Republican Senator HUMILIATES herself with unreal question at Supreme Court hearing

4 thoughts on “Republican Senator HUMILIATES herself with unreal question at Supreme Court hearing

    1. Hello Jill. Why are so many of our congress people open racist bigots? I would think decent people would be turned off from them and they wouldn’t be voted in. They say this is the result of gerrymandering safe districts. If the person cannot lose the general, then the primaries are where they have to focus to win. To win the primaries the candidates have to play to the base and in the case of the right the base are rabid racist bigot thugs who think normal societal decency is a weakness.

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      1. Well, what you have to remember is that Congress is supposed to be a picture of the demographics of the country. Members of Congress are elected, so their values, such as they are, must obviously be shared by a large number of people in this nation. THAT is what disgusts and frightens me, what makes me want to buy a saber and rattle it! True that gerrymandering has led to minority rule in some cases, and that needs to stop. But still … the racists got enough votes overall to slide into their seats in the Capitol, and in 2016 to slide into the Oval Office. Another issue is the Electoral College … it has proven not only useless, but counter-productive. Trump lost in 2016, but still gained office through districting, gerrymandering, and the Electoral College. I say one vote for each person 18 and over, regardless of prior crimes, gender, skin colour, etc., and let the one with the most votes be declared the winner. Simple, eh? Sigh. Nothing is allowed to be simple in U.S. politics, though, for they must make it so complex that the average person doesn’t understand how it works, gives up, and just votes for the person with the loudest voice or the most exposure on Fox.

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