2 thoughts on “AJDU: DON’T SAY GAY

  1. Hi Scottie;
    Like the new format.

    I think this is the very best vid I’ve seen on this topic. He really nailed the issue, made it rational and personal, and a touch funny. I would love to see him on a larger platform.


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    1. Hello Randy. Thank you thank you. You are the only one that commented that they noticed the switch. I may not stay with this one, I was in a rush when I picked it. The issue I had with the other one was the way it did quotes. I love the line on the side for quotes, makes it clear this was from some other source, but the other theme pasted in italics which was hard for me to read. It couldn’t be changed. I have issues with the pasting link color in this one. It may be adjustable I have to take time to figure it out. Or switch to another one.

      Yes I love this guys energy. He has so much energy I thought he was younger. He has some videos of himself that were just interviews I never had time to watch which I should do. I thought he was early 20’s but I think he said the other day he is in his 30s. I bet he could be a hoot at a gathering. Maybe moody to live with, not sure. But he seems smart as a whip snap. I couldn’t pronounce those words he lets fly at the speed he does it.

      As you say he emphasizes the one thing that religious and right wing people seem to not want to understand. gay and trans people are made by straight people. Gay kids have grown up to be gay adult forever, long before stonewall and the great coming out demand for our rights. The LGBTQ+ are born that way, not talked into it, not recruited, nor are they abused into it. These people confuse sex and the physical act of having sex with sexual attraction or gender. You can have sex without feeling an attachment or desire. That is a fact many secretaries found out in the bad old days the Republicans want to go back to. But to have the attraction to a certain gender is born in us and cannot be changed. I have seen rabid religious people asked if they could change their straight orientation to gay for just a month and they claim not to understand the question. Why would they do that they ask? But that shows even they know it is not a choice or a fad.


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