3 thoughts on “Fed up Fox host TEARS INTO Republican for lying live on air

  1. Of course, my “buddy” hits the nail on the head once again. The sad part about it all is the people who NEED to hear him … won’t … because even –IF– they’re paying any attention at all, you know what they’re listening to. And even though the Faux host “tore into” Scott, dollars to donuts they still agreed with everything Scott said … especially whenever he mentioned the Democrats!

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    1. Hello Nan. What galls me is those supporting Scott who are watching Fox are mostly lower incomes / retired people getting Social Security and Medicare. The very people Scott wants to increase taxes on and cut their incomes. Plus notice that Scott talked about everyone must pay and have skin in the game but he never mentioned the wealthy corporations that get more in tax benefits than they pay and wealthy people who structure their wealth to pay no or little taxes. Scott never said the IRS will go after those tax cheats. Nope, Scott wants to shift even more of the burden to fund government to the lower incomes by taxing the poorest more and giving more government wealth to the wealthy. He wants to slash any programs that help the people, his donors want a desperate work force willing to take any pittance paid them and work in any conditions just to be able to survive. For the lower incomes they want short hard lives, for the wealthy long privileged lives. Sorry back to your point, why do the poor people vote for Republicans? Republicans work for the wealthy not the poor. It is because of the culture wars and why the Republicans keep using them. Don’t tell the poor you’re going to cut their food assistance, tell them trans kids are using the wrong bathroom implying it somehow threatens your kid. Tell the lower incomes that they need to stop the “other” from taking over and making them second class people with no rights. Tell them the Democrats are going to take something from them, doesn’t matter what it is just hammer the Democrats are going to take that thing you worked hard to get from you. It could be your gun, your TV, your god, your freedom (that is a good one as no one knows just what it is) Make the lower incomes afraid their kid will be turned gay or worse be molested by reading about those LGBTQ+ or seeing them on TV and movies. Won’t anyone think of the poor children is the battle cry. Even though no one person turned gay or turned straight by reading a book or seeing a character in a TV show or movie. It is not how that works. That is why the Republican party leaders love the culture wars, they can rile up the base to vote for them while they rob them blind.

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