Cornyn Attacks Same-Sex Marriage Ruling At SCOTUS Hearing: “Who Do These People Really Think They Are?”

Mother Jones reports:

During the second day of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing Tuesday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) took the occasion to attack marriage equality. His line of questioning comes as conservatives have continued to use state legislatures and the courts to roll back rights for LGBTQ people. While a majority of Americans support marriage equality, it remains a target for repeal by many on the right.

Cornyn’s objections are, first, that granting equal rights to LGBTQ people conflicts with the religious beliefs of some people. To which Jackson responded, “Well, senator, that is the nature of a right. That when there is a right, it means that there are limitations on regulation, even if people are regulating pursuant to their sincerely held religious beliefs, even if people are regulating pursuant to their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The Washington Blade reports:

The Texas Republican went on to describe the issue as not just an overriding the will of the states and the people, but also major religions, and asked Jackson if she agrees “marriage is not simply a governmental institution, it’s also a religious institution.”

When Jackson replied, “Well, senator, marriages are often performed in religious institutions,” Cornyn followed up with questioning on whether she agrees many major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, have defined marriage as one man, one woman.

Jackson wouldn’t engage with Cornyn beyond what was directly necessary: “I am aware that there are various religious faiths that define marriage in a traditional way.”

Please read the news stories.   I am tired so may not post both but I might.  I am also discouraged.  For those who say this issue is settled it is not.   See all the attempts to roll it back and undo same sex marriage.   In their minds their religious views trump all else.   They feel entitled to have that view back.  They are not content to just live by their religious doctrines, but they insist that everyone else does also.  Notice his wording, it is the new Republican buss word term ” offended”.    Cannot have books that offend Christians, cannot have history taught that offends white people, cannot have ideology taught that offends right wing maga cult members.   I think I will go play Halo tonight, I feel very down.   


14 thoughts on “Cornyn Attacks Same-Sex Marriage Ruling At SCOTUS Hearing: “Who Do These People Really Think They Are?”

  1. Senator Cornyn has no standing on the issue of same sex marriage. That is what the Supreme Court ruled. In other words, another couple marrying does not impact him. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. It doesn’t impact him but he is in a position to impact same sex couples. He has not accepted it and never will. He has people like him throughout the entire government. I just posted this morning that the School District Superintendent told the librarians under his authority to remove all the LGBTQ+ books from the libraries as “we are conservative and if you don’t like it you better hide it”. Just as abortion was legal and now it is not, the same is what they want to do to same sex marriage. The weird thing Keith is that marriage in the US is a civil contract run by the government and a religious ceremony is not needed. So it is not a religious issue. But the Republicans are working to roll back the culture clock. Women need to stay at home controlled by their men, white Christian males are in charge, blacks know their place and stay there, and the LGBTQ+ don’t exist and are too scared to show themselves. That is the world they want and they are getting it in the red states.

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        1. Hello Keith. It sure does. Keith these are fights I thought were behind us as a society, as a people. The idea of turning back the clock to the past turns my stomach. But I also wonder how the US is being seen in the rest of the world. A large economic engine and a superior military controlled by a people that are steadily removing the rights of the people and heading to an authoritarian government. We seen this happen in the past. Are they worried about us? Do they wonder where we will end up as much as our own people do? Sometimes I wonder what happened to the forward movement into the future that we all looked forward to. The world of Star Trek where people were accepted and happy even if they were different. Then I realize that is the thing that scares these regressive people the most. Others that are different being accepted, no one in need or desperate for the basics to survive, a world of plenty for all is wrong for them. I wonder at people that want a world of need, rather than those that want all people to have their needs met.


          1. Scottie, what should give you some comfort is society is moving forward. Most families have a relative who is LGBTQ+. Many families have a relative that has married someone from a different race. Seeing TV commercials where more often than not, the couple is biracial is telling. It does become more fearful with the state laws discriminatory laws proliferating, but people are moving forward.

            The key is to get people to know the rules, register and vote. The Republican party is appealing to its worst element and people need to know this. To me, the GOP is adrift and untethered to the truth and lawfulness. Seeing the embarrassing questions posed to a pretty credible SCOTUS candidate is telling. I have called several of them (my two, Graham, Blackburn) and advocated for her, as well as beseeching them to ask better questions. Keith

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            1. Hello Keith. The sad thing is they were playing to the cameras and the base. They were not interested in getting answers, they were setting up a sound bite for Fox / OANN / NewsMax. There are pictures of Cruz checking his twitter feed to see if he was getting likes after his badgering and over the top performance. Graham and Cruz had Fox interviews right after they yelled and shouted, but never let the witness answer. It was not about the court, but about their next run for office, the midterms or the run for the White House. Yet their cult base do not see that and suck up every bit of drama as the truth from god himself. It is sickening.

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          2. Scottie, Cruz has always tended to grandstand, which is why he once was voted the least liked member of Congress, including by his fellow Republicans. I left a message with Graham’s office for every step forward he takes, he takes two steps back. In addition to what I noted above, the best bet is to force businesses to act in favor of civil rights. Those with consumers tend to be more aware of the need to be egalitarian. Keith

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  2. Scottie, I know how very close this is to your heart … and the idiots that try to undo things are not only bigots but they are also cruel and barbaric.

    On a similar topic, I just saw a “new” designation that, IMO, is taking things a bit over the top — LGBTQIA+ Good grief!! I doubt the average person even knows what all the letters stand for … which, IMO, takes away the humanity of the cause and relegates it to nothing but a bunch of letters.

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    1. Hello Nan. And yes Nan it is very personal to me, not just because I am gay and married but because other people being ostracized and denied their rights in society to please a religious group in a secular country is wrong.

      Yes the acronyms are long. There are some who have tried to make it longer. The reason for that is inclusion. As we grow our understanding about sexuality we learn that there are groups that don’t fit under the LGBT. As society’s understanding of diverse sexual identities and gender expressions has grown more inclusive, so has the acronym used to describe them. There was an attempt to shorten it to the acronym GSM, which stands for gender and sexual minorities. GSM serves as a much better acronymic blanket statement than LGBT, because it does not specify any gender or sexual identity whatsoever. But I was not voted gay in charge yet so everyone went with the LGBTQ+ which I think should be shortened to LGBT+. The Q seems to stand for several things such as Queer and also Questioning? Some want the intersex mentioned and so on. I think they are all covered by the +. As you say overloading people with initials they don’t understand is not helpful.

      But as I told Keith this is about members in congress trying to turn back the culture clock to 1950. In their questioning of the new Justice nominee they talked about how it Loving vs Virginia should have been left to the states, they are already letting the states destroy the abortion right, Marsha Blackburn said that Griswold which allowed married couples to use birth control was decided wrong, and of course the Republicans are hinting that both the right to have same sex activity and same sex marriage is wrong and needs to be over turned. These fights over books in school are just the opening salvo, more and more red states are openly banning abortion with the Texas model. The SCOTUS is openly partisan now with the shocking decision that allowed the Republicans to over turn a democratic governors veto on redistricting after have ruled that the court had no jurisdiction over gerrymandering when a case was brought by Democrats against Republican drawn maps. In other words, they refused to step in when the Republicans gerrymandered but did step on when a Democratic governor vetoed a gerrymandered Republican map. Notice what the real reason they stepped in was to help Republicans and hurt Democrats. The US is speeding towards a US Taliban and yes it could happen here. There are places in the world that were very progressive that after decades of work by dark money fascist have become repressive authoritarian states. Look at Turkey that use to be an open progressive secular country is now a regressive oppressive religious country run by a strongman. Russia was turning into an open progressive country when the USSR first fell until Putin worked with the religious groups to turn the country back to a more oppressive time. Poland was the same, causing a huge fight with the EU about what to do with a country that was progressive when it joined the union but now is a regressive authoritarian country that has literally created areas of the country that LGBTQ+ is illegal. To me people need to become engaged before they lose that right to engage, because that is the goal of the groups pushing these changes. They want to rule, and the only fight will be who gets to rule.

      Well off to start the roundup.


      1. I’m in NO HURRY to leave this planet, but the way things are going, I’m not too awfully sad to know that I probably won’t be around many more years.

        What is so frustrating and defeating is that there are SO MANY people who have NO CLUE about what’s happening in our country. They get up, go to work, come home, watch TV and/or play with the kids, go to bed, and then start it all over again the next day. They don’t have the time or energy or interest to take a good hard look at what’s happening. And THIS, IMO, is exactly why things are going the way they are. Voices like yours and Brian’s and Beau’s (yes, his too) are so important … but so FEW take the time or have the interest to listen. Their favorite TV series gets far more attention.

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        1. Hello Nan. I want you to stick around please, your voice is important also. I agree with you on all you wrote. The question is who / what keeps the US people so worn out and rushed compared to other countries? The US system of the government helping only the wealthy, so that the public is desperate and over busy trying to survive. The wealthy have changed the entire country over decades so people have no time to learn about the issues and learn about political candidates. The Republicans have made voting for most of the public hard, long lines, long wait times, needing to take off work (the republicans recently blocked the attempt to make voting day a national holiday so workers have time to go vote) This is the country we live in and it is deliberate by the wealthy to keep the public this way. We the people need to take back our country before we cannot have any chance to do so.

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    1. Hello Jimmy. Well said. They seem to want to return the country to a time when they were winning the culture wars. They 1950s. They want the time when white Christian men were clearly in charge, women were subservient to men in the home doing as the man wanted, black people knew their place and stayed in it, and the LGBTQ+ were not seen or talked about and were terrified to be discovered. That is the world they want to return to. I think it is the duty of every decent person to fight against them.


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