Charlie Kirk: Ukraine Voted To Be Invaded By Russia

Media Matters has the transcript:

Why does Putin feel so empowered? The entire Western world is putting sanctions, right now, on Russia as they call this an invasion. There well might be.

I’m not the person to determine whether or not this is an invasion or an annexation. It feels as if Putin is going into places that want him.

They have voted overwhelmingly to be part of it. It is a family dispute that we shouldn’t get in the midst of, that’s for certain.

In case you are missing it, the paid trolls on the right are backing Putin 100%.  They are using their social media accounts to push the idea the US should stay out of it, it is a family matter between Ukraine and Russia, it is just posturing that means nothing.  What is it to us that we should care about it is also something I heard.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Kirk: Ukraine Voted To Be Invaded By Russia

    1. Hello Polly, you are correct, they would be pushing it on all the misinformation networks. Because for them it is about tribal power of their party not the best thing for the country or to help others. It is about enriching themselves, and increasing their own power. Sickening.


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