3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump, a judge, DOJ, and a ruling…..

  1. He says (yes, I watched a bit of it) … that “more likely than not” Trump committed a crime. This is what I have commented about elsewhere … just because someone thinks it’s “likely” a crime was committed does NOT mean any more than what it says. Until the wording is more precise … “Trump is guilty of committing the crime of {legal terminology],” then it continues to remain as speculation.

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    1. Hello Nan. You watched some of Beau? Are you feeling OK? I know, you must have been really bored right? 😀😄😉

      The only good point about this is it was a judge that said this. Plus he said it on the subject of the emails of the lawyer who plotted the insurrection and sold tRump on the idea that he could stay in power. This was the guy who hatched the plan to overturn the election. So this judge is saying it was a corrupt attempt to overthrow democracy. That means something. I hope it leads to more actions. What really worries me is that the Republicans take the house in this election. It is scary to think what they will do. But one thing is this Jan 6th investigation where we are learning so much about what tRump, his crew, and members of congress did to try to end democracy simply to stay in power. It scares me the more I learn on how close we came to being a new dictatorship.

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