HIV And Health Disparities

This is a rather good channel that is kid friendly that tackles sexual and other topics that are hard for young people (and some older people) to understand.

8 thoughts on “HIV And Health Disparities

  1. I notice the largest ‘group’ disparity wasn’t even mentioned. At all. I wonder why? Could it be because this disparity doesn’t fit this specific power hierarchy narrative? Well, clutch my pearls. Shocked, I tell ya. I’m just shocked.


    1. Hello Tideb. I don’t understand. What group is left out and what power hierarchy are you talking about? I might remind you this is a series / web site directed at kids. It is for young people who have questions that they cannot get from a parent or trusted adult. They cover all aspects of sexuality and questions teens have written into them. They cover sensitive topics such as child abuse and sexual harassment / peer pressure to have sex.


      1. So do you think the target audience here being taught that group disparity has played a key role in causing higher HIV risk (clearly presented as an important causal factor for getting AIDS/HIV) is really ‘education’ when by far the largest group disparity regarding HIV isn’t even mentioned? I’ll get to identifying that group in moment.

        What is being sold here is straight up group hierarchy indoctrination and not good information about HIV or how an HIV treatment regimen was historically developed. And it is not true that race or ethnicity played any kind of defining role. Sexuality did. Specifically, homosexual activity. For good reason! This was the main feature about the emergence of the disease and fast spread in this population. Understanding why this was case mattered. It had nothing to do with group dynamics and power hierarchy – not by race, not by class, not by income or ethnicity – and why money aimed research had very real political fallout regarding this fact: a ‘homosexual disease’. TYhat DID matter. So the video pretends that Ryan’s infection through blood transfusion as white boy from a upper middle class caused more dedicated research. No. Race had nothing to do with it. Again, this group identity ideology about power imbalance is being sold here as ‘education’. It was the sudden realization that the entire blood supply was now tainted with no safeguards to screen for HIV regardless of sexual orientation that was a HUGE deal for anyone and everyone receiving blood products. Then medical outcry was HUGE. So the research funding to find a solution – ands fast – was made a political priority because EVERYONE was now at risk.

        So HIV in this video is the vehicle being used to intentionally indoctrinate this ideological group power structure imbalance to the target audience: children. The historical fact is that homosexual behaviour between men seemed to correlate most strongly as the primary risk factor not because of bigotry but because this was the case in reality. The bigotry regarding ONLY this aspect was a very real impediment to politicians who were involved in public funding of medical research. THIS is what should be taught: try not to mix medicine with politics… a lesson we should be teaching kids who have seen the idiocy about responding to COVID using political identity as the metric. Stupid then, stupid now. (And more ‘stupid’ being taught in these kinds of ideological rather than educational videos.) So in the video where they show the three cigar smoking white men not being black, not being poor, not being gay, and therefore not funding research is straight bullshit because when it comes to HIV, being MEN is the highest risk factor. That’s what doesn’t fit.

        The largest group disparity regarding HIV is the rate for men versus women (over a 2:1 ratio). This clear ‘group’ disparity has absolutely no relevance to the supposed power hierarchy ideology being touted as if affecting research or why there was bigotry about taking the disease seriously for everyone. A strong case for bigotry CAN be made BECAUSE the emerging disease WAS linked to men involved in this same sex behaviour who then spread it to the wider population. Tracing shows this to be true. But it wasn’t the same-sex element that caused its spread; it was the prevalence of unprotected sex in this population. This is the message kids need to learn. This is exactly what we’re seeing in the recent rise in cases over the past 4 years: people who engage often in unprotected sex have higher rates of infection. Men are far more susceptible than women. But that biological sex divide regarding HIV divide doesn’t fit with gender ideology where gender identity matters more than biological sex. HIV doesn’t care about our ideologies. That, too, is a lesson these kids need to learn but these kinds of videos attack that approach with group-disparity-is-caused-by-power-hierarchy crap.


        1. Hello Tildeb. Bullshit. Pure bullshit. I lived through the crisis at that time. I remember the wealthy being able to leave the country for treatments in France and other countries. I remember Reagan not even being able to mention the word aids. I remember the Republicans actively cutting funding for HIV research. Black communities that claimed they have no gays also claimed they couldn’t have the gay disease. And lets talk about calling it that gay disease. That also was political because in Africa it was being spread by heterosexual contact. Yes it was spread by promiscuity and lack of precautions / protection which the homosexual community was famous for being we are heathens anyway. But what was missed was the large majority of swinger and players in the straight community were getting it.

          Yes Ryan White was a major turnaround. I remember everyone talk about the “innocent boy” who got it from the blood, and that is why we cannot let those homo’s donate. I don’t know where you were living at the time but in the US it very much was a turning point as every talk show host wanted him on their show. They highlight how young he was. How much discrimination he faced, yet never cared to show case the discrimination of gay men in hospitals trying to get treatment. He was the face congress used to pass bills giving money for research and care of aids patients. Don’t tell me him and other nice white people like him were not the turn around getting white middle class America to care about the disease hitting the ones they looked down on.

          I reviewed the video. I think they did a great job. I also wonder if you watched the same video I did or if you were high when you did it. I did not see three white men smoking cigars. I did see three blue men on smoking a cigar and they listed homophobia, transphobia, and racism as the cause of the health disparity. Every part of that is true. To argue it was just homophobia is to not know the history or the situation of aids / hiv at least in the US.

          Your premise is wrong because you are starting with the idea this is propaganda and indoctrination to children. It is not. It is an explanation of facts as an overview in an easy to understand manner. They are not going to go into a doctorate level dissertation here. You over think everything, and it shows in your writing. You took all that space to get to what your real issue is

          But that biological sex divide regarding HIV divide doesn’t fit with gender ideology where gender identity matters more than biological sex.

          You also seem to have a real issue with those with more power and influence being called out on it.

          Your issue is gender and transgender. You made a big deal here to simply say you think kids are being indoctrinated into an ideology. You also imply that kids should be taught that those in charge and in power are not a problem. I disagree with you clearly.

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          1. Remember, Scottie, that this was not just a US thing. Sure this video seems pretty good… but only from an American point of view and shaped to fit the group-based victim/victimizer ideology being presented. You don’t see it this way, obviously, because you believe it has merit. But from my perspective as a Canadian I know this framing is out to lunch. (And yes, I watched Ryan White on Donohue – and Martina Navratilova asking the audience a key question that also swung the national debate: why anyone in their right mind would CHOOSE to be gay?)

            The issue very much was a homosexual issue at the beginning and this did affect how the disease was considered in the public forum in its early days. So the educational value from this terrible disease lies in pointing out how the framing of a disease as if a group-based problem really was an impediment to getting good treatment (remember the vaccine came out of Winnipeg) and sufficient research funding towards a cure. This has educational value completely and utterly missed by the video. Instead, children are being taught that continuing to frame group based effects with a victim/victimizer lens is the ‘right’ way.

            No. This is part of the ongoing problem.

            This group-based framing is directly contrary to best medical practices. There’s your fact.

            This video teaches children to think this way, to think using group-based ideology. This has consequences in real life that harms real people. This video is in fact a continuation of the very problem that improperly identified AIDS as if a group-based disease. Changing the terms of blame to homophobia, transphobia, and racism is a continuation of the same problem. So it doesn’t teach children to understand what’s true: a disease doesn’t care about your group-based descriptions so solutions should not be sought or implemented based on the same. That’s the lesson that is not being taught.

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            1. Hello Tildeb. I am sorry you cannot see that back then and even today access to treatment and to assistance for aids / HIV can depend on your race and economic status. How can you live in the world and see that almost everything is effected by race and economic situation.

              For example, the one time aids capital of the US was Belle Glade Florida. The people there were very poor. They were also mostly black. They had no treatment facilities, a small clinic, no hospital. The state refused to help because they were black and poor. I lived in the county. Palm Beach County. We stepped in. The country built a small hospital and a water treatment plant. We paid for bus service in the area to WPB and other cities. The country financed business grants and much more. But it was an uphill battle every step because no private businesses wanted to invest in the city. Compare the treatment an aids patient could get in WPB where we had plenty of hospitals, clinics, the large VA facility / hospital, mass transit, and other support services.

              That is the disparity the video was talking about. It existed then, and it is still a problem today.

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              1. Scottie, you say, “even today access to treatment and to assistance for aids / HIV can depend on your race and economic status.”

                Yes, of course if you’re going to put these two classifications together and assume disparate results means bias and discrimination, then you’ve already covered all possible contingencies and proven exactly nothing. You could say exactly the same for poor whites in West Virginia.

                But this isn’t an argument to establish group-wide bias and discrimination of immutable characteristics, which is what the video is portraying. That’s why I say this is very much an American viewpoint where economics is the major factor for ALL group comparisons. But, as I said, in Canada there is NO causal effect because the economic factor has been removed for access to health care regarding HIV and we find ZERO evidence for bias and discrimination of any racial group. There’s no question, however, that there was a bias based on homosexuality. That’s why we teach today group membership for health issues is not a legitimate metric unless a clear causal effect can be established. So what we find is reduced services for those who do not have easy access to services regardless of your ‘race’ or ‘ethnicity’ or ‘religious belief’ or ‘language’ or ‘sexuality’ or ‘gender’. Physical access. To classify the lessons about treating HIV as a group-based disease is highly relevant because it clearly impeded timely research and treatment for ALL HIV patients. So the lesson is to NOT use group-based criteria.

                So THAT is the lesson: don’t moralize or politicize medicine into group-based treatment. And it’s a lesson we have not learned. (The intentional preference for group-based vaccination against COVID is another perfect example where to privilege on group MEANS discriminating against another!) So the lesson should be don’t bring ANY group membership consideration into play and/or some supposed power structure of ‘privilege’ into deciding how much or little effort should be made towards a disease when it is a medical decision. This is the lesson everyone needs to learn to avoid repeating the same mistakes, causing real harm to real people in real life in the name of some ideology. That’s why this video is indoctrination and not educational information. It DOES raise and then relies on an ideologically group-based framing to make its point… while ignoring the central group disparity – sex – because it doesn’t fit and so it’s conveniently ignored.

                This video does not teach the lesson learned. It actually promotes exercising the same group-based viewpoint and presents the successful response to HIV over time as nothing but a biased and discriminatory group-based response because a white kid got sick. That’s not true. In coming up with a drug regimen and now vaccination for HIV/AIDS, the successful response drops group membership consideration entirely (because it’s irrelevant) and focuses on disease mitigation for everyone. And, as I said, it’s a lesson we STILL haven’t learned.

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                1. Hello Tildeb. I guess you miss the part that the video was made in the US by people based in the US, so what happens in Canada where you have a much better public supports system and where the government works more for the people really doesn’t count.

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                  The video was on how there was disparities of assistance and how response to the AIDS crisis differentiated by bigotry and racism, and economic status. The video accurately proved that in my opinion.

                  I am done with this. We have spent more time arguing about what the video meant and what it was instructing kids than watching the damn thing four times took. I don’t care if you think it teaches the wrong or different lessons. I think you over think things. In fact on this I think you are looking for an argument where none needs to be.

                  You have stated your opinion, I disagree. the end!

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