Fed up Joe Biden finally DISMANTLES Fox reporter over absurd question

7 thoughts on “Fed up Joe Biden finally DISMANTLES Fox reporter over absurd question

  1. The fact that Biden has to take this much time away from his job of running the country to DEFEND himself against a biased press who can’t seem to grasp that he’s simply a frustrated human being is just plain ridiculous … absurd … ludicrous!

    Yes, I know he’s in the Public Eye but sheesh! He’s also a human being with feelings. Notice that tRump never minced words when he complained and castigated people who disagreed with him!!

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    1. Hello Nan. I love the way Biden responds. He responds like a person, like a human rather than a politician. Most politicians give neutral platitudes, they answer as if the question was asked in good faith, and they never really clarify anything. Biden responds as a normal person does. Tells the person asking a question that he won’t answer, he tells them when the question is out of line. I like that. But I am very worried about the attacks on Biden costing the Dem’s the midterms.


      1. Yes, I’m a bit worried as well. The primary advantage the Repukes have is their no-holds-barred perspective. They will say/do ANYTHING to stay in the public eye and increase their efforts to become the ruling party. They definitely have a way of playing on people’s emotions and, unfortunately, (too) many respond to this tactic.

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        1. Hello Nan. You are so correct on that! Well said. How do we counter that? Right now we do not seem to have the people in positions of power to do so. The leadership of the Democratic party cannot speak forcefully nor clearly compared to the fireball bomb throwers of the Republicans.

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    1. Hello Perry. Yes it is Doocy. That alone may have gotten him picked on as a kid, but his personality in the press room may have gotten him beat up a lot. He does ask misleading questions, that is his point. He is setting up a sound bite for the right wing on his network. It is the framing of the question they want, not the answer. They don’t care the answer as they will edit or smear it anyway. But they frame the questions as “Now that it is clear Biden failed …”, ” With the failure of the police would you say it was a mistake … “. That is what drives me nuts. I call it the misleading right wing media in the roundup. I love how Biden handles these people. Psaki is sharp and she normally can do the verbal judo with Doocy, but she doesn’t come across as normally human as Biden does when he responds.


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