MST3K – A Date With Your Family

Is this the time in the past the right wing dreams of taking the country?   Is this their idea of the way things should be?    The stereotypes drove me crazy, but it was actually funny to think that some people think families really were this way and they want to return to the ridged strict role models they think made people happy, not understanding those times were miserable for most people who had no say in their place in life.   Enjoy.  

9 thoughts on “MST3K – A Date With Your Family

  1. Really? You think that these times were miserable for most people?

    I don’t think so. I think that for most of us, these times were “the best of times, the worst of times” … we have great memories of growing up & some bad memories.

    I’m not like my sister Sue (3 years younger than me) who has forgotten anything bad about our collective childhood, or my other brothers & sisters, who choose to only remember the good stuff. Maybe that’s because I kept a diary, in which I wrote everything … the good, the bad, the ugly.

    But “miserable for most people” … really? C’mon Scottie … this isn’t the way it was.

    Even people who fought for change … they came from good lives. They wanted better lives. They wanted better lives for everyone. They wanted everyone to have the great lives that they had.

    Maybe your life was miserable. Mine wasn’t & most of the people I know … including my friends who aren’t white … say the same thing. We had great childhoods … tough teen years … wonderful partying years … & now, things are getting tough again now that we’re getting old & everyone is getting sick & dying & everything is oh so expensive. But miserable? Get real already.


    1. Hello Polly. I am glad the 1950’s were good for you and your family. I am surprised a devote feminist like you is OK with the part of the video where before dinner mom and sister where expected to go “make themselves pretty for supper as it was important to show appreciation to hard working dad” but the two boys only had to wash their hands? Really if you watched the video and you were OK with all the stereotypes the females portrayed? I am not a female and I was offended they were expected to conform to that standard. Do you think the women that were allowed to work were happy to have their “assets” grabbed and slapped while sexual comments were made to them? How many were chased around the boss’s desk until they were forced to submit for their job and then maybe have the bosses illegitimate baby? The woman’s responsibility of course they man had nothing to do with it.

      You say your life and the lives of your non-white friends were not miserable, yet I don’t think any non-white in the south in the 1950s could say that. Back then even the water fountains were separate, the dinners had separate eating areas for the blacks, and so much more discrimination in all areas than I can mention. Baseball the national sport had just started let negros play and they were still under discriminatory regulations on the road. Lynching and assaults causing death of black people were still common. The 1965 voting rights act was still a ways to come and it was also very bloody struggle. Let’s talk about redlining that denied the same government programs to gain housing to whites but was denied to blacks. No, let’s not because that is part of CRT. Oh and what about that nasty healthcare thing where injured and dying black people couldn’t get treatment at the nearby whites only hospital /care facility.

      So we know that the lives of black people were horrible compared to whites, let’s look at the other community you are a member of the LGBTQ+. Well this was still the time where if you were not heterosexual you couldn’t work for the government nor hold a security clearance. Also if you wanted a proud carrier in the military like your dad and granddad you better be straight. Queers that were famous on the TV and movies had to hide their sexuality and do fake marriages to hide their secret.

      I don’t want to continue this. As I said for anyone not a white straight Christian male the time of the video was a scary time fraught with danger, economic insecurity, and violence. Polly if you disagree please tell me where I am wrong and include examples. Be well.

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      1. Scottie, you have been taken in by videos that were explicitly made to disparage life in the 50’s. I’m probably dating myself, but it was NOT like this. These settings were NOT the norm. It’s too bad we can’t sit down face-to-face so I could enlighten you about how the biased these videos are.

        As for the black people, yes. There was definitely discrimination — and although it continues today, it’s not as pronounced as it was years back (separate fountains, etc.). Further, I tend to think it will continue on way past the time you and I are gone. Changes this major take generations.

        And gender stuff? Yes, it was pushed under the table. People did look askance at the blending of sexual pairing, but the other stuff that have been brought to the forefront in today’s world was simply not talked about. Probably because it wasn’t shared in the newspaper or on TV everyday!! It just was.

        There is one area on which I totally agree with you — the “churchified” Republican party has made FAR TOO BIG of a deal over all of this. And ALSO the news media.

        PLEASE don’t write a long defense of your POV. I already know it. I just wanted to share a bit on how things “used to be.”


    2. Hi Polly. Just wanted to mention one other fact. From what I have been able to track down I was born in 1963. At age three I was sold to my adoptive parents. They made my life hell with physical, emotional, sexual, and every other kind of abuse you can think of. Yes I was forced to do that also. So while I am not of the time frame we are talking about and I cannot talk from personal experience about the 1950s I can tell you about having one hell spawn brother who liked to come to my bed and force me to either drink his pee or get covered with it causing me to be punished in the morning if my adoptive parents found wet sheets / bedding. So to answer your question about how I felt about the 1950’s I was not born yet but I can tell you until I got out of the abuse in the 1980’s life was not a pleasant thing for me. I cannot say each day felt the same for other oppressed people as it felt for me, but I bet most of them did not like it any better than I did.

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  2. I’ll tell you something else. I come from a strict Roman Catholic Republican family but we had no strict role models in our family. ALL of us learned how to cook, clean, do yard work, change the oil on the car, etc., there was no sex/gender roles whatsoever.

    Also, there are stricter gender roles NOW than there was in the 60s & 70s. There wasn’t the pink & blue toys like you see now. There wasn’t any of that BS. I wore red, blue, green, all the colors of the rainbow & I usually wore pants. I played with the boys & nobody ever told me that I was “really” a boy because I preferred boy’s things to girl’s things.

    & nobody taught stupid gender ideology to kids in grade school which confuses them & upsets them. They were taught how to read & how to do sums & given lots of time for recess. They were allowed to be CHILDREN.

    So as far as I’m concerned, it’s far worse now that it’s ever been. I don’t care if it’s the GOP or the Dems or the conservatives or the liberals or MARTIANS. This gender BS is way worse now than when I was a kid & I REMEMBER.

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    1. & nobody taught stupid gender ideology to kids in grade school which confuses them & upsets them. They were taught how to read & how to do sums & given lots of time for recess. They were allowed to be CHILDREN.



      1. Hello Nan. I hope after you read my several replies to Polly, you will tell me how teachers today are teaching stupid gender ideology to kids in grade school that confuses them. If you are saying in her day kids were allowed to be kids, then you realize what you are saying is that it is OK that those kids that did not fit the norms of the time had to stay hidden in themselves and pretend to be “normal” so the others did not assault or kill them. I don’t think that is what you meant to agree with.


        1. My primary agreement was with this part of her remark: They were allowed to be CHILDREN.

          In my day, “sexual identity” wasn’t included in the list of subjects that were taught. The “norms” that you speak of (and which is the “hot topic” of the day) simply were not an issue. Further, I don’t recall a single incident of anyone being singled out as being (sexually) “different.”

          Sorry, Scottie, but from my personal perspective, this issue has been blown all out of proportion. I know you disagree and have said so in great detail so you needn’t respond.

          Please. Just accept that we see this issue from different perspectives.


    2. Hello Polly. You were allowed to be a tomboy and because of that you feel there was no stupid gender ideology taught to kids? Good thing you were not a boy who got invited to the neighbor’s home by a couple of the girls who wanted you to play with their dolls with them. They had a nice couple of doll houses and a lot of different dolls as there were 8 kids in the family, most of them girls. We had a lot of fun over the few days it was allowed. Then the girl’s dad mentioned to my adoptive father I was playing with his daughters and their dolls. I got quite a beating and dressing down for that. I was almost 8 years old. Boys did not play with dolls. Boys played with toy trucks if they played with toys at all. Needless to say I never played with the girls again when their brothers were not there also. Gender specific roles go both ways. You seem to think that your experience was the way it was, but that is not true. The very video I posted shows what the establishment was trying to push.

      I grew up in Vermont which by most accounts is a tolerant state. Even in my childhood kids were taught gender roles. Dads worked and did the outside stuff, gardening, building, driving (men always drove even when drunk) Dads made the final decisions on stuff, and gave the worst punishments. No one ever stopped a kid and said I will tell your mom; it was always I will mention this to your dad. Dads did not set the table; dads did not clean up the table, and dads did not do the dishes. That was for the girls in the family. If there were no girls, it was for the mother to do. Guess what else dads did not do? They did not shop for groceries. In my area when the dad’s went along for Christmas shopping it was a big deal and then only to have a say as to how much was spent. Dads and men got to relax in the living room after Sunday dinner while the women did all the cleanup. Oh one thing men did was cut the meat, whatever the meat was that meal. The women did the dishes with the help of the daughters while the men folk sat in the living room either napping or watching the TV.

      Lets talk about your contention that gender ideology is taught to kids in school and that confuses them. Sorry that is not happening, that is a right wing trope. And as a feminist lesbian you should be ashamed to let that stand. Really how do you think teaching gender ideology is happening? They line the kids up and then make them switch genders? Code words, which is what that is, code words to excite the right wing base. You want to know the real gender ideology going on in some schools. Here it is, ready? “Teacher, Billy says he has two mommies, is he lying”? “Mr. Teacher who is the guy in the picture on your desk? Mrs. teacher has her husband on her desk”. “Teacher Tommy’s wearing a skirt, isn’t that for girls”? Do you see the great indoctrination? It is not about getting kids to change their gender or to force them to become gay because as we normal people know that cannot be done, it is about explaining reality to them in ways that make sense. There are gay people and there are people who do not fit gender expectations.

      The new don’t say gay bills will prevent any mention of same sex marriage regardless of context. Those same bills will forbid mention of the many (yes many) transgender men in the civil war. I don’t know what reality you were in in grade school that no one got married? Was there no expectation that if Mrs. teacher was married there would be a Mr. Teacher? Well now there is a possibility there is a second Mrs. teacher. Don’t you get it, what the right wants to claim is gender instruction is simply teaching that old stereotypes don’t apply? That is the point far too many people miss. The heteronormative world is all around us. How many heterosexual relationships do we see on TV and movies? How many heteronormative relationships do kids see in their world as they walk around? What you are complaining about is simply to teach them reality as it exists that their parents hate. Just as black kids who see racism in how they and their families are treated all the time, the hereto world is pushed on kids all the time since birth. The right wants kids to only see families as one mom and one dad. Kids start to be aware of families around them and they want to be normal. Anything out of the normal such as two mommies or two daddies the right wants to be foreign to the kids, alien, suspicious. So let’s go back to that stupid gender ideology that you claim kids are taught. What are they being taught? Simple acceptance instead of bigotry. That is it. Just as no one can change a child’s sexual orientation, no one can change a child’s gender identity. Period. Full stop. That is what the right wing believes also as shown in their don’t say gay bills. If we pretend it doesn’t exist, then it will go away. So what is being taught to kids? Remember the age groups we are talking about. To accept that there is a Mr. and Mrs. but also there is a Mrs. and Mrs. or a Mr. and Mr. Oh My Gods the indoctrination is flooding over the dam. Really that is about what the bills want to prevent kids at that age from knowing. I don’t know Polly what more to say. Write back and let’s discuss this because this idea that the 1950s were great for everyone is not true. Best wishes.


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