Let’s talk about Trump, Ukraine, and Russia….

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump, Ukraine, and Russia….

    1. Hello Nan. Aren’t you afraid that is valuable information in the video you will miss out on? To give you the spoiler cliff notes he ties tRump to Putin and the current crisis in Ukraine and wrapped it up in a neat package.


        1. Hello Nan. Yup it is the talk of the day. I am really glad it is. I think it is important to push back on the idea that Putin did not invade while tRump was president because Putin was afraid of tRump because tRump was tougher on Putin than anyone else. I am hearing that all over the right wing sites. The right wing cartoons are showing it, the right wing media is repeating it. It is sickening how far from reality it is and how they lap it up.

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