1. Hello Nan. I seen they had a second one more up to date but I did not have time yesterday to watch it. We had a situation that we had to address. Ron started taking a new medication and was having a sever reaction to it. At least that is what the emergency care said. There was calls to his doctor and then pictures to his doctor who then said get to the convenient / emergency care. So the upshot is he got a shot of prednisone and treatments to make sure he did not close his airway, and some more medications he starts today. He was pretty upset yesterday, and I was trying to stay focused and calm. So I did not get to the roundup until late. Then I was really tired and went right to bed. So how have you been?


  1. Oddly enough, I got a phone call from my friends wife last week. Her hubby got his truck stuck. Down somewhere close to a boat ramp on the river. Well I grabbed a leaving line (I was a deckhand on a towboat in my younger days. A leaving line is a big rope used on barges. Any time you drop off a barge you always make sure there is a leaving line at both ends of the barge, SOP. Anyway they get lost off barges and you can find them along river waterways. Rope is 1000x better than using a chain in towing situations,) and went looking for my friend.

    My friend and I are both old shelldigging divers. We have been friends for decades, and hang out regularly. He and I, and our wives to boot, spend a lot of time on the water still to this day. It’s just who we are…

    I found him at an intersection near the road to the boat ramp. He had walked at least 2 miles in rough terrain to get there. I picked him up and we went after his truck. This is a one lane backwoods road just wide enough to drive down, in some rough country with steep hills, large chunk rock terrain, creeks to cross, and several big ass mudholes to get through.The mudholes didn’t prove to be much trouble, my truck is a 3/4 ton HD, with 4WD, this was way more than I was excpecting to get into honestly, but my truck is a beast and handled it well.

    We got to where his truck was, the mudhole was probably 3 car lengths long and full of water. His truck tilted at a steep angle towards the drivers side, with water halfway up the side of the drivers side door. He wasn’t stuck, he was damn stuck.

    He takes off his shoes/socks and walks the eye of the rope to his tow hitch, these ropes float, so I had to pull a bit with my truck to put some tension on the line to keep it from floating off the hitch. He crawls in the high side of his truck and does what I told him to do, crank the truck, put it in reverse, but do not give it any gas during the tow, then give me a thumbs up to start the pull.

    He accomplished all that and I started the pull. His truck moving towards me as I was slowly backing away. The rear end of his truck came up the steep incline at the edge of the mudhole, the back wheels now free from the hole, and I see his front end drop deep and hard! Had to be scraping on the frame, I was like “oh shit!” If I lose momentum here we might not succeed, so I gunned it a bit, not pedal to the floor, but I added more pull, and was rewarded with the front end of his truck clearing the mudhole. Whew.

    I watched with some amusement as he opened the drivers door and water flowed out of his truck cab for a good minute and a half. My biggest regret was not taking pics! I was just too focused on getting the job done.

    Rednecks and their trucks… It was fun. Nobody got hurt, his truck is all dried out now and doing fine. And next time we are having a snort, we’ll have something to laugh about. 😉

    My truck still needs a good cleaning though…

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    1. Hello Shelldigger. Great story and grand of you to help a friend. I always carried a come-a-long and a large heavy rope in my pickup. They came in handy a few times when me or my friends did something stupid. And we did far too often.


      1. Yeah, a come-a-long is a fantastic tool for stuck in a mudhole. My leaving line is a 35 footer and good thing, it was just long enough for me to be on solid ground, which made the job much simpler.

        “came in handy a few times when me or my friends did something stupid. And we did far too often.” Yes indeed. Good times though 😉

        Hey, anyone know what the hell is up with trying to type a smiley? Why do they post as little squares? I haz questions!

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        1. Hello ShellDigger. When I want to put in an emoji I just right click in the place I am typing. The menu comes up and right at the top it has emoji. Click that and it gives me all the emojis to click to add to the post or comment. Hope it works for you also.

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          1. That doesn’t work for me Scotty. I used to be able just to type a : + ) and it would make a smiley. I can still type the ; + ) and it makes a winkie. But the smiley doesnt work anymore. Even when I see someone else’s smiley it’s a little square block.

            One of the mysteries of the universe I guess…

            When I right click all I get is the options to copy/paste/undo/spellcheck etc. Which until right now I didn’t even know I had a spell check lol.

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    1. Not everybody has good enough sense, or are too inebriated, to approach these situations carefully. As luck would have it I’ve pulled people out of a lot of hairy situations. Never added damage to a vehicle yet. “knock on wood.”

      I’ve been alone in situations where I had find something to put under a jack so I could use it, and keep adding fill to the hole I’m in till I could drive it out. Or dig away built up mud so a tire doesn’t have to fight the slope to get momentum and drive it out. One time I was trying to pull a boat up a loose rock bank boat launch in the boonies. It took a lot of tries and a lot of digging and filling. but I made it home for supper. Back in those days there were no cell phones, and I only had two wheel drive trucks. 4WD is way better. Way way better. But not foolproof. My friends truck is 4WD too. He got it stuck.

      I’ve learned to always keep short bits of 2×4, 4×4, 2×6, 1×6, even 6×6, pieces of lumber rattling around in my truck bed. Anytime you need to jack something, those blocks are worth their weight in gold. Also used as chocks when needed. If we go for a long car trip some of those blocks, a good set of tools, and a floor jack go with us.

      That video was a lot of “hold my beer moments.” Except for that collision at the intersection and one truck careening into other stuff. That was a wreck that just kept on giving. Oh, and anyone who yanks a rear axle out from under a truck when trying to pull it out, is the kind of Bubba Joe you do not want as a friend.

      I’d love to know what happenned to the idiot that drove into the store. That’s a potential attempted murder with a deadly weapon charge… Entertaining video though. 🙂

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