Florida College Students Get Survey On “Classroom Viewpoint Diversity” Under Law Signed By DeSantis

Florida Politics reports:

The University Intellectual Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity student survey mandated by the Republican-led Legislature during the 2021 Session was distributed to college students across the state Monday morning.

There are 13 total questions on the student survey that ask whether students feel their university or campus is a place where free political or belief expression can take place, and whether their professors create that environment and to what degree express their own political opinions.

The first section includes questions ranging from whether there is an environment of free speech on campus to whether professors allow room for “free and welcomed” expression in the classroom.

The Associated Press reports:

The Board of Governors and State Board of Education will be required to compile and publish the results. The proposal also mandates that students be exposed to a variety of political viewpoints and that they not be “shielded” from those arguments. Supporters of the legislation accused universities of drowning out conservative student voices.

A federal judge last week denied an emergency request to stop the survey, though opponents can still file an appeal. In a letter to its members, the United Faculty of Florida urged faculty, staff and students to ignore the survey, saying it would create a chilling effect on free speech and freedom of association on campuses.

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