Trump Asks Putin to Release Dirt on Joe Biden

Former President Donald Trump called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release dirt on President Joe Biden amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with Just the News founder John Solomon published on Tuesday, Trump reiterated his unproven claim that Yelena Baturina, a Russian oligarch and the wife of former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, gave $3.5 million to a business that Hunter Biden, a son of Joe Biden, helped found.

“She gave him $3.5 million so now I would think Putin would know the answer to that,” said Trump. “I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”

“How is it that the mayor of Moscow, his wife gave the Biden family three and a half million dollars?” he added. “I think Putin now would be willing to probably give that answer. I’m sure he knows.”

This is not the first time Trump has called on Russia to release damaging information on a political rival. While running for president in 2016, Trump called on Moscow to release the hacked emails of then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Additionally in the interview, Trump remarked, “I’m the best thing that ever happened to NATO, because I made them pay. So NATO has plenty of money now.

“And by the way, that’s another, I’m the one who brought up Nord Stream 2 … . I’m the one that blocked it. I terminated it. They weren’t gonna have it. [Biden] then opened it.”

While Biden did waive sanctions against Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, in 2021, he implemented them last month following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said Trump claimed Yury Luzhkov gave $3.5 billion to a business Hunter Biden helped found. The claim holds Luzhkov gave $3.5 million.

3 thoughts on “Trump Asks Putin to Release Dirt on Joe Biden

  1. Scottie, now that the former president is facing serious litigation for his alleged financial malfeasance and seditious actions, he has pulled out two cards from the deck – the Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden cards – to distract Republicans. Hillary has been out of the public limelight for five plus years, but she is a convenient pinata to beat on. Hunter has not been beaten for a while, but the thought to take a few whacks at him will serve his purpose. Trump has been able to elude the trouble his actions warrant by changing the subject. The media has let him do this. As you have long pointed out, correctly in my view, Trump’s malfeasance is far worse than what gets reported. Keith

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    1. I totally agree with your last statement, Keith. Also, I believe you’re correct that this is little more than tRump’s efforts to distract Republicans from the REAL issues. The man simply cannot function without being in the limelight … and accusations against others is his tour de force.

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    2. Hello Keith. Good to hear from you. I wonder if tRump will face any consequences for his actions? The Attorney General doesn’t seem to be moving on any actions against tRump or upper level Jan 6th conspirators. The Ne DA in that trump org case seems to be pulling back due to political pressure. I am worried that tRump is managing to again slime his way to getting away with his crimes.


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