Thank you Keith for reminding me of this

All day yesterday I worked on computer / router issues and spent hours investigating new router security protocols and how they interact with older software.   After 13 hours of that I did not feel like getting to comments.   So I am just reading the many grand comments of the last few days.    Keith left a comment that jogged my memory and I felt it was so good I wanted to share it with everyone.   Below I will put Keith’s comment, my response, and the wonderful presentation Sheldon Whitehouse did.  

Nan, I agree. I have long said over half the Republican party is voting against their economic interests and have no idea they are. Being a former Republican, the GOP stands for one thing – giving more money to rich people and helping them keep it. Everything else is window dressing to garner votes and mask this mission. The fight for conservative judges, for example, has less to do with Roe v Wade and more to do with judges who will rule in favor of corporations, owners and developers when screwed over litigants sue them. People need to re-read this last sentence as it is sadly true and of great importance. Keith

Hey Keith. Very astute of you! You see something I have only seen covered in progressive left media like TYT. You know what some call the extreme left. The ties to the Federalist Society and the groups that pushed these judges to business interests is deep. Sheldon Whitehouse gave an amazing presentation on this subject if you are interested. Surprisingly most news sites left or right want to ignore this aspect. Not in the video but I was stunned when Gorsuch wrote that a man should have died in his truck when the company he worked for told him to stay with it in the freezing cold and die rather than seek safe shelter.

8 thoughts on “Thank you Keith for reminding me of this

  1. Hey Scottie! Yep, as always, our friend Keith is a wise and well-spoken man. He is my gold standard, though one I can rarely live up to. So sorry to hear you’re still having router/computer troubles! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I studied up on the router issue I am having. It sounds much worse than it is. My Firefox browsers are showing that the settings are controlled by my organization. But I have access to and can control the settings which I wouldn’t be able if the browser was not under local control. Normally such a thing happens where you have a company that controls the network or you use a third party like the router company or anti-virus company to filter your in coming traffic for malware or parental controls. I was not doing either. Turns out my new router’s firewall has certificate checking features. But as Firefox has it’s own built in feature to do this it looks to the browser that an outside third party has control. Now that I understand it I am OK with that part. Hugs

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  2. Scottie, Jill, thanks. And, thanks to Nan for her comment. I recognize many in my former party will take issue with the simple GOP mission statement, but I stand firmly behind it. The reason they will take issue is this plain mission statement is avoided in news stories, as you noted. This is a key reason for the focus on scare tactics around social and civil rights issues. This is a key reason why the former president ran as a Republican as he could throw red meat to his base using fear as a selling point. Just look at who benefitted the most with the 2018 tax cut – corporations and the wealthy. The middle class did not fare as well with limits placed on state/ property/ sales tax deductions.

    We also have fewer auditors in the IRS and inspectors in agencies that govern industry. Often, it is a self-reporting inspection process which is truly the fox guarding the hen house, since poultry is self-regulated, the airplane industry software is largely self-regulated and the offshore oil derricks are regulated by too few people. Think of these three industries and where we have had some issues in the last fifteen years. There is a reason industry donates to elected official campaigns. This last issue is not just limited to the GOP as Democrats accept donations as well.

    Thanks again, Keith

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  3. Scottie: I’m glad you amplified Keith’s apt comment with your allusions to dark money and your video of Sen Whitehouse’s damning presentation. I’ve written about him and the courts a few times; I’ve been pondering that video since I saw it during the hearings. I think he is a largely unsung hero who keeps the focus where it belongs. The Republicans whose behaviors we decry are simply functionaries doing the dark money megathugs’ bidding. And it’s getting worse with “the Court that dark money bought.”

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    1. Hello Annie. I think most people missed what McConnell said about the courts. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has made confirming conservative judges his singular focus. In 2018 he described his goal at a gala of the Federalist Society, the four-decades-old legal network that’s become the pipeline for Republican judicial appointees: It’s “to do everything we can, for as long as we can, to transform the federal judiciary, because everything else we do is transitory.” He made a statement on how control of the congress changes every few elections, and anything they did the Democrats could undo. But he followed that with, but the Democrats couldn’t undo the packing the courts with judges that will force the country to the right and rule in favor of right wing ideology. Sad that the right, the conservatives, the Republican party doesn’t see doing the will of the people as important but enforcing their will on the people is their job.

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      1. We’ll, I sure didn’t miss it, Scottie. McConnell has wreaked havoc on our democracy in his quest for power and the financial perks that go with it. He’s essentially said a Republican return to the majority will guarantee no more consideration of Democratic nominees to the SC!
        All our rights are at stake. I don’t see how any thoughtful American can vote Republican again, and the apathy and infighting among Democrats infuriates me.

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        1. Hello Annie. Yes! The Republican party has vocally and clearly given up on Democracy. They crave power / authority because that increases their personal wealth. “If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.”—David Frum

          The Republican party has moved farther right for the last 40 years. Sadly the left has moved right also to keep the moving center. But what has happened is the most extreme far right base has become the party. Because of that the party is shrinking. The base is a mostly racist and bigoted and they glory in the culture wars. Those are mostly older people. A decade ago a think tank group recommended the Republican party try to reach out to Latino / brown people to save the party. Instead, they doubled down on white superiority / majority. What we have now is a system so rigged that we have a minority ruling over a majority. The electoral college gives states with large open land with smaller populations far more representation than cities with much larger density of population. The gerrymandering in some states has gotten so bad that Democrats must win 75% of the vote to even get less than half of the state legislature seats. With voter suppression laws it is no longer a democracy in some states. Instead of the voters picking their elected officials it is political parties forcing their candidates on the public.

          Sorry I know you know all this. I just needed to vent. Have a great night, I am going to go have a bite to eat.


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