4 thoughts on “School boards get death threats over race, gender…

    1. Hello Nan. What happened to the lofty ideals of civil discourse and debate. I don’t see it online that is sure. These people seem to forget that others have rights. They are so convinced that their rights are important and need to be fought for, but they seem to forget that others also have rights that should be fought for. The old saying is your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. But not with these people. They demand that the schools run on their feelings and ignore the desires of anyone else. They demand the world act on their beliefs yet ignore the beliefs of others. Me, me, me, I am the king of the world, I am the hero of my own story. I wonder when it become this way?

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      1. Well, I think it’s been part of human nature all along, but you-know-who seemed to bring it to the forefront. And the thing is — they scream “Freedom of Speech” whenever someone tries to say or do anything so they get away with it.

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