10 thoughts on “FedEx driver is on unpaid leave after being shot at by 2 white men

  1. I just read that FedEx has reinstated his pay, retroactive to January 31st. I’ve got no idea why he was suspended without pay, but I’m glad they’ve reinstated it! He’s an innocent victim and shouldn’t have lost a single day’s pay! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill I agree. Unfortunately, in these cases in these areas where it is a white person against black delivery person case the assumption of guilt is always on the driver. The old customer is always right stupidity. I hate that and I hope someday that skin color won’t equal truthfulness.

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      1. I’m with you on that, Scottie … no, the customer is NOT always right and a company has an obligation to its employees, no matter the colour of their skin! I don’t want to discourage you, but I have lately come to believe that as long as humans exist, there will always be some who believe that people with Black skin are inferior. If we haven’t learned better after thousands of years on this planet, then I think humans are basically hopeless, especially considering it is the ignorant bigots who seem to reproduce the most!

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  2. DAMN!!! I wish CNN would get on the stick and offer Closed Captioning!!! I could understand her, but not him or his attorney … at all! I did get the gist of what happened, however, and was glad to read Jill’s comment.

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    1. I’m like you, Nan, and don’t even try to listen to clips that aren’t closed-captioned, for I cannot hear and they might as well be speaking Chinese for all I can tell, so I went in search of a written version and that’s when I found the update.

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      1. Hello Jill and Nan. I am sorry I should try better to ensure what I post has CC. If not I should do more to fill in the story. I admit this story has been on several of my news services and some of those on YouTube do have CC, even if it is not the best. My apologies to both of you and others who do not hear so well. I will not only try to do better, but also if anyone has a question on a posted story that they cannot hear properly please ask me and I will do my best to fill it in or find a written copy. Thanks.

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  3. Hi Scottie and all:
    Fed Ex has traditionally viewed their drivers as independent contractors, despite wearing a fed ex uniform and driving a van that says “fed ex” all over it. Courts have disagreed, but who needs the law? So, “independent contractor” doesn’t come to work, why pay him?

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    1. Hello Randy. Thank you for the information. I have done a bit of looking and this issue of white people with gun’s trying to stop black delivery drivers is getting to be much more of an issue. I as a white guy thought it might be about trying to rob the drivers but reading the accounts and fears of the drivers I see it is always about race. White drivers do not face these threats. Also what seems to be implied by these white armed angry persons is that black people are not only suspicious but they do not belong in our neighborhood under any circumstances. I watched one video I wished I had posted where the driver was trying to deliver the package and couldn’t get out of the truck due to an angry white man and wife who were demanding they get the hell out of there. It was a package for them but they refused to let a black man deliver it. That is the mentality in some of these areas. Scary that still exists today but worse is that some politicians promote it.

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