Ohio Republican Reps Introduce “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

CBS News reports:

Ohio House Republicans introduced an education bill this week that would prohibit teaching young students about sexual orientation or gender identity, similar to a divisive bill in Florida — dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — that was signed by the governor in March.

The bill also targets what it calls “divisive” education about race, banning lessons about topics like critical race theory and the New York Times’ “1619 Project.”

The bill, sponsored by Representatives Mike Loychik and Jean Schmidt [photo], would prohibit schools from teaching, using or providing “any curriculum or instructional materials on sexual orientation or gender identity” for students in kindergarten through third grade.

CNN reports:

The bill also goes a step further than the recently passed Florida law, forbidding Ohio public school educators in grades 4 through 12 from teaching or using “instructional materials on sexual orientation or gender identity in any manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” The drafted bill language does not specify what “age-appropriate” or “developmentally appropriate” material might qualify.

17 thoughts on “Ohio Republican Reps Introduce “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

  1. Wonder why other states are considering the same kind of Bill? Anti gay? No. Gaining power. That’s what it’s about.

    Polling data from Florida: parents support the bill 67% to 24%. Even among Democrats, 55% support it and 29% oppose it.

    I keep saying that the more the Democrats double down on this kind of ideological indoctrination of children – in this case gender ideology – the more ammunition they hand over to the Republicans to swing that 5% of the centrist vote. That is the pragmatics of real politics today.

    For anyone truly concerned about the Republican existential threat to the United States as a liberal democracy, this is the kind of evidence that needs to be taken very seriously and widely revealed: the Democrats themselves are responsible for fueling the Republicans to swing elections over and over and over again. I think that’s a really bad idea.


    1. Hello Tildeb. It is well known and I have posted how at a Republican strategy meeting they decided to focus on this issue as they could excite their base by pushing something the base did not understand. They keep saying this is about not teaching sex to children. Age appropriate only. They claim this is just to keep “them” from teaching kids’ sexual orientation. All of that is false of course, teachers were not doing that, schools are not having open orgies where they teach 8 year olds to masturbate and do gay sex. The kids already know all that.

      But to say this is not about anti-gay is wrong. You have not read my post on the guy who wrote and pushed the Florida don’t say gay bill. He was very open about why he wrote the bill. He said it upset him that kids were coming out and treated well by other kids. He couldn’t stand that the kids were accepted. That was his word, he did not understand and he was terribly upset over kids coming out that were accepted by the other kids. So in other words he wanted kids to be scared of being bullied and attacked, to be open about their sexuality and to live a hidden life pretending to be interested in the other gender. Plus again the bills against the LGBTQ+ are loved by the right wing base and we all know why. They are racist bigots. And they are proud of it and will openly tell you so.

      So it is both. You were partially correct. Good job.

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      1. I find it fascinating that one is allowed to ‘not understand’ some part of woke ideology – in this case teaching all public school kids under the age of eight that their body has no reference to their sex gender – but one is ALWAYS a bigot if one disagrees!

        I have lived through this institutional takeover of woke ideology in education. I have had to incorporate this ideology in my lesson plans, in my submitted and approved scope and sequence yearly plan, in whatever school-based activist plan was going to be focused on. I have been at the forefront of this tidal wave of ideology from teachers colleges poured first into the primary classroom and then filled into each grade level. So my understanding and concerns is not from someone else’s strategy session or three day retreat product but from the tidal zone of where public education meets students and how generally clueless/trusting parents are about what is being taught and how.

        For example, in 2005 I was part of a panel struck when a grade 9 student (14 years old boy) undergoing transitioning was going to be joining the student body of a very blue collar mill town high school. There were a lot of concerns. As a result of our work with parents, press, policy and students, that particular student thrived and the community was justifiably proud of its demonstrated inclusive reputation. Because much of my work involved educating parents and allaying fears, I am well versed just how radically the sex research has been suppressed from that time to today, moving away from good research to the imposition of the ideology we have today. (Not least of which is growing social pressure on kids who are probably gay to instead transition). I have seen first hand how primary books and ‘approved’ packaged lesson plans have evolved to pushing only the ideological agenda of today’s transactivists and not the health and welfare of real kids in real life. Here’s an example (Introducing Teddy). Curriculum has been COMPLETELY highjacked to pushing only this one ideology about gender rather than sex and the biology that forms it. Inclusion is no longer the goal; indoctrination is.

        So the way this works, Scottie, is to present this indoctrination (of which gender ideology is just one part of the whole) as synonymous to being a good and caring person and to going along with painting anything and everything critical of it to be bad and bigoted and rejected out of hand. The tactic is to undermine legitimate criticism, real concerns, and promote self censorship in the name of tolerance, of being ‘good’ and ‘caring’. It is to get people aligned into an Us and Them frame. The practice is to teach children when most impressionable to champion the ideology through activism. That is what the indoctrination is all about. And it works best on those who want to go along to get along starting in the primary classroom.

        Since about 2015, home schooling has grown to about 25% of the student population in this neck of the woods (I don’t think public education will ever recover from COVID). THAT is the result of the institutional intolerance of dissenting from the ‘progressive’ ideology we’re talking about. Parents, by the tens of thousands, are leaving democratic cities and relocating in places that have the kind of legislation you are decrying here. There is a reason for that but truly dedicated people who embrace the ideology and use the tactics of intolerance you demonstrate here that you will never understand not because of the bigotry and/or ignorance you believe motivates others but because you’ve stopped listening and honestly believe your intolerance to do so is a virtue. You are wrong.

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        1. To me, this is the Achilles heel of the argument presented by today’s defenders: moving away from good research to the imposition of the ideology we have today.


          1. Hello Nan. The problem with that is it is not happening. That is the same as the Covid vaccine deniers that claim Ivermectin is all we need to handle Covid. I wrote a long response to Tildeb on this. I spent over 4 hours researching the subject. I distilled it down as much as I could and answered his points. I hope you will read it even as long as it is. The AMA has the following on the Arkansas law against treating trans kids but it applies to the others as well.

            In addition to restraining the free flow of information critical to the patient-physician relationship, the brief explains that the ban prohibits health professionals from treating patients with accepted standard of care and needlessly prolongs patients’ distress and materially heightens the risk of adverse outcomes—including suicide.

            Physicians and others tell the court these three incorrect notions undergirding the law. “Multiple studies have revealed long-term positive outcomes for transgender people who have undergone puberty suppression,” the brief says, contrary to the false notion that there are no long-term data for using puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria.

            Moreover, the Arkansas law “is a purported response to an issue that does not exist: general surgical procedures related to gender dysphoria ‘are not performed on youth in Arkansas,’” the brief tells the court, citing the Arkansas Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics. That contradicts the law’s contention that health professionals are increasingly recommending genital surgery for youth younger than 18.

            Finally, the law suggests many young people experiencing gender nonconformity will ultimately identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, rendering “most physiological interventions unnecessary.”

            Physicians and others tell the court that no studies support that view and that it’s “premised on the demonstrably false assumption that an individual’s gender dysphoria will naturally cease in the absence of affirming medical care. “


            In other words, the people pushing the laws are lying. They are making it up to push a political point. They are not moving away from good medical research to impose a woke ideology, they are doing just the opposite. They are making false claims to enforce a regressive conservative traditional view that doesn’t match the science we have. This is from the American Medical Association. Who do you think is more believable, them or the right wing media?

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            1. Yes, I read it. And Scottie … I think I’ve said this before … this barrage of posts related to the “sex/gender issues” is, IMO, getting really old. You’ve said your piece. You’ve documented your position. Your visitors are going to agree or disagree.

              Of course, when push comes to shove, it’s YOUR blog so you can do what you want. But I miss the posts on other issues. Yes, there’s been a few, but not like there used to be. 🙁

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              1. Hello Nan. There will be more posts on other subjects. That it seems the majority are about gender and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ is both that it is current news and that I have been very late responding to tildeb due to not feeling well. So now it seems to be all that is talked about. Also I reply to comments from the bottom up, so the oldest ones get answered first most of the time.

                I will be honest with you Nan I won’t stop defending the rights of LGBTQ+ people because I have lived with that hatred and discrimination all my life. I thought it was getting better due to activists working hard on the issues but now it is getting worse again due to the Republican party & Christian groups working together to drive the country back to the regressive past. I cannot just sit by and let it happen and I would hope you cannot either.

                I am going to keep reporting on current events dealing with gender / sex issues. The question is what to do with the comments? I view the comments as a conversation, and I try hard not to make it adversarial even during disagreements. I have not been particularly good at that lately as my patience has been worn thin. I don’t see the comments so much as a debate as a discussion. As you say it reaches a point where everyone has had their say and their positions are well known. Anything more is beating the horse after it died. There is little to no value in it, except to make you feel better. The problem right now is I want to let people have their say, and I feel compelled to counter misinformation. If I let it stand it seems it is correct to people who then get the wrong ideas on the issue. It is like on Covid issues, how much disinformation to let remain unchallenged? At what point do people stop reading?

                It seems to me that I am going to have to keep up with the comments better. And after I feel that it is getting repetitive and any new information added is just a rehash of the same points, I will have to cut the comments off. I hate to do that. I have repeated that I am not an expert, doctor, or scientist and I don’t think I have the education to challenge the majority experts, doctors, and scientist opinions. I feel the need to defer to the majority of experts. Some people don’t. It is something I am thinking on and do not have the solution in hand yet.

                As to the other issues the better I feel the more I watch and read. Yesterday morning I got 8 shots into the muscles of my back. Steroids and muscle relaxers. They started about midway down my back and went down to my butt on each side of my spine. That should give me some relief and allow me to sit up at my desk longer. Plus I am itching to get back to my beloved roundup. I miss the cartoons.

                But really, I remember the days you used to complain I posted too much stuff. Times have changed? Be well.


        2. Hello Tildeb the liberal. woke ideology Really I can guarantee that what comes after that will be a screed against a left / progressive policy or position normally on anything dealing with LGBTQ+ or the restrictions of the ability to push religion on others, or maybe the restricting of gun ownership. It is a term used by the right wing. Normally hosts of right-wing media. Woke left, woke liberals, woke Democrats. Funny thing I never see the left use it. The thing is what the right calls woke is merely the taking other people’s feelings into account and trying to be nice. Period. And the right thinks that is an insult. Medical science, which is what we are talking about, is not woke. The use of the word is to taint the readers perception just like using CRT when talking about race and history in elementary schools. So now that we have established the bias, moving on.

          One is a bigot if one disagrees you claim and accuse. Nope not the case. If one is a bigot it depends on why you disagree. For example I spent the last several hours digging through translated interviews and write ups on trans gender kids and puberty blockers. I found that the groups pushing these same papers / ideas were the anti-trans gender groups that disregard medical science for their preconceived ideas or their desired outcomes. For example one article that was talking about the change in the one hospital in Sweden crowed that Finland was also stopping puberty blockers and moving away from the Dutch treatment programs. Turns out that is not true. That was a headline created by someone reading a guidance memo from the nation’s health governing board that said to use diligence in examining the child to determine if the puberty blockers were needed and if so refer the patient to two different specialty clinics for treatment. 45 minutes of reading Finish government guidance memos to find out they suggest doctors use best medical practices, and that someone turned that into “even Finland is changing the use of puberty blockers”. That is a bigot.

          You are a person of strong feelings and an argumentative personality judging from your comments here and on Nan’s blog. You wrote to me you prefer an argumentative way of writing. You are convinced you are always correct and would argue that position with someone long past the time there is nothing left to gain.

          I mention that because you make the assertion and Nan agreed with it that … I am well versed just how radically the sex research has been suppressed from that time to today, moving away from good research to the imposition of the ideology we have today. The problem with that is so far I have seen you promote false information and champion misleading medical information. It is always hard for new medical understandings and ideas to be accepted by some people. The idea that being gay and having a homosexual orientation is not a mental illness still persists in some right wing circles today. And that is what this comes down to really. Mainstream science new science vr the way it always was before. Mainstream medical science vs the fringe who are promoting a medical view based on political / religious views backed up by misleading data.

          Here are some examples. I present conversion therapy which really is nothing more than torture. Yet some still tout it as the way to treat people who are gay. The people touting it can point to some misinformation or debunked studies they claim back their position. To these people accepting gay people for who they are is just woke ideology, right?

          I present Ivermectin as a Covid cure / treatment / preventative. There is a large segment of the population who believe this and they tout some misinformation or debunked study to back their position. Many media platforms promote these views. These same people decry vaccines as harmful bad science. They are vocally trying to get the world to see the truth that these accepted treatments for Covid are just woke ideology.

          I present abortion and the right wings claims that it is the most damaging harmful medical procedure ever devised. It causes cancer, sterility, and a whole host of bad things including makes kids gay / the country to lose the war I guess. Plus it is murder of a living unborn human being because everyone knows that humans are created when one gamete meets another gamete inside a mobile incubator called a woman. Any other way of looking at it is woke ideology, right?

          Home schooling. Well you know how that push got started. I guess you could call it backlash to woke ideology. That woke ideology being science, biology, and history not based on the bible. The homeschooling movement first emerged in earnest during the 1980s. Back then it was largely led by evangelical Christians. By the 1980s, homeschooling families had emerged as an organized public movement. During that decade, more than 20 states legalized homeschooling. For the most part, evangelical Christians led these battles. Organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association, founded in 1983, provided the necessary legal and financial backing for these families.

          At the time, homeschooling was seen to be in conflict with secular school systems. Religious parents came to define the public face of the homeschooling. Dang that woke ideology. Is your claim that parents don’t want their kids to learn that LGBTQ+ people exist and are to be accepted any different? Don’t teach what I believe even though I am wrong I will take my kids out of those woke schools.

          Tildeb let’s be clear. You are anti trans. You find articles that support that position. You word your arguments based on those articles and your personal understanding. I do the same. The difference is I am not bias against the new understandings that go against tradition. I accept the majority medical view. And that view is on my side of this issue. You asked me to look into the reason the large hospital in Sweden changed how it was treating trans kids with medication and accommodation. I did. Seems that the change was influenced by a growing public campaign by an anti-trans group that has caused a loss of public support for the trans-community. Fewer young people were being seen for gender dysphoria. A web site that is anti-transgender made the claim the hospital relied on The National Board of Health and Welfare which relies, among other things, on a review of relevant studies on the effect and safety of hormone treatment carried out by the Swedish Agency for Medical and Social Evaluation. However, the Swedish Agency for Medical and Social Evaluation did not say that they should stop or change the procedures. The study concludes that it is not yet possible to draw any definite conclusions regarding this. Big difference. So what drove this big change.

          From what I have read the board of the hospital was influenced by the change in the public acceptance driven by an anti-trans campaign and the anti-trans legal case driven by TERFs in the UK. A children’s hospital in Sweden has stopped prescribing puberty blockers to trans under-16s with gender dysphoria, citing the Keira Bell ruling.

          In light of the High Court’s ruling and “based on the precautionary principle, which should always be applied” the hospital has “decided that hormonal treatments (ie, puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones) will not be initiated in gender dysphoric patients under the age of 16”, it announced in a statement.

          “These treatments are controversial and have recently become subject to increased attention and scrutiny both nationally and internationally,” the statement continued.

          I am sure you are aware of the case and that it has been partially overturned, and the rest is still being challenged. It was based on one person who regretted transitioning heard by a judge that was very traditional on gender sex issues. Anyone in the US has seen these cases before mostly in states like Texas where republicans find the one super ideological judge to put their misleading red meat case against something they don’t like the Democrats are doing (they call it woke ideology by the way) the judge rules for the Republicans and then real judges overturn it. We know the rate of detransitioning is around 2.4% from the latest studies. I guess we should punish the other 97.6% of the people because of the few that had regrets?

          This is what is happening in the UK case. We can go it if you want but it doesn’t look good for the anti-trans side no more than the attempts to discriminate against same sex marriages look good for the religious groups pushing them.

          So that answers several of your comments in one very long reply. I hope those take in by the misinformation and the anti-trans push you are making will do what I did. Spend an afternoon reading up on it and checking the sources of the information. This really does come down to some people for whatever reason cannot accept the changing social standards of society. But just as evolution is true, same sex attraction is inborn and true, so is gender identity that is different from the way the genital look at birth. Things change. The whites that cannot accept the change in demographics in the US will have to it is going to happen. Acceptance of the LGBTQ+ will also.

          I want to leave everyone with something from the from THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS. That is the real pediatrics group not the religious one pretending to be the real one.

          Researchers found a 60% decrease in moderate and severe depression and 73% decrease in suicidality among transgender and non-binary youth who received puberty blockers or gender-affirming hormones over a 12-month period, according to a study abstract presented during the virtual American Academy of Pediatrics 2021 National Conference & Exhibition.


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          1. ” I hope those take in the misinformation and the anti-trans push you are making will do what I did. Spend an afternoon reading up on it and checking the sources of the information.”

            The abstract you rely on falls squarely into the category referred to by NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence): “The quality of evidence for these outcomes was assessed as very low certainty.”


            “NICE found it was difficult to draw conclusions from existing studies because of the way they had been designed. They were “all small” and didn’t have control groups, which are used to directly compare the effect of different treatments. There were other issues with the studies too, such as not describing what other physical and mental health problems a young person may have alongside gender dysphoria. The review said there was “very little data” on any additional interventions – such as counselling or other drug treatments – the young people may have had alongside taking puberty blockers, and this could bias the results.”

            This is not misinformation, Scottie, but labelling it as ‘anti-trans’ or ‘right wing’ is. And you keep doing it, as if by smearing me and my character (because I raise the issues you ignore) somehow counters the growing evidence that this institutional takeover of every medical College by ideologues like yourself does not serve the best interests of children taught since kindergarten that there’s no such thing as biological sex but simply a gender ‘identity’ one can choose. (This alternative reality has HUGE medical consequences, especially women’s reproductive healthcare because male and female ARE biologically different, amazing as that ‘misinformation’ may seem to those severed from reality.) The fact of the matter is that such a choice made by children – pre-pubescent children put on these blockers by willing medical practitioners simply following orders, mein kampf – who do not exhibit informed consent is fraught with long term consequences and significant risk you are simply waving away as unimportant, irrelevant, counter factual, and due entirely to bigotry. That’s what ideologues do when they present their beliefs in place of reality and expect everyone else to go along with it. Or else…

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            1. Hello Tildeb. You say I smear you by calling you right wing and the stuff you post disinformation. Yet all your sources are from conservative / right wing sites that admit they are anti-trans. The issues you keep repeating are the same talking points I hear on Fox and Breitbart. I never hear these issues discussed this way in mainstream media. Then there is the conspiracy angle. Every major medical organization has been taken over and corrupted by ______ insert your choice here. My great gravy Tildeb you are the same on this issue that the right wing media was / is over covid precautions and treatments. Just change gender to Covid and you sound just like the right.

              Ok I have to agree with Nan. All points on this post have been made. You have had your say. I have had my say. Everyone knows where we stand. Notice we are the only ones still commenting and replying here. There is nothing to be gained by keeping the conversation going. And I want comments and replies to be a conversation not a debate. But I am not influencing you and you are not influencing me. Neither of us is going to “win” this back and forth. So why continue it? I expect you will add another reply, you seem driven to do so. But I have no interest in replying to the same stuff over and over and it bores the readers.

              OK. For anyone still reading along one last time, the majority of medical organization agree the correct and safe way to treat trans gender children is with complete multiple exams to determine what steps to take including the use of Puberty blockers. They consider puberty blockers a safe and reasonable step to take to prevent unwanted sexual characteristics of the wrong gender to present. If you wonder if Tildeb or Polly are right in the information they provide google it and check not only the information but the source. Go to the AMA. Contact a trusted source / pediatrician in the gender fields. Go over the last few gender posts and read then many comments and replies. That is all I can ask and anyone can do. Best wishes.

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          2. So you spend an afternoon googling for information that seems to bolster your case (ahem… confirmation bias, anyone?) and think your job is done because you’ve FOUND stuff.

            I mentioned my direct experience being on a panel preparing the school and community for a transgendered student because this was a very big deal 20 years ago. So that’s when I started to prepare for my job educating both myself and in preparation for being able to speak knowledgeably to packed meetings and town halls filled with concerned parents. At that time, gender dysphoria was exclusively a male issue involving boys who had felt they were girls from a very young age. The parents were well aware of this and often presumed the child was gay. But gay is male! That’s not what these kids were presenting and so the parents had to through referrals find those who knew something about this.

            The world’s leading experts were out of Toronto, namely in a lab organized and directed by Zucker (and many ineternational Fellows who came to learn about this rare condition). Zucker’s career was involved in this detailed study and treatment. The person coming to our school came from this lab, this program, under Zucker who organized and supported the various kinds of surgeries and explained to me what the challenges would be and offered all kinds of reference material. So I read. And read. And read. That’s why I was on the panel. And that’s why we faced and overcame the kind of bigotry you so flippantly and easily and cavalierly toss my way. Believe me, Scottie, presenting in front of blue collar mill workers and answering their hundreds of questions, allaying their fears, and over the course of three months building tolerance and acceptance and pride for representing the best in people when it came to accepting, welcoming, and celebrating a transitioned male in a high school setting. This is hardly equivalent spending an afternoon of googling.

            So I have followed how a DSM V diagnosis of gender dysphoria then has undergone a complete inversion to match the jaw dropping rise in young females wanting to transition today. Because I have worked with young people for decades, I understand how the ideology of gender identity has replaced the biology of sex that once grounded it (in the same way biological sex grounds being gay and lesbian to wide acceptance) and has taken over every avenue, every level, every policy of education. I have seen the books used in primary grades to indoctrinate children and spoken with new teachers full of virtue and righteousness selling it as if fact. I have seen the effects, the confusion, in children, in boys and girls. I understand why more than half of girls who want to transition use the internet, follow the guidelines laid out by activists, to say what they need to say, to get what they think will solve many of the very real adolescent issues they face through transition. I understand the motive. That’s why I know the ‘over 60%’ diagnosis of autism in this cohort of girls is very real; the ones most likely to transition are the girls who are the most likely to be uncomfortable in their own skin… for a variety of very good reasons, not least of which is social status. I have often said to my spouse, “Who in their right mind would want to be a straight girl these days in the steam room of toxic social media?” The best defense for protecting reputation is gender dysphoria. That’s why some schools see a rise of dozens of ‘cases’ in a matter of weeks. From girls. Occasionally from boys… again, almost always the ones suffering from other diagnosed mental and emotional issues. Of course there’s a social component here. And so I also understand the very real concerns of parents and even more concerned with how gamed the system is to render their very real concerns about health and welfare over time made irrelevant by the power of the state and the medical community legislated to allow only affirmation, instant access to puberty blockers, and in effect handing the prescription pad over to these children who insist to a person they really, really really do feel they were born in the wrong body. Show me an adolescent who doesn’t feel this way at some point? I think you would be very hard pressed.

            There is almost no real oversight of what’s going on today. That’s a problem.

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                1. NO! NO! NO! No more defense of where your stand on this issue! The fact that you (apparently) disagree with my support of the social component is not worth another “lecture.” OK? OK.

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                2. Hello Nan. Who said I disagreed there was a social component? Seems pretty clear to me there is a huge anti-trans social component at work. But OK I will not will respect your wishes and not respond. Best wishes as always. 🤩🤗😏

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