58 thoughts on “Sex and gender are much more complicated than most people want to believe.

  1. And who is “Rebecca R. Helm” that she can speak for the entire biological/scientific community? Oh her tweet sounds impressive, but I’m not convinced. IMO, the jury is still out.

    However, having said that, I do agree that respect is important. And a GREAT deal more study … !

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    1. Respect is EARNED. It’s not a given. I have no reason to respect the trans-activists who are ruining all the respect any other trans-person might be given because of their political BS. Years ago, we all accepted them no problem but now, because of their insistence that “transwomen are real women” & that biological males belong in women’s prisons & in women’s sports & all that nonsense, they are losing any respect they might have have. REMEMBER … respect is EARNED. & you can lose that respect. It isn’t easy to regain it, once it’s lost.

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      1. Hello Polly. I might ask if you don’t think that goes both ways. Should the radical feminist activist who are ruining the respect any other feminist might be given due to their bigotry and attempts to curtail trans rights be respected? Or are they causing a loss of respect for feminist? As you say respect is earned, but a certain level of respect should be the starting point.

        Trans people in gender segregated populations like prisons face great harm including rape, assault, and torture based on their looks. I know trans women who were born male but easily present as women in all respects. You are saying they should be in a male prison and that is just plain stupid. Sorry but as someone who was abused you should know better than to place another person in that situation.

        A better solution is to drop this born as is the way it must be for life crap and judge every person individually. It simply is not true. I suggest you read this article. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34290981

        The discovery of a small community in the Dominican Republic, where some males are born looking like girls and only grow penises at puberty, has led to the development of a blockbuster drug that has helped millions of people, writes Michael Mosley.

        You are correct that once lost respect is hard to regain.

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    2. Hello Nan. Rebecca Helm
      Assistant Professor | University of North Carolina Asheville

      I am fascinated by the ways organisms change through time. Be it evolutionary, developmental, seasonal or daily change. I want to know how this change comes about, and what impact the environment has on organisms as they change, and how changes in organisms in turn impact the environment around them.

      I am also passionate about ocean conservation, particularly in areas beyond national jurisdiction.
      I am not sure, but I think she investigates jellyfish and how ocean life came to be. I agree with more study but I think the majority of scientists agree that there are more than two sexes and that gender ID different from what is visible is an accepted phenomenon. What people have to understand is we all just used visual clues to determine sex. In cultures that had people who did not fit the male / female genders they had distinctive dress or other symbols. And the fact is many cultures around the world have more than two genders. I don’t know who decided god only created two genders but I think it was the same people that said god did not create anyone gay. But for the tradition in the western countries we used how someone looked or a visual inspection of genitalia to determine sex. That is the big issue with trans people in bathrooms, some people think they don’t look like that sex so they must not be. I have posted several times of manly looking women being attacked in the bathroom or going into the bathroom. They are not trans just look different than the ideal female look in our culture.

      As a gay man I do not see the issue people have with trans people. The issue seems to be tradition. The it has always been that way. God made them male and female because we are all straight and it has always been this way crowd. As I have said the same things said by that crowd now about trans people have been said about gay people in the 1980s. It wouldn’t be an issue now except for the right to make it one for political gain and to hide their own corruption. Think of the tropes the right uses and then think if you have seen that trope in your travels around your town? Next time you are out see if you can guess the gender of everyone just based on their hair or face structure? Would it make a difference? Would you treat someone differently based on if they are a male or female. Would you treat them different if you knew they were gay or trans? Would you treat them differently if you thought they were a boy and it turned out they were a girl? See this is why it is not an issue to me and why I think it is a made-up issue for many people. They are making a solution they want looking for a problem to hang it on.

      I do not care who is in the bathroom with me, I am there to void waste not to socialize. I don’t go around checking the genitals of the people in there with me and I don’t really care if someone is checking me out but they would have to be pretty desperate. I had to laugh when that state Senator asked the 14 year old trans girl about what bathroom they used and the kid told her to stop checking people out in the bathroom and just let people pee. Just let them use the bathroom, no one is looking at you why are you checking them out, the kid asked. I thought that was a great question.


      1. On the “transsexual” issue, we will have to agree to disagree. And my perspective has NOTHING … repeat, NOTHING … to do with beliefs associated with “God” or gods. Perhaps one day before I die I may change my thinking, but it will be because I made the decision based on my own personal judgments, not because of any “arguments” for or against.

        Oh, and no. I would not treat anyone differently related to their sexuality. Based on what I know about the subject, I probably wouldn’t be able to make a determination anyway.

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        1. Hello Nan. I did not say your belief was based in god’s words, I was saying that many use that phrase that man created them male and female to show that only two sexes is the right moral way things are to be. But in truth some of the way your opinions formed was the years you spent listening to the people around you preach and talking. You had to overcome the religious indoctrination that many simply do not try to overcome. You had to overcome the conservative view of how things should be, and you may have had to overcome a cultural bias you’ve formed over the years. You overcame those years of hearing the same criticisms against gays you heard all your life by hearing new arguments and judging what you heard based on your system of what was right, fair, and sensible. If you never heard arguments in favor of something, you might never question what you were hearing in your daily life. That is how people form opinions and change them, right? If you hear all your life that xxx was the only right way to live and then you read a lot about yyy being an OK way to live and why, you might change your mind. But if you never hear anything good about yyy then why would you change your opinion on it?

          As I have said before my job is not to make others agree I am correct or to make them agree with me. My job is to present the correct truthful information and hope I can use reason to show the other person a new way to look at things and plant a seed to change their minds. I do feel an obligation to correct misleading or incorrect information. I do feel it is important to get the factual information and reasoning out there. But I don’t feel I have to force anyone to agree with me. That doesn’t mean I will stop presenting the correct information and factual knowledge on a subject because I hold out hope that something I post someone will read and it will speak to them, it will spark a new way of looking at the situation. I try to disagree without being disagreeable. That doesn’t always come across I admit. But I am human also. So yes we can agree to disagree, but I have a feeling both of us will keep showing the other how we feel and the message we want to point out. Best wishes.

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          1. No, Scottie. This is an assumption on your part and it is not correct — some of the way your opinions formed was the years you spent listening to the people around you preach. In fact, all the “accusations” you made against me (by using the term “you”) are incorrect. Since I tend to think you were not addressing me personally, I’m going to let it slide.

            Further, your make the comment: As I have said before my job is not to make others agree I am correct or to make them agree with me. … yet you tend to do just that by repeated posts on this topic, along with comments such as this one.

            It is no different with politics and religion. People have very different views of how things should be done. I support efforts to point out the fallacies and errors of both, but I recognize that each person must make up their own mind. And making accusations as a way to change their thinking isn’t a very good way to go about it.


            1. Hello Nan. I just composed a reply to you and the computer shut down. I lost the entire thing. I will resurrect what I can remember about what I wrote.

              I believe that people absorb the culture they grow up in. If people grow up in a conservative household and conservative community their views tend to be culturally conservative. If people grow up in liberal households and liberal communities their views tend to be culturally liberal. People who grow up in religious families with lots of church involvement trend to believe what the church says about cultural issues a lot more than people who do not. Same with adults who are involved in their church they tend to believe more what the church says about cultural issues. It is human nature to accept what we are around as normal. It normally takes something to jog us out of that comfortable way of thinking such as exposure to different ways or communities. If a person is brought up being taught that black people are lazy, then the just accept that idea until they are exposed to black people they don’t think are lazy, different views of black people online or in their social groups, they are presented with information showing that is a trope pushed by racist. People get new information to help them form new idea about subjects. That new information can come from online, friends, and in the media such as books, news, movies, and TV shows. The old saying is we rise to the level of those around us, or we sink to their level. It is the idea of choosing our friends carefully.

              That is the idea behind Russia making all mention of gays in public or in media illegal as it stopped the growing acceptance of gay rights in Russia. The same reason for the do not say gay bills and the laws getting books with LGBTQ+ and the mistreatment of black people out of schools. Right now ever poll shows younger people are growing more accepting and tolerant of the LGBTQ+ communities. The guy who wrote the don’t say gay bill admitted that is why he wrote it. He said that he noticed gay kids were coming out and accepted by other kids and were treated nice. He couldn’t accept that. He felt there needed to be a stigma to being gay. Remove the positive information and the negative information preached / spoken at home gets accepted as the way it should be, the normal. That is why when they say the parents get to teach the kids what they want, and the parents should say what is taught in schools they mean only the maga conservative parents.

              I was not accusing you personally of being closed minded. I am sorry I was unclear in how I expressed how I view people learn things. I was explaining what I just did above using you instead of people, as people. But I will say I would expect you to have gotten your ideas on things the same way I described above, because that is the way we all do it. We gather information and we process it. The source of that information can change how we feel about cultural topics. I am not sure why you took it as an accusation, but it was not meant to be.

              As for the not my job comment. I used the word make twice and force once. I guess I should have used force all three times, but I thought making someone and me forcing someone to agree with me was the same thing.

              As I have said before my job is not to make others agree I am correct or to make them agree with me. My job is to present the correct truthful information and hope I can use reason to show the other person a new way to look at things and plant a seed to change their minds. I do feel an obligation to correct misleading or incorrect information. I do feel it is important to get the factual information and reasoning out there. But I don’t feel I have to force anyone to agree with me. That doesn’t mean I will stop presenting the correct information and factual knowledge on a subject because I hold out hope that something I post someone will read and it will speak to them, it will spark a new way of looking at the situation.

              I agree people must make up their own minds. But they won’t change how they view something without new information that differs from what they already believe. People need a reason to change their opinion. There is a hope that by correcting misinformation, pushing back on bigotry or racism I can give them that information to jog their thinking. I hope to plant that seed. And normally I don’t accuse people but I will call them out if they show themselves to be racist or bigoted. If someone is a white supremacist, I call them a racist. Is someone bashing gay people I will call them a homophobe, and if someone is a radical feminist that wants to exclude trans people from the female gender I call them a terf.

              Anyway I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Best wishes.

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              1. I feel I MUST make this clarification … I was NOT brought up in a religious home. My father’s family was strong Catholic and I was taken to catechism as a child because of this. But he himself never talked religion. BTW, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but NONE of it “took.”

                My religiousity didn’t come about until I was an adult. And I put ALL of it aside several years ago.

                I do understand where you’re coming from … but have you ever considered that your “devotion” to your beliefs and causes are not much different that the religious?

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                1. Hello Nan. I really don’t want to seem I am making this about you. When I was talking about people growing up in church or even adults participating in a church tending to believe what the church promotes on culture I was not saying that every person walks lock step with every idea that is church doctrine. I did ask you about your time in the religious mind set, when you were participating in church, if it influenced your ideas on cultural issues. It was not to call out your current beliefs and it was not to say you still believed in the church’s positions. I asked the question as a way to show that we are influenced by those around up. My thinking was the people you were around who were sharing their views would have influenced your opinions about cultural issues. The follow up question would be how did your views change after you got changed who you were around.

                  Let me give an example to see if I can better explain because I feel I am not doing a good job of expressing my idea that we are influenced by those we associate with.

                  One YouTuber I follow grew up in a very religious family and he went to strict religious schools. He often talks about how he was a real asshole as a teen to gay people. He believed the church teaching about them. He lost friends who came out to him because he thought they were evil and … well what his church taught about those people. I guess he had a bad falling out in his older teen years with someone he had been good friends with. He says a few years later after he moved out of his parents home and started talking to people not in his church circle he learned the misinformation he had been taught was wrong and he started to see where he was acting like a jerk. He said it took time for him to understand and start treating gay people decently. He is now in his late 20s and he is a big LGBTQ supporter. He talks of how he needed to be exposed to different people and different ideas, how he struggled to reconcile what he grew up being told with the people he was meeting and the truthful information on the LGBTQ communities he learned. He talks about how he tried to make up with the guy who he rejected when he learned he was gay but that did not go as well as he hoped. The guy was still angry at how he was treated. So here is a guy who held one set of beliefs / opinions about the LGBTQ that changed when he removed himself from religion and got new information. That was what I was trying to get to, that people change their views on stuff when they are exposed to different ideas on the subject.

                  Interesting question am I too militant about my causes. I don’t think so. It is different than what you asked and I address that in a minute. My devotion to equality comes from my own experiences of being discriminated against and my advocating for those mistreated stems from the understanding of how it feels to be mistreated. I don’t think I cross the line because while I am a strong advocate for my causes people can choose to come to my blog or not. I try to follow the motto disagree but don’t be disagreeable. I do comment on other blogs but again I am not insulting to comment on a subject if the comment section is open. I have delt with jerks and assholes on the right wing media sites and trust me they are militant and take being right wing as a religion. There can be no dissent from the party line. In my advocacy I can understand there are different levels of agreement and acceptance, and there will always be those more reserved in a subject / issue than others. Not everyone has the same fervor and information.

                  I would say the one way my advocacy differs from religious fervor is I form my opinions based on facts, medical science, proven history, data, and evidence. If I learn more information that contradicts what I felt to be true my view can change. Show me where I was wrong and if it is credible I will adjust to the new information. I don’t run on dogma, that is what bigots and racist do. They use tropes and stereotypes.

                  I would say that advocacy of anything be it religion or equality is going to look the same now that I think on it. It is trying to promote a view point / opinion. I think advocacy is variable in intensity as is religious fervor. So in that respect they are equal because it is the advocacy of the subject that is the point. Yes you can advocate for white power or for Republican politics the same as for religion, and the same could be said of the causes I champion. So in that respect I and the religious are the same. I just try not to run up to people in the street and demand they find equality and ask if they have given their heart to not discriminating. 😀😃😉


  2. For a biologist, R. Helm doesn’t even mention in this thread the biological definition: it’s all about the type of gametes. There are only two. Binary. All the rest is a rhetorical game to cover up the 99.999% of people who present one or the other. In difficult terminology, we call these ‘male’ and ‘female’. I know. Highly confusing.

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    1. Hello Tildeb.

      What are gametes examples?

      Examples of Gametes. The two most common gametes are sperm and ova. These two haploid cells can undergo internal or external fertilization and can differ from each other in size, form, and function. Some species produce both sperm and ova within the same organism

      What are gametes actually?

      gamete, sex, or reproductive, cell containing only one set of dissimilar chromosomes, or half the genetic material necessary to form a complete organism (i.e., haploid). Gametes are formed through meiosis (reduction division), in which a germ cell undergoes two fissions, resulting in the production of four gametes.

      To summarize, when you use the term gamete, it refers to a newly created organism from the union of a male sperm cell and a female egg. The term genotype, on the other hand, refers to the specific ‘genetic’ characteristics and heritable genetic identity that newly created ‘life’ would possess. Sorry but I disagree this is how we tell the sex of an individual. I googled the question if gametes determine gender.

      Sperm cells carry either an X or Y sex chromosome. Female gametes, or eggs, however, contain only the X sex chromosome and are homogametic. The sperm cell determines the sex of an individual in this case. If a sperm cell containing an X chromosome fertilizes an egg, the resulting zygote will be XX, or female.

      What determines the gender?
      The X and Y chromosomes, also known as the sex chromosomes, determine the biological sex of an individual: females inherit an X chromosome from the father for a XX genotype, while males inherit a Y chromosome from the father for a XY genotype (mothers only pass on X chromosomes).

      So no the gametes do not determine gender. Chromosomes do. And apparently these come in many flavors not just binary male or female but a sliding scale of both.

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  3. It’s not confusing at all. There’s two sexes, male & female. XX & XY. Gender is a cultural construct. This has been true since the beginning of fucking time.

    If you want to be confused, go right ahead. But you don’t have to be. I’m getting really tired of all this BS. Fucking magical thinking for fucking idiots. Get real already.


      1. Hello Nan. I am glad you told me because I missed that also. I just wrote in reply to Tildeb I have the hardest time deciphering their point in their comments. I do not understand what it is. Something about the way he phrases things just doesn’t seem to connect in my head. Like this comment for example. I took it seriously and looked up gametes. In one way I enjoyed learning about them and their relationship to our development because they deliver our chromosome package that becomes us. But on the other hand, I feel silly spending the time and effort to look into something that was meant to be a joke.


        1. tildeb tends to write at a professorial level. Also, he write loooong sentences so that by the time you reach the end, you’re not even sure what he said … and must go back and read it again.

          An intelligent guy, no doubt, but his written content is very difficult to decipher.

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          1. Hello Nan. He also is looking for an argument. He said it himself he writes in an adversarial argumentative style. He wants the fight. He wants to force you to agree he is right. And he want stop pushing because he needs that win. But it is not about winning. It is about sharing information and ideas. I just ended the discussion on the Amaze video. I watched it four times to make sure I got all of it. I spent far more time than that reading Tildeb’s dissertation on why the video was wrong that finally came down to Canada has a different system. Oh well. Not really a hill important enough to waste hours of my life on.

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    1. Hello Polly. I partially agree with you. Gender is a social construct. But science says sex is not binary. That is the science of it. Read what I replied to Tildeb. Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed. This includes norms, behaviors and roles associated with being a woman, man, girl or boy, as well as relationships with each other. As a social construct, gender varies from society to society and can change over time. The issue is when your sex as it presents, and your gender do not agree. That is a real phenomenon. It is scientifically proven to exist. So trans people are people who have present as one sex but a different gender. Nothing to really be confused about at all.

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  4. “My job is to present the correct truthful information.”

    “I think the majority of scientists agree that there are more than two sexes.”
    “I do not see the issue people have with trans people. The issue seems to be tradition.”
    “Think of the tropes the right uses.”

    So sayeth Scottie.
    Is this true and how might we know?

    I think you are presenting highly ideological framing. And it is framing when biological sex across ALL species by biologists in practice and biology as a field of study is by gamete size. Gamete size IS binary. male and female. That is what biological sex means and every biologist classifying species uses this simple definition. That simple contrary point seems to have successfully evaded your grasp.

    So why else might a different categorization be used for blurring this simple and clear cut binary difference?

    Might it be a way to introduce an agenda that is not scientific?

    So let’s welcome this other agenda, shall we? Here it is: gender ideology.

    You present this other agenda to represent some fictitious ‘majority’ of scientists. I sincerely doubt this because the biological categorization undergoes this remarkable transformation suddenly when it comes to humans.

    I wonder why?

    Might it be a tactic for gender activists use to try to pry trans ideology about gender (no one knows what this actually means in biological terms) into being synonymous with biological ‘sex’ in order to facilitate the ideological framing you think represents ‘correct truthful information’?

    This seems highly likely.

    It helps explain why gender activists use the framing of sex-is-really-gender to then justify any and all blurring of the binary category. Nowhere does it seem important that the physiological transitioning uses the term ‘transition’ for a very good reason: it means turning from this to that while at the same time insisting there is no such thing as either this or that. And this self-refuting terminology is not scientific. Obviously.

    So what is it?

    I think this reveals the ideological – not scientific – grounding used by transactivists.

    All legitimate criticism of this self-refuting ideology is then championed by many as if nothing more than a right wing trope based on bias and discrimination and learned hatred towards others. Here comes Scottie to do exactly this as I’ve outlined with original quotes by Scottie. The very real issues imposing gender ideology on everyone raises and the harm the ideological causes when acted upon in real life – by men insisting they really, really, really are women donchaknow – does not register anywhere with you that I can find. These issues and harms are irrelevant to the ideologue. And you don’t disappoint.

    You seem completely oblivious to the fact that every ‘advance’ of trans ‘rights’ removes women’s rights. Never men’s rights. Always women’s rights. Never men’s podium placement; always women’s. Not men’s bathrooms; always women’s. Not men’s prisons; always women’s. Women – biological females – must always yield. Look at the language take-over: chest feeding, people who become pregnant, sex assignment at birth, and so on. Never male terms; always females. The trans movement really does and at every stage drive women rights into yielding to biological males who identify as ‘women’ not because they are women but because they feel like they should be treated as if they were. Women in prison sexually assaulted by these men-feeling-like-they-are-women (?) seems to make no impact on you or on how you view this problem (a problem that is dealt with by prison officials distributing morning after anti-pregnancy medication – back to those inconvenient gametes again – to this ‘women’s issue’). Nowhere do I read from you the issues and costs in women’s sports paid for by women who are expected to yield to these men always and in every way. Fairness (recently raised by Jenner and Navratilova) in sports simply doesn’t rank with you at all if it can be rephrased and resorted using gender ideology to be all about how these poor men are the victims of bigotry while taking the scholarships and opportunities for themselves in all these women’s sports. Who cares that the message to girls is you can try as hard as you like but be prepared to always rank below men-who-feel-like-they-are-women and yield spots reserved for women to these ‘victims’. That’s how much women matter.

    You completely ignore the very real cost paid by young women to the massive increase of young girls transitioning into boys and wave it all away as if it were of no real consequence other than believing it’s a Good Thing. Obviously in your quest to collect and then distribute ‘truthful information’ you have never encountered the growing number of girls who have had to undergo detransitioning and the costs they have paid being ‘championed’ into transitioning and becoming sterile and developmentally retarded by chemical intervention. Who cares about the effect transitioning at puberty has on the 30% brain development that occurs during this essential developmentally stage? You might want to look into that – and the role medical and social service and education and counselling have had producing so much harm following lockstep with the ideology you favour – and actually listen to what these females have gone through and, more importantly, why. If you are concerned about what’s true, that is, rather than championing only the ideologically approved messaging about gender ideology.

    Sure, you don’t see the issue ‘people’ have with trans ‘people’. Why would you? Might that be because you’ve already dismissed these issues out of hand as if right wing tropes? ‘Lia’ Thomas smashing women’s swimming records is not a trope. Serial rapist ‘Karen’ White raping women in prison is not a trope. The thousands of prepubescent girls undergoing transitioning is not a trope. But nowhere in your writing do I see you even recognizing that there may be significant issues not being addressed but bulldozed away in the name of moral righteousness of the True Believers in gender ideology. Besides, if anyone disagrees with the ideology and how it is imposed on everyone, it must be because these dissenters themselves have some other and questionable reasons and moral character for doing so. That’s how ideology works to suppress what’s true and replace it with what’s acceptable inside the framing. This is what you demonstrate here.

    Ironically, Scottie, you fail to see that by going along with gender ideology, you are supporting young gays and many others with diagnosed disorders to self prescribe transitioning as if this will ‘fix’ the problems they have. (That this is exactly the reasons given by Iranian mullahs who force gays and lesbians into the same transitioning you believe is only right and proper. The irony is very deep.) But you would know this if you really were more concerned with what is true than what aligns with a reality-denying gender ideology.

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    1. Scottie, I do understand where you’re coming from … and for the most part, I applaud your efforts. But let me outline why I reacted as I did. In the comment that generated my reply, here are some of the things you wrote — with emphasis on why I responded as I did:

      — But in truth some of the way YOUR opinions formed
      — YOU had to overcome
      — a cultural bias YOU’ve formed

      Although at some level, I probably knew you were not referencing -ME- in particular, it simply came across as too personal. So I reacted accordingly.

      IMO, one has to be very careful what they say -in writing- as none of subtleties that would ordinarily come across in a face-to-face are obvious. This is one reason why I try to be neutral in my blog writings. Rather than write “as a Christian, YOU believe such and such,” I will write, “Christians tend to believe such and such.” Of course a believer will probably take it personally, but that’s his/her prerogative as I have NOT made a direct accusation. See the difference?

      OK I’m off my soapbox. Enough of this. If you want to comment more on this, send me an email. 🙂

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    2. Hello Teldeb. Thanks for the essay. Let’s go to what is male and female. You say it is a binary of two gamete. But everything I read on what is determined to be male and female never mentions them. What I read mentions chromosomes. As I posted and you seemed to have missed:

      Gametes are an organism’s reproductive cells. They are also referred to as sex cells. Female gametes are called ova or egg cells, and male gametes are called sperm. Gametes are haploid cells, and each cell carries only one copy of each chromosome.

      https://www.nature.com/scitable/definition/gamete-gametes-311/#:~:text=Gametes%20are%20an%20organism's%20reproductive,one%20copy%20of%20each%20chromosome. Also this one.

      What are gametes short answer?
      gamete, sex, or reproductive, cell containing only one set of dissimilar chromosomes, or half the genetic material necessary to form a complete organism (i.e., haploid). Gametes are formed through meiosis (reduction division), in which a germ cell undergoes two fissions, resulting in the production of four gametes.


      Nowhere does it say this is the definition of human males or females. These carry the chromosomes of the male and female partner to join and become a person. As we all know we are a mixture of chromosomes. Everything I have read on male and female sex includes a sliding scale of number of X’s and Y’s mixed together, genes, and a bunch of hormones. Now that we are having this talk I looked a few things up.

      Can a male be genetically female? Turns out yes.
      Can the magic of genetics do the opposite – turn a male into a female? Indeed it can. A gene on the X chromosome (the chromosome one typically associates with “femaleness”) called DAX1 when present in double copy in a male (XY) mouse, turns it into a female. https://isna.org/faq/y_chromosome/

      This was an interesting read that went into depth on the genes of different males / females and talked about how with different combinations of genes and hormones males can be different from other males and same with females. https://theconversation.com/what-makes-you-a-man-or-a-woman-geneticist-jenny-graves-explains-102983 . But what I think really puts it all together is this one.


      Biologists now think there is a larger spectrum than just binary female and male. Sex can be much more complicated than it at first seems. According to the simple scenario, the presence or absence of a Y chromosome is what counts: with it, you are male, and without it, you are female. But doctors have long known that some people straddle the boundary—their sex chromosomes say one thing, but their gonads (ovaries or testes) or sexual anatomy say another. Parents of children with these kinds of conditions—known as intersex conditions, or differences or disorders of sex development (DSDs)—often face difficult decisions about whether to bring up their child as a boy or a girl. Some researchers now say that as many as 1 person in 100 has some form of DSD.

      When genetics is taken into consideration, the boundary between the sexes becomes even blurrier. Scientists have identified many of the genes involved in the main forms of DSD, and have uncovered variations in these genes that have subtle effects on a person’s anatomical or physiological sex. What’s more, new technologies in DNA sequencing and cell biology are revealing that almost everyone is, to varying degrees, a patchwork of genetically distinct cells, some with a sex that might not match that of the rest of their body. Some studies even suggest that the sex of each cell drives its behavior, through a complicated network of molecular interactions. “I think there’s much greater diversity within male or female, and there is certainly an area of overlap where some people can’t easily define themselves within the binary structure,” says John Achermann, who studies sex development and endocrinology at University College London’s Institute of Child Health.

      The article concluded with this which I felt summed it all up grandly.

      Yet if biologists continue to show that sex is a spectrum, then society and state will have to grapple with the consequences, and work out where and how to draw the line. Many transgender and intersex activists dream of a world where a person’s sex or gender is irrelevant. Although some governments are moving in this direction, Greenberg is pessimistic about the prospects of realizing this dream—in the United States, at least. “I think to get rid of gender markers altogether or to allow a third, indeterminate marker, is going to be difficult.”

      So if the law requires that a person is male or female, should that sex be assigned by anatomy, hormones, cells or chromosomes, and what should be done if they clash? “My feeling is that since there is not one biological parameter that takes over every other parameter, at the end of the day, gender identity seems to be the most reasonable parameter,” says Vilain. In other words, if you want to know whether someone is male or female, it may be best just to ask.

      I plan to make a post out of the entire article as it is every informative and rather easy to read compared to some. Biologist are finding that sex is a spectrum. These are medical discoveries and facts. Humans are not just a binary male sex and a female sex. Sex is a sliding scale that goes from one side to the other. The same way sexual attraction was once described as a sliding scale from fully only attracted to the opposite sex to fully only attracted to the same sex.

      I may or may not address the rest of your comment because you were wrong from the start and everything else you wrote was basically an attack on me to bolster your incorrect claim. I have to read down through it and see if there is anything else people need to know that you were misleading on. Thanks

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      1. Wrong?

        Good grief, Scottie. It is uncontroversial among biologists that two distinct biological sexes are distinguished by the way that they package their DNA into ‘gametes’, which are the sex cells that merge to make a new organism. Males produce small gametes, and females produce large gametes. Male and female gametes are very different in structure, as well as in size. This, as I pointed out, is how sex is categorized for ALL species in biology. I’m not wrong.

        What you’re trying to do here is substitute how these two sexes are manifested in multiple ways and then trying to pretend the fact of biological binary sex is the social construct. That is what’s not true but is a central plank that requires belief of the religious kind for transideology to sell.

        Look, this matters because when medicine and healthcare are coopted to go along with a lie like transideology, there is significant real harm to real people. Medical research into sex-based diseases and risks and ameliorations and cures depend on what’s true in reality – that sex is a biological reality – and not what goes along with a self-refuting biological-sex-is-a-spectrum ideology.

        Once again, please note that the harm form believing transideology falls squarely on the shoulders of women., whose biology is in fact different from male biology. Shocking, I know. But reality is like that.


        1. Hello Tildeb. You say you are not wrong but the definitions I posted, the biologist own words I posted say you are. In several years of reading up on this subject I have never heard anyone talk about human sex in terms of their eggs or sperm. But you seem unable to credit that. If you google human sexes or any version of that you do not get gametes, you do not get eggs and sperm. That is what makes up the instructions for the human sex, male or female or anywhere in between. The fact is that all the people I have read on this say there is not a binary male or female only sex. It is a scale. But some people are stuck on if it dangles it is male and if it doesn’t it is female. I am done arguing with you on this. Did you not read the summation I posted above? “Yet if biologists continue to show that sex is a spectrum, … ” That alone shows what biologists are thinking.

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          1. Perhaps the reason, Scottie, is that you are ONLY reading predigested ideologically approved pap.

            In biology, sex means either small or large gametes. (Let’s avoid the whole ‘gender’ terminology when it comes to biology because literally it has no scientific merit or meaning.) This is an absolutely fundamental basis for classification across all species and, if not the case, would involve a COMPLETE overhaul of the entire field of study. That is, in effect, what this ONE biologist is trying to insist is the case and why this article has received vast criticism from biologists around the globe. You seem oblivious to this in your haste to champion something that only seems to bolster your opinion when, in fact, it demonstrates the weakness of it.

            The premise is PURE ideology masquerading as if biological science. It’s not science; it is a clear example of how people with an ideological agenda confuse sex as a clear cut binary category (either large or small gametes) with sexual characteristics and then try to reverse engineer that sexual characteristics that cross this boundary are evidence the category itself isn’t binary. That’s why it’s plainly wrong. Indisputably wrong. It’s why (with even a modicum of checking sources) this article has received literally hundreds of biologists complaining as one with this failure to understand the fundamental point of determining the sex category and have complained to the magazine that they’re publishing ideology and not science. You’d know this if you had bothered to actually investigate original sources. That’s why I linked to Coyne’s article on your behalf that introduces you to this widely held criticism from the field of biology that the article you assume is the cat’s ass and one that represents the majority of scientists is not. It’s the approved version based on this toxic ideology that sex is the social construct and fluid but gender is the correct category established by self- identity. That’s exactly wrong. Moreover, it’s hostile to producing knowledge and dangerous to medicine when sex actually matters in reality and is a key difference between people (and not the ideological costume we are told we all wear). Again, reality has the final say here, and that’s what biologists are trying to get people addled by ideology to understand.


      2. “While certain members of the trans community deny the existence of biological sex, many of us do not. I have no issue recognizing that my biological sex is female, even though I present and live as a man, and all of my legal documents list me as “male.” This truth matters in many ways, and its acknowledgment has numerous effects on my health. A heart attack doesn’t look the same in biological men as it does in women. Drug dosing can be different based on sex. My risk of developing certain diseases is different as a result of being biologically female. Certain procedures I may need in the Emergency Room differ as well. Yet referring to this truth is often called “misgendering” and “transphobic,” cited as “hateful ideology,” and has gotten people removed from social media.

        Is this helping the trans community, or is it just advancing the goals of those same trans activists?”

        You may recognize the name of this writer: Zander Keig. The article is here and it’s quite relevant.

        Also there’s a reason Michael Shermer left Scientific America as a long time writer and editor of it. This article exemplifies why (you can google the articles he’s written about SA’s fall from scientific journal legitimacy to promote ‘progressive’ social activism). He calls allowing transwomen in women’s sports ‘transdoping’ because of the lasting effects that provide unfair advantage of being born male and competing with those who were not. The issue is relevant to him as a professional cycling competitor, where far less doping than puberty is a career ender but widely accepted if the advantage goes to a man identifying as a woman. He argues we can’t have it both ways – decry the former and celebrate the latter without being glaring hypocrites – and offers excellent and overwhelming hard data to back this claim up.

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    3. Hello Tildeb. You sure are a good right wing conservative, and even repeat the right wing talking points. I was not sure how much of UD media seems to be present in Canada but from your writing I would say a lot. I do want to address another point you pressed that I feel is a great misinformation and dodge.

      Rights for one group do not remove rights from another group. This is not a limited pie where you only have so much to go around. The problem comes between what is a right and what is simply tradition.
      You prove my point with your tirade about how it is women’s rights never men’s rights and the part about how the fear of bathrooms is always transwomen. Everything the TERFs complain about is directed at transwomen. I say TERFs because you are using their talking points. Do you know why politicians and those wanting to scare people about trans in bathrooms talk only about trans women? Because they can incorrectly call them men. The man is going to see your nude daughter. That boy might be looking at the girls. Be afraid women be very afraid of the predatory male. Never mind there is no data to back up those fears. No mass trans attacks on people in bathrooms, but trans people get attacked.

      Now to head off any anti-trans who want to use the fact that a boy was in the women’s restroom and forced himself on a girl while he was wearing a skirt as proof of trans people raping school kids, you should know the boy was not trans. He identifies as a cis hetero male. They went into that bathroom because they knew it was empty. They had met there before. He wore the skirt because it was easier to have sex in than pants. He was driven by the idea he had to have sex and thought pushing girls into doing some sex act was OK. He may have heard that idea from right wing hosts who were pushing an anti-trans message.

      I found this article https://www.dw.com/en/opinion-on-trans-rights-journalists-must-stand-with-the-facts/a-56709873 to be interesting on the subject and I liked the information in this paragraph.

      Luckily, we are not walking blindly. Intersexuality is scientific evidence that our biology is more complex than the male-female binary. And gender self-determination already exists in countries like Argentina (in force since 2012), Denmark or Ireland, to name a few. There, cis women have not been endangered by the rights trans and non-binary people claim in other countries, including in Germany. At least seven EU countries have introduced gender self-determination and the fears voiced by TERFs have not materialized.

      I waded through a lot of articles and opinion pieces along with medical journals. I read stuff from all over the country to try to understand the reason some people feel trans rights cost cis women rights. And it comes down to tradition and fear. The same way it was said if the gays get the right to same sex marriage it will destroy the institution of marriage. It is the same as when same sex couples wanted to adopt, it will destroy the nuclear family. Fear and the tradition of it never was that way before. I looked at the groups pushing these ideas and it all comes down to gain. The politicians want to rile up their base with wedge issues, radical feminist thing their being replaced in the power structures, one lady said she worked too long to make women matter to allow anyone else to use the title of women. Fear of being replaced. So I decided the best way to tackle this was to see if you raised issues not just fear based without data to back the fear up and then address them specifically.

      Trans people in prison is like trans people in bathrooms. The trans people are the ones in danger. That should be common sense to you. A female looking person in a males prison is setting them up for rape and abuse. But more than that it is making the trans person a villain, a predator. Fear them they will molest you. I heard all that about gay people also. I even had a friend, a little guy, beaten to death by four redneck cause they were afraid the fagot might force them to have sex with him. Yup at their trail they claimed they acted out of fear, gay panic defense. Four big redneck dudes just knew that little fagot was going to chase them down and sex them. Fear, it is all just be afraid. keep people afraid and they won’t like them people.

      Language changes all the time. How is that a threat to women? Mailmen became mail carriers; did that threaten men? Everything that ended in man became person such as congressmen became congress person. Chairman became chairperson. I could go on but you get the point. It was not erasing men, it was not erasing male rights, it was including others. inclusion verses exclusion.

      Sports is another one of fear. You imply women are losing out when trans women join the teams or competition. That doesn’t match the date. If it was true why did not all the trans women win the golds or even all the metals at the Olympics? They did not. People talk about the odd win of a trans person over a cis woman but they fail to mention all the losses of the of those same trans women. Then there is the idea of the male skeleton of someone who went through male puberty but now has the chemical makeup of a woman. There is no medical science that is a help but plenty of reason to think it is a serious drawback to move that skeleton with weaker female muscles. Again notice you are making an issue of trans women in sports but you don’t seem to care about trans men who are taking doses of testosterone and other supplements of male enhancement. The science on trans women in sports I have posted several times. If a person never when through puberty, there is no issue. Once a person has transitioned for over a year the advantage is nearly neutralized if any still exists and by two years is entirely gone. Some people are just naturally better than others. Sad but it is true we are not all equally talented in all things. And also how hard a person trains and devotes themselves to their sport of choice matters also. If we are to go by physical advantages alone then the 7 plus foot guys cannot play on teams of the guys shorter than them. Michael Phelps had a medical advantage over other swimmers. His arm span is 6’7″, 3 inches more than his height. Generally, a person’s arm span is equal to his/her height, but Phelps is not an ordinary person. This anomalous characteristic provides him with an absurd amount of pulling power in the water. Do you want to talk about the famous cyclist with the medical condition that allowed him to use oxygen better than most people. Should we ban him from sports also? You wrote ‘Lia’ Thomas smashing women’s swimming records is not a trope. oh please she managed to do better than to other best times. She is still way behind all the other ones. But the anti-trans don’t like to mention that. they don’t mention that she took part in many other races and lost them. how could she lose she is a trans women smashing the records. Fear, all it is, that and misdirection / misinformation.

      The detransition crap has been debunked. Gods tildeb you are a walk trope of right wing and terf talking points. Kids are not being forced to transition, kids are not transitioning at a large rate. Last time I looked the detransition rate was about 2.4 % . Here is a new study on that. https://fenwayhealth.org/new-study-shows-discrimination-stigma-and-family-pressure-drive-detransition-among-transgender-people/

      A new study published in LGBT Health found that 13.1% of currently identified transgender people have detransitioned at some point in their lives, but that 82.5% of those who have detransitioned attribute their decision to at least one external factor such as pressure from family, non-affirming school environments, and increased vulnerability to violence, including sexual assault. The study was authored by researchers at The Fenway Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) and is believed to be the first rigorous study of the factors that drive transgender and gender diverse people to detransition.

      “These findings show that detransition and transition regret are not synonymous, despite the two phenomena being frequently conflated in the media and in political debates,” said Dr. Jack Turban, fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine and lead author of the study. “For most people, it appears detransition is forced upon them. Our results highlight the extreme barriers transgender people in the U.S. face when trying to live their lives authentically.”

      The most common reason cited for detransition was pressure from a parent (35.5%), pressure from their community or societal stigma (32.5%), or trouble finding a job (26.8%). Other reasons included pressure from medical health professionals (5.6%) or religious leaders (5.3%). Detransition was significantly associated with male sex assigned at birth, nonbinary gender identity, or bisexual sexual orientation, which is consistent with prior research finding that these factors are associated with lower rates of societal acceptance. Only 2.4% of transgender people who reported past detransition attributed this to doubt about their gender identity, while only 10.4% attributed their past detransition to fluctuations in gender identity or desire.

      Lastly let me address the idea that young people in the US are transitioning due to peer pressure, mom or dad wanted to hide gay kid, and the popular it is a phase. It is not happening. Just like everything else you brought up. I am so tired of debunking this crap. lets use reason. For a kid to transition in the US medically they have to go through a battery of doctors and specialist and it takes years. Sure a kid might wear the other gender clothes a few days and then stop. Not what we are talking about. Did you not watch the video I posted on that, the mother who talked about her daughter and what they went through? No family in the US who is embarrassed over a gay kid would think it is an improvement to have them become trans gender. That is stupid to think that. If you are against the LGB part of LGBTQ+ then you are against the L part also. Those people would do conversion therapy, church forced rituals or such. Again fear. what is happening in Iran will happen here. Your kid is having surgery to chop their parts off. Well that is also not true. Fear, puberty blockers will make them sterile. Not true.

      So despite your attacks on my motives and your snarky additions I did end up wasting my entire afternoon into evening looking up stuff and answering your over the top fear mongering comment. No round up today folks the above took all the time. So Tildeb if you want answers from me keep each comment to one or two points. It takes far longer to correct misinformation that spout it. If you just want to drop your thoughts with no reply leave a Gish gallop. I may pick one or two to answer or just read and then ignore it. I am not going to spend hours every day answering every right wing talking point on every subject. If you want a conversation, then let it flow. That way everyone benefits and no one stops reading halfway through. I am not proof reading this people, ignore the grammar mistakes please. I am just too tired.

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      1. Scottie, you write: I am not going to spend hours every day answering every right wing talking point on every subject.

        Scottie, think about this. In essence, YOU make the choice to respond. YOU make the choice to respond IN DEPTH. YOU make the choice to defend your beliefs/perspectives.

        No one is standing over you with a club.

        I understand your desire to educate those you feel are mistaken about certain topics … but right or wrong, we all see the world through our own biases and/or experiences. And spending hours (?) of your time in an effort to sway other people’s opinions may not be the smartest use of your time.

        Think about it.

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        1. Hello Nan. I have been thinking about it. I really have. I have to weight allowing out right disinformation, propaganda, and misinformation to stand without correction. To ignore it and move on seems to imply I agree. On the issue of Tildeb and what is sex that subject has been beat to death and I feel there is no need to correct any he says anymore . He has proven to me where he is coming from and the fact he won’t accept anything but right wing misinformation on the subject. His comment that the labs that produced the information he liked were all shut down and replaced with labs filled with liberals was the turning point.

          As I said I have been thinking on this. There really is only one person coming to my comment section who seems to not ever want to let a subject go. One person who seems to feel driven to force misinformation out into the public. One person who seems to feel they need the last word. Well that person has a blog and they get the last word there. What I have decided to do is answer the first several comments dealing with specific issues and then just give a blanket statement of reason. Then ignore the rest. If something really egregious come in I may feel the need to address it. But the fact is this is a small blog compared to the first scottiestoybox and doesn’t have the same reach so far fewer people will see the information of either side.

          On a personal side I have been sick since Thursday of last week. It may be my allergies or a cold. Remember I have bad allergies and not being treated. Ron wants me to make an appointment with my old allergist. I guess I could. Last week I had several appointments int eh early week and we did have the windows open one day. So it could be that. My face is broken and raw which I blame on the body wash I tried. So I simply have not felt well and have not been a ball of fire online. Thinking is sluggish. But hopefully this also will pass.

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          1. It may be my allergies or a cold. … it’s never ending for you, is it Scottie. Yet you continue to plow through …

            I do understand where you’re coming from related to countering disinformation, but surely you realize that many of these people are just as strongly convinced about their viewpoint as you are with yours. Sure … sometimes you can shine a light … but sometimes it’s just wasting “batteries.”

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            1. Hello Nan. Just got back up. Eyes are swollen and my face is a broken open raw mass, and my sinuses feel like a solid lumps twice the size of my face. I just want to go back to bed. But I will struggle through it.

              Yes others may be convinced they are correct but clearly they are deluded and cannot be because I disagree with them. 🙄😜😝😲 See what I mean, how could they be correct?

              Nan I do understand your point. And with some people you will never change their mind or get them to concede even the smallest points. Such as the maga cult crowd I post about, they are convinced anything they disbelieve is either a conspiracy against them or fake news spread by the libs. But as we all know the replies are not for them. The correct information or reasoning is for the people reading along so they have the truth of the matter. So they can understand the misinformation and the counter to it. The trick as you have pointed out is to know when no one cares or is bothering to read along anymore. The hard part is to know when to quit.

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      2. “For a kid to transition in the US medically they have to go through a battery of doctors and specialist and it takes years.” No they don’t have a battery of tests to go through (as if there was some doubt) any more than an open doorway has to be gone through (as if it could be locked) to reach the interior. That’s part of the problem.

        Prepubescent kids really can and really do self diagnose gender dysphoria and really can and really do self medicate (order and get T not only online but through schools and certainly doctors and counsellors (the parents’ insurance pays once the kid ‘comes out’ to them, and do get binding without anyone being able to say no and enforce it… as literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of parents will attest (many of whom lose custody for even trying) and every ‘professional’ medical and counselor MUST go along with this charade or face disciplinary measures for being a transphobe.

        Think I’m lying? Go check out the professional ethics standards all the medical organizations that deal with children’s health have inserted regarding gender for yourself. I shit you not. It’s so stacked in only one direction that it doesn’t surprise me (even after the Bell decision in England that demonstrated the lack of evidence for the advertised improvement of mental and physical health transitioning aids discovered there is none. That’s why the High Court held Tavistock liable for the harm it caused) that you know nothing about any of this except what already agrees fully with your imported belief. Mainstream media doesn’t do this investigating anymore or report on the judicial travesties that now occur regularly. So what you believe is a straight up sign and strong indication of a kind of religious inculcation of an ideology that then vilifies those who dare criticize it for cause.

        To learn something, maybe try reading Irreversible Damage or listen to podcasts about this very issue no mainstream media will touch with a ten foot pole. And Shrier’s substack is filled with evidence that demonstrates my points beyond a reasonable doubt. Follow her links to the organizations that and people who dare to collect such data and have the courage to publish and see what happens to those who are more concerned about the health and welfare of children than this precious and virtuous ideology you champion.

        You claim everything about my position is right wing talking points. Well, yeah. When literally everyone who does so receives this designation by the champions of the victimized transgendered, of course it’s going to seem to be this way to the True Believers. All it takes is the accusation of transphobia (see JK Rowling who has transitioned friends and funds private women’s shelters for many transgendered) as a fine example of this kind of vilification unrelated to what’s true in reality but believed wholesale by the Faithful.

        I am a classic liberal. I vote across the political spectrum depending on how well or how poorly political platforms support my liberal principles. My point form so much commenting is that there is almost no substantial criticism of the Left by the Left. I am on the Left so I’m trying to do this job BECAUSE not doing it leads to right wing antiliberal populist government one step – maybe half a step – short of dictatorship. I would think the ‘surprise’ election of Trump would have woken up those – who now support the illiberal Left – to the gross errors of their ways, of their beliefs, of their illiberalism. But no. The Left itself is so busy losing to the Right in every conceivable way over these idiotic issues that they fail to grasp their own part in bringing about their own political demise from their own doing, from their ongoing dedication to illiberal policies like transgender activism, from this illiberal ideology that literally causes vast numbers of moderates to vote against it… even if the alternative is the deplorable Donald Trump. But nope. Illiberals are gunna illiberal. Everyone else is the problem and they’re all wrong.

        So it shouldn’t surprise you that I therefore criticize your deeply held anti-liberalism and advocacy for it not because you’re bad person but because your opinions are often based on an ideological belief that isn’t true and so I try to point out when your beliefs do not aligned with reality. These beliefs are purely ideological because it does not take into account reality. Every time I raise legitimate points from reality, you dismiss them out of hand by slapping on a label and then dismissing them without accounting for them. But when it comes to this ideology itself, your support for it seems endless, always doubling down, and that there is little care or concern that when acted upon translates these beliefs into real harm done to real people in real life… in the name of doing good. In this case, prepubescent children! I think that’s worth pointing out, that in the same way religious believers who act on their imported beliefs and impose them on others in the name of virtue are being duped, so too do I think your heart has been duped into convincing your mind to do the grunt work of this self-refuting and harmful ideology.


        1. Hello Tildeb. You are not liberal and I have no time for right wing anti-trans misinformation propaganda. Every trans person I have listened too had to go through a battery of medical testing and professionals to get puberty blockers. No one under the age of 18 in the US is getting non-emergency sexual surgeries. None! That is what puberty blockers are for. The fact you started our arguing the terf positions of erasing women, lesbians, being victimized by transactivist, and female rights shows me the stuff you consider reliable sources. I don’t agree. But the fact is I don’t need to read more texts, all I need is reason. To think a kid, a teen can walk in alone and get surgery for anything in the US really doesn’t understand our medical system. I kid in school cannot get an aspirin for a headache without all sorts of permissions. The real victims are the trans people attacked and denied acceptance when medical science says they are the gender they claim.

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          1. Again, read Irreversible Damage and the FAIR substack to find out for yourself just how wrong you are in fact. Go read the sources. Read the accounts. Listen to the detransitioners. They’re not lying! Their bodies are the proof. They’ve been there, done that and show that what you believe is true doesn’t align with what IS true.


            1. Hello Tildeb. I already pointed out to you the percentage of detransitioning due to regret of transitioning is only 2.4%. Why take that as the majority whole? This is what the anti-trans right wing and terfs do, take something out of context and inflate negatives pretending it shows the entirety of the subject in a horrible way. Same with trans women in sports. The anti-trans groups take the occasional few wins and paint a picture where the trans women always win and cis women have no chance in the sport, which is pure garbage. This is why I advise everyone to look at the sources quoted (if there are any as most of the time the anti-trans groups don’t add them) and see what the bias of the authors are. If the group uses the information to reach a prior conclusion instead of using the information to form the conclusion the material is useless. I advise everyone to google the subject in dispute, it is easy enough to see the distortions and misinformation. The problem is the anti and against side always has the advantage of emotion and tradition. The positive and pro side must struggle to overcome emotions and traditions with new understandings and information.
              I have basically said all I can on this post and I think the post speaks for itself. Anything more would be to repeat myself, something I dislike doing.

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              1. Yes, we wouldn’t want to waste our batteries on countering disinformation. After all, everyone knows that the real and only victims when it comes to transgender ideology are those who suffer from gender dysphoria. And we need champions, I tell ya, champions to step up and step forward and help defend them from right wing bigots who raise concerns about transitioning. So we should disregard any claims to the contrary and call ALL of it disinformation, like this study published in the right wing, Trump loving, white supremacist and evangelical Journal of Homosexuality that found:

                “a quarter (25%) started medically transitioning before 18 years of age,” or

                “Forty-five percent of the whole sample reported not feeling properly informed about the health implications of the accessed treatments and interventions before undergoing them,” or

                “transition did not help my dysphoria (50%),” or how about getting medical support to detransition? This is interesting: what were the major complaints about this medical process? The major ones were:

                “loss of support from the LGBT community and friends (see Table 2), negative experiences with medical professionals (see Table 3), difficulty to find a detrans-friendly therapist and lack of offered alternatives to transitioning (see Table 4), as well as isolation and lack of overall support.”

                Well golly gee whiz, I wonder why this might be?

                You want to talk about feelings of victimization? Don’t bother looking at this collated disinformation. We have bubbles of belief to protect. But, just in case, look no further:

                “A recurrent theme in the answers (edit regarding detransitioning) was a sense amongst respondents that it was very difficult to talk about detransition within LGBT+ spaces and with trans friends. Many expressed a feeling of rejection and loss of support in relation to their decision to detransition, which lead them to step away from LGBT+ groups and communities (see Table 2).”

                You mean the activists enticing young girls to transition don’t really care about you personally after expressing so much love, love, love? Well, clutch my pearls, I’m just shocked, I tell ya. Shocked!.

                I mean, who cares that:
                “Another reported issue was the difficulty of finding a therapist willing and able to look at the factors behind gender dysphoria and to offer alternatives to transitioning.” Yeah, altering the ethical standards from the various Colleges responsible for exactly this but captured by the ideologues – and the political support from a widely duped public they gain – that license psychologists, psychiatrists, and social work to allow ONLY affirmation FOR transitioning I’m almost sure plays no part.

                So when it comes to detranstitioning, should we be surprised that,
                “some participants emphasized the fact that the support that they received from their family, partners and friends, as well as online detrans groups and lesbian and feminist communities was extremely important and valuable to them?”

                Yeah we wouldn;t want to let this kind ofdis information out. We have an ideology of victimhood to protect, donchaknow. Detransitioners? Who cares about them… except apparently right wing bigots.


  5. You also want to find out why the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden – a world renowned leader in medical transitioning and gender research – has ended its practice of prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to gender-dysphoric patients under the age of 16.


    1. More supposedly “anti-trans, Right wing and terfs” real world, real information here:

      “The evidence underlying the practice of pediatric gender transition is widely recognized to be of very low quality.”

      “The ‘transition or suicide’ narrative falsely implies that transition will prevent suicides. [N]either hormones nor surgeries have been shown to reduce suicidality in the long-term.”

      This must-read study in the journal Sex and Marital Therapy demonstrates just how much disinformation informs today’s treatment of gender dysphoric youth and why the ‘affirmation only’ approach passed by legislation and inserted into every medical profession dealing with transgendered youth is not based on good science; it’s pure gender ideology based on belief and not facts. It has nothing to do with political leanings, bigotry, or hate.

      As the abstract states clearly and backs up with actual information, “Beliefs about gender-affirmative care need to be separated from the established facts.” That’s what I’m trying to demonstrate here; you believe you are spreading good information, believe contrary and critical information must be from some other camp like the Right wing politics or bigots or haters of trans without realizing or even considering for one second that maybe, just maybe you are actually spreading disinformation.


      1. Hello Tildeb. The information that allowing puberty blockers for trans people to prevent them from developing bodies that do not correspond to the inner gender does prevent suicides. I was just listening to a young trans girl today that was very emotionally upset saying she couldn’t face life with an outer body that did not match her inner gender. So yes one of us is pushing disinformation and it is not me. Look there are outliers in all science, you can still find scientists that will deny climate change and global warming. There is a minority of hateful assholes who want to deny the medical science of gender identity and transgender people. But the majority of medical scientist and providers agree that it is true, it is happening, and it needs to be treated in accordance with trans gender standards. Period. I am not going to waste my time running around trying to debunk every right wing anti-trans article you find. Your wrong as the people who kept insisting that being gay was a phase kids grow out of or those still today that insist that being gay is a choice. Everything that needs to be said and countered has been. You’re on the wrong side of history. Right now the haters are having a resurgence and there is a reason they call the UK TERF island because most of the incorrect hateful anti-trans stuff comes from there. Think about it. Why would the majority of medical practitioners agree that transitioning is a viable treatment, that puberty blockers are a viable treatment for gender issues if it were not true. The treatment using them is over 30 years old with no issues until now when it is clearly politically drummed up in the US and by bigotry in other places. The majority! It is only a minority who disagree, and the funny thing is most of those I have read in the past are not even in the right medical field of study to understand the issue. I find your denial of trans people, their treatments, and their needs interesting. They are not harming you to live their lives as the people they are. That you are so adamant against them is telling in my view. I have delt with those types all my life over sexual orientation. Mine. It is the same bigotry and refusal to understand the changing world and medical science.

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        1. “I am not going to waste my time running around trying to debunk every right wing anti-trans article you find.”

          This is not an ‘article’, Scottie. This is the latest study! This is part of ongoing research and wake up call that has shaken Denmark, Sweden, and England to stop advocating for blank slate transitioning and suspend current ‘affirmation only’ policies. The demonstrated harm is mounting.

          But notice what you’re doing here is TEXTBOOK denialism. Rather than read, rather than listen, rather than understand, you slot anything and everything and anybody into the Us and Them framework where one side is ‘good’ and the other ‘bad’. In your faith-based expertise, you are slotting real researchers with real science and real evidence who criticize the ideological results in the ‘bad’ category (“right wing anti-trans hateful assholes”). Like any good creationist, you simply wave away whatever doesn’t align with your faith-based beliefs. You’ve been <taught to do this; that’s what indoctrination does: grab whatever agrees and present it as if representative of the whole, reject out of hand whatever doesn’t.

          What is most surprising to me is that I would have hoped a gay man like you who has risen through the trenches into acceptance wouldn’t be slightly concerned that gay and lesbian kids (we know there is a percentage) are being socially manipulated and groomed into transitioning. This, too, is a sizeable percentage but only being reported by ‘right wing anti-trans hateful assholes’ (detransitioners) and so I guess are taken seriously only by ‘right wing anti-trans hateful assholes’. But I would have thought you’d at least give a nod of conditional acceptance to listening to other gays like Andrew Sullivan, Andrew Doyle, Stephen Fry and many others who have raised exactly this concern before relegating them, too, to the hater pile.


          1. Hello Tildeb. I just answered your comments with the latest information. You are wrong sir. Lets put it this way the AMA says your wrong. American Academy of Pediatrics says you are wrong. The majority of medical bodies say you are wrong. This is not me being a denialist, it is you being one. I am reading and agreeing the majority of medical science. And frankly I see this the same I see the Covid deniers and the people pushing conversion therapy. Anyway I answered all this in my latest reply. I admit I have not been able to be as timely with replying as I would like. But I am tired of the misinformation your pushing. Gay kids are not being pushed into transitioning. That is a totally created TERF myth. It doesn’t hold up under reasoning. Think about it. No kid can get genital transitioning surgery until they are at least 18. By then they have gone through a decade or more of doctor’s exams trying to determine if they are really trans or just going along with it. The TERF’s claim it is an attempt to wipe out lesbians because parents would rather show the world their girl became a guy than show the world their girl likes girls. How does that make sense to any thinking person?

            While I normally try to stick to the medical let me address your list of gays who have a different opinion fallacy. Because that is what it is when trying to sway opinion, appeal to a well known person who disagrees with the one you are talking to making it seem that the person really has not kept up with the in the know crowd. Andrew Sullivan is the most self-hating gay deeply conservative asshole I ever had the misfortune to read or watch, and he is the last person I would take an opinion from. For a while he was the darling of the Republican right as he would agree to and champion any negative thing about gay rights they put out. He is the gay equivalent of Candic Owens who is a black woman paid to spout / support the right wing anti-equality talking points. Tildeb that you would try to use him shows just how deeply you go into the right wing. That in itself is not bad, but if you believe their disinformation on sex /sexuality / and LGBTQ+ issues then you are not listening to the mainstream accepted medical information. That is bad.

            You talk about me being a gay man who has risen through the trenches. Yes I am. I have faced discrimination as an openly gay person from childhood. I have seen the attempts by different groups to use tradition as the bedrock to Christians beating me to unconsciousness to show me god. I have fought the disinformation from those that said all my kind were child rapist while they supported their religious leaders doing just those horrible acts. I have struggled to get the truth out about my kind to the haters who have denied my very rights and existence, often saying that no one was born the way I was because they were not. As if their being straight somehow proved I was only making up being born gay. I have seen people grow in understanding while expanding rights and I have seen the reverse. I have seen everything used against me for being gay being used against trans people now. The same lies, the same tactics, the same refusal to accept the change from tradition. The fact is regression and denying rights is always on the wrong side of human rights and history. I have tried to address every point you have made and you have gone from disinformation to now emotional appeals. Yes I have seen it and that is why I fight so hard against it.

            This is the truth. Mainstream accepted science says you are wrong. Mainstream accepted by the majority of medical partitioners accept the data conducted by verified studies shows you are wrong. That is good enough for me.


        2. Scottie, I’m NOT going to get in the middle of this primarily because I don’t know enough about the issue (nor do I want to learn), but I must point out a couple of your statements that are difficult to swallow …

          — But the majority of medical scientist and providers agree that it is true.
          — Why would the majority of medical practitioners agree that transitioning is a viable treatment

          It’s difficult for me, as an average person who has no stake in the game, to accept that a MAJORITY of the medical field goes along with all that you’ve presented. Perhaps a large percentage … but a majority?


          1. A recent survey by the American College Health Association showed that, in 2008, one in 2,000 female undergraduates identified as transgender. By 2021, that figure had jumped to one in 20. Should not this exponential rise be investigated?

            So what happens when someone decides to identify as transgendered? The very first action by the ‘medical scientists and providers’ (as mandated by every medical College for every kind of licensed practitioner is to put a child on puberty blockers under the guise that it is ‘reversible’. First visit.

            But is it reversible when we know over 95% of children put on these blockers then go on to more medicalized actions (especially testosterone)? What effect does this ‘temporary’ drug have on the 30% growth the brain undergoes during puberty? Not a single one of the ‘majority’ has any clue. Not one. The research simply isn’t available BECAUSE the research has not been done.

            We actually have a movement underway to stop this professionally questionable practice mandated every medical College of practitioners. The question is why…. if, as you claim, Scottie, it’s actually true the majority of medical practitioners already ‘agree’ that the science is good.

            Well, maybe it has something to do with losing court cases and losing popular support as the victimized list grows ever longer.

            Keira Bell, a detransitioned woman from England, highlighted the way in which Britain’s Tavistock gender clinic harmed children and won her case and appeal when the High Court agreed. Sweden has banned puberty blockers for youth out of growing evidence of sterility and life long medicalization issues. Dr. Marci Bowers, the famous vaginoplasty specialist, Dr Marci Bowers, who operated on none other than Jazz Jennings, has written damning review against what she calls “reckless trans healthcare practices”; public awareness has just started to rise in the wake of of several compassionate, science-backed (and heavily critical) bestselling books about the transgender movement. And there is an equivalent rise both the gender-critical women’s movement (what you would call “TERFs”) and the growing number of detransitioners.

            Notice I keep referencing the licensing Colleges who demand adherence to the ideology, which paints a false picture of those you think are the ‘majority’ of medical practitioners.

            So here’s a case in point from British Columbia what the average healthcare practitioner faces if they go against the College’s demand to adhere to ‘affirmation only’:

            “My province’s nurses’ union has since lobbied the Canadian government (without, to my knowledge, consulting members) to pass a controversial bill that threatens healthcare workers with prison time if they do not immediately “affirm” the stated gender of any patient, no matter how young.” This is from a nurse being ‘disciplined’ by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives for writing that male biology is different from female biology.

            This is what I mean when I say the ideology (in all its various clothing) comes from an institutional takeover of the Colleges. This is also the case in Education. And government. And now law. I have lots and lots and lots of examples where you see the ideology accepted in the College forcing punishment and suspension and dismissal on anyone actually practicing the profession who dares to voice concern, raise criticism, or (the greatest blasphemy) disagrees in public.


            1. This stood out to me — Sweden has banned puberty blockers for youth out of growing evidence of sterility and life long medicalization issues.

              Sweden! Of all places! Regarded as some of the most progressive countries in Europe and in the world as related to sexual issues.


                1. Hello Teldeb. Not exactly. Germany was until the second world war. Plus Sweden did not ban puberty blockers. That is misinformation and anti-trans propaganda. The hospital did stop the use of them, and the recommendation was that people who were determined to be eligible be put in a study to receive them. The use as not banned, but due to public pressure drummed up by the anti-trans right was changed how they were dispensed. Basically they added more hoops for trans kids to jump through to get the proper medical treatment the majority of medical organizations feel is appropriate. But I wrote all this in an earlier reply. I just wanted to point out the misinformation and bias your pushing.

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                2. Scottie, please. I did not say Sweden banned puberty blockers. I said the the gender transitioning world renowned hospital that followed the whole ‘transitioning prevent suicide’ justification (the Dutch Protocol widely used in the US as the raison d’etre for puberty blockers) had banned puberty blockers for ‘youth’ for the dangers raised in the Tavistock court case. By that term ‘youth’, I meant minors who, as young as 12 received blockers as was the common practice. Here’s the press release from mid 2021:

                  “The Karolinska Hospital in Sweden recently issued a new policy statement regarding treatment of gender-dysphoric minors. This policy, affecting Karolinska’s pediatric gender services at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital (ALB), has ended the practice of prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to gender-dysphoric patients under the age of 18.” (Source)

                  So yeah, this matters when this Swedish model was the example used by the American Pediatric Association to justify the policy decision to mandate these blockers be used by its licensed practitioners.

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                3. Hello Tildeb. You most certainly did and Nan echoed it and you did not correct her. Here is part of the disinformation you posted.

                  Keira Bell, a detransitioned woman from England, highlighted the way in which Britain’s Tavistock gender clinic harmed children and won her case and appeal when the High Court agreed. Sweden has banned puberty blockers for youth out of growing evidence of sterility and life long medicalization issues. Dr. Marci Bowers, the famous vaginoplasty specialist, Dr Marci Bowers, who operated on none other than Jazz Jennings, has written damning review against what she calls “reckless trans healthcare practices”; …

                  April 11, 2022 at 4:37 pm
                  I added the bolding.

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                4. Then quote it correctly and I’ll bold face the important part you dropped:

                  ” Sweden has banned puberty blockers for youth…”

                  I then clarified for you that this meant “for minors” meaning under the age of 18. You seemed to have missed my repeated italicizing children throughout this thread because THAT is what I keep hammering: puberty blockers are SPECIFICALLY aimed at ‘youth’ (minors) meaning under the age of 18.

                  That you miss the large point and focus on misreading detail is remarkable to me and demonstrates you are LOOKING to disagree rather than trying to understand.


                5. Hey Tildeb. I did. I copied and pasted just what you wrote. I did not copy the entire comments paragraph as people can read what you wrote. Here is the entire paragraph you wrote. Notice there is no clarification in the paragraph.

                  Keira Bell, a detransitioned woman from England, highlighted the way in which Britain’s Tavistock gender clinic harmed children and won her case and appeal when the High Court agreed. Sweden has banned puberty blockers for youth out of growing evidence of sterility and life long medicalization issues. Dr. Marci Bowers, the famous vaginoplasty specialist, Dr Marci Bowers, who operated on none other than Jazz Jennings, has written damning review against what she calls “reckless trans healthcare practices”; public awareness has just started to rise in the wake of of several compassionate, science-backed (and heavily critical) bestselling books about the transgender movement. And there is an equivalent rise both the gender-critical women’s movement (what you would call “TERFs”) and the growing number of detransitioners.

                  And that still is misinformation. The real information is the hospital did stop the use of them, and the recommendation was that people who were determined to be eligible be put in a study to receive them. The kids can still get them as treatment.

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                6. *sigh

                  It’s the standard of prescribing puberty blockers by any medical practitioner to ANY minors who self diagnose gender dysphoria that has been banned. This has changed. Practitioners cannot do this any more. Now to get the prescription requires a minor to be accepted into a research project approved by the hospital lab/clinic and subjected to many kinds of therapy depending on the individual circumstances (and not simply broad-based ‘affirmation’ as has been the case in and now sweeping the US and Canada by legislation and imposed on Colleges of medical practitioners by fiat).

                  So puberty blocking drugs is now effectively banned. A doctor/clinician/counsellor can no longer prescribe puberty blockers as was the case. That’s the ban. Only within the research program can this battery of drugs be prescribed. It is this CHANGE that matters, Scottie, because the very hospital that LED this implementation of the Dutch protocols for widely prescribed puberty blockers by any licensed practitioner distributed to CHILDREN who self identify as transgender to supposedly thwart higher rates of suicide is based on what the hospital NOW determines to be “very poor” evidence. It doesn’t surprise me that you would call anyone and any organization that supports the Dutch protocols to be ‘science’ and anyone and any organization that doesn’t fully embrace this ideological lunacy of stopping children from going through the necessary biological development called ‘puberty’ is therefore bigoted.

                  No doubt the hospital and the clinic that championed this global phenomena is now and in your mind a right wing transphobic organization. Funny what determines that, isn’t it Scottie?


                7. No tildeb, the articles and translated government polices did not make it that draconian. They simply said referred to research studies. You making a case not supported by what I read. In fact the government did not step in to ban the treatment, the main large hospital did based on pressure from the public. But I covered all that and I do not intend to repeat myself. Kids can still get treated with puberty blockers in Sweden. That is the facts. So it is not banned. Please try not to repeat the anti-trans false talking points. Thanks.

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              1. Hello Nan. Several things. First that is incorrect. Sweden did not ban puberty blockers. Anti-trans propaganda. A large hospital in Sweden decided to change its handling of trans kids and stop puberty blockers due to public pressure. Really different thing. Second of all please notice how Tildeb frames everything in his comment. He admits that the majority of medical providers agree that the correct treatment is to use puberty blockers but then disparages it. But in another comment he denied that was the majority view.

                Nan I think by now we can see from Tildeb’s responses here and on your blog he is a person with a right wing view who wants to argue to the death that his opinion is the only correct one. Frankly I am tired of it. It is fighting the arsonist who runs along starting 20 fires while the firefighters have to put out each one that takes much more time. It is called a Gish galop. One side makes a large amount of claims with little or made up evidence that the other side has to spend a lot of time refuting. On a debate the side trying to refute the Gish galop simply runs out of time so only can refute a couple out of dozens.

                Above I see Tildeb wrote ten paragraphs and I could spend 20 or 30 refuting them. I noticed he mentioned Keira Bell but left out all the pertinent information. The case was one person who claimed they regretted transitioning. The judge that ruled for her and tried to block puberty blockers nationwide but was overturned partially right away and the rest is on appeal. We know that only 2.4% of trans gender people who have transitioned detransition due to regret. So do we punish the 97.6% who got medically appropriate treatment to please Keira Bell and the right wing judge who agreed with her? Republicans in red states do that all the time, find a judge who will agree with them then get the verdict they want, which is normally overturned. But this is what is driving me crazy about Tildeb’s comments. They are half truths and misinformation. Just be careful how much stock you put into any statement from Tildeb until you look into the totality of it. Or you may come out thinking Covid was a hoax so that the government can use the vaccine to put Bill Gates microchips into your body. And no, I am not going to go answer every one of the misdirection and misinformation Tildeb wrote. I am too tired for it. If you have a specific question let me know and I will answer that.

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          2. Hello Nan. I do not want you to “get in the middle” what I want you to do, what I hope you will do is read what is written by all sides, then look at the sources, and finally to see what makes sense to you. I am not a medical expert nor a scientist. Nor is Tildeb. Nor are you. So all we can do is evaluate what groups we trust just as we did with the Covid issues. Did you trust the CDC and Dr. Fauci or did you trust Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson? Why? It is the same here. Do you support the anti-gay conversion therapy pushed by the religious leaders or why not? It really is the same situation.

            Nan to answer your question as to why as you asked, I would say they see the data the same way the majority of scientist support climate change. The fact is the biggest medical associations do support trans gender treatments and the use of puberty blockers. I just looked it up and put it in my reply to you and Tildeb. But if you question it, then google it. The real question is why is there such strong pushback right now over this issue. The truth it is the same as it was with Covid precautions and vaccines. It is a political issue driven by right wing media to rally the Republicans and sway public opinion. It is right wing people who cannot stand the change of traditions. It worked in Sweden. That is why that hospital that Tildeb mentioned changed policy, public pressure. The fact is I could give you the list of the biggest groups supporting trans people and their medical needs, Tildeb is going to give you other groups that don’t. Competing appeals to authority. Never works in an honest debate. Because it depends on the reasoning of the person hearing it. Do you believe the studies that show Ivermectin is the cure all to covid, because there are studies showing that. They are a flawed minority, but they exist. I can show you a really badly done study that even the guy who conducted it says is wrong and was done only to reach the desired goal that says kids are horribly abused and suffer from having same sex parents. But religious groups still use it.

            So what you need to do is ask yourself do you think the resistance to transgender people is legitimate and why. Does the pro and con make sense to you based on what you know of human nature and how pro / con groups will act. Then look up any questions you have. Google your question or misgivings. Just remember to check the bias of the article you are reading. When I read something from Fox news on Biden and then read about the same subject on other media I get an entirely different idea. Then lastly ask how it would feel to be the trans person? Ask yourself what if … you were born with same sex attraction … What if you were born with one set of genitalia but knew deep down inside yourself it was wrong, that you were not that gender. How would you want people to treat you? How would you want people to deal with your wanting equal rights? Best wishes.

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  6. Look Scottie, the whole reason for me posting here is about showing why legislation banning gender indoctrination of children has reasons. Good reasons.

    You assume I agree with the legislation. I actually don’t. But I am trying as hard as I can to show WHY this legislation has legs. Good reasons. We should ALL be concerned when medicine becomes a tool of ideology. Puberty blockers is a good example because every College has succumbed to mandating this in spite of very real health concerns and very poor evidential justification for it. It takes time for court cases to work their way to a judgement and so it takes as a long time to reveal that the practice is based on highly questionable (in medical research terminology, “very poor”) evidence. These concerns are real. They are not imaginary, not anti-trans, not bigoted, and not just a right wing issue. They are real concerns about health of children.

    I’m trying to point out the ammunition used by Republican legislators to push this kind of legislation is a child of the Left, widely supported by the Democrats. I’m trying to point out that without this kind of blanket support to the ideology of identity groups, the Right would be greatly impoverished and probably lose elections because of their policies, because of what they are for rather than what they are against.

    As this thread has demonstrated, there is no dialogue in the Left by the Left about many of the legitimate concerns raised by Republicans. Gender identity is just one branch. But if your 12 years old kid announced that – like 3 of her friends – was now a boy and saw every conceivable agency automatically and slavishly affirm that by fiat, by assumption, regardless of your legitimate doubt that this was ‘always’ part of her life when all evidence from home was to the contrary, and you understood the powerlessness of your concern combined with absolute and total vilification that you were a monster risking your child’s life by even questioning what was going on, maybe you’d understand that what is being supported is not your reality but an ideological structure into which you and your child’s life-long health was going to be warehoused. And, oh by the way, your insurance is going to be used changing your daughter into your son regardless whether or not you ‘agree’. You will learn your responsibilities as a parent are going to be enforced as is your consent. You have no choice. You have no role. You have no voice. That’s what Republicans are cashing in on with this kind of legislation and you are helping them take power as hard as you can oblivious to this political effect. THAT is what I’m trying to point out over and over again: the LEFT is empowering the Right with just enough swing votes from the center uncomfortable with how any and all concerns are not only dismissed by the ideologues of the Left but always condemned as bigotry on issues. Just. Like. This.


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