like Zits or Marmaduke. I need to post the comic links so people know that the same comics they read and like also have these right wing nut job cartoons on them. Anyway I am running out of steam. I had a great night talking with James and got up early this morning. I am running very low on energy now. Have a great work week, text or skype me when you can. Hugs


  2. Nan is right … they don’t want facts, they want to live in the world of conspiracy theories and the lies of the former guy. They are small-minded people who are so bored with life that they must make up things to get a rise out of the rest of us, those of us with functional brains. Ignore them, for they are irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Yes you are correct. What I found interesting was the times that are most busy on these cartoon sites. When adult retirees or those with no responsibilities are free. On weekends it slows down greatly. But during the week all day until about three or four it is non-stop replies. This makes me think these are fox news or other right wing news junkies. For the most part they regurgitate the Fox, OAN, Newsmax stuff. But I am surprised I can still back them down and get them to show how bad their talking points are. But I have to try and then I have to take the frustrations in order to hope to influence those reading along who are not already in the Kool-Aid drinking club. Have a great week.

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      1. I get so tired, though, of having to keep repeating the same things over and over, while it seems they don’t listen, they aren’t willing to even consider a point of view other than their own. Yes, no doubt they are Fox junkies and have been brainwashed by the likes of Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham. You have a good week as well, dear friend! Hugs

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