Mehmet Oz: The Far Left Thinks Human Beings Are Cockroaches And That’s Why They Oppose Fracking

“Here’s why I think they don’t want energy coming out of the ground. The far left believes we’re a pestilence, human beings are cockroaches on the planet. If you give us tools to prosper, we’ll just destroy more because we’re not a force for good.

“If you think God created man to be something that was special, unique, and that is the divinity — I can look in your eyes – I see that spark of God in you.

“If you believe that, then you would want us harvesting the cleanest energy possible and using it while we move to even better sources.

“But if you think we’re bad, evil, toxic creatures that should not be on the planet, you’re going to block every effort and that’s what happened.” – Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, speaking on Ted Nugent’s podcast.


What a load of unthought out lying crap.   The left wants the world, including the US, to use renewable energy that doesn’t increase the damage from climate change.    It is do able, it is necessary, but the wealthy oil interests have bribed the US congress to force the people to use their product even when they are gouging the people during this crisis.  

4 thoughts on “Mehmet Oz: The Far Left Thinks Human Beings Are Cockroaches And That’s Why They Oppose Fracking

  1. PA has been decimated by fracking. I know more than one family who lost their farm/property to fracking. Their water wells ruined, their animals sick & dying, unable to grow anything anymore, unable to sell the land, even at a loss.

    If Dr. Oz or any other politician (& honestly, I don’t care if the politician is GOP or Dem) would admit to the devastation that the fracking industry has wrought & how so many people have been harmed by this industry, it would do a lot to help change the conversation toward fossil fuels & moving toward a greener future entirely.

    But NO! Dr. Oz has to demonize the “other side”. There is no way forward with these kinds of politics.

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    1. Hello Polly. I am sorry for your friend’s situation due to fracking. It is one of the most destructive environmentally unfriendly actions of the oil / gas / mining interests do to the earth. What takes the earth thousands to millions of years to set up, greedy people destroy in hours. For those that don’t know fracking is the forcing of toxic waste fluids into the ground under high pressure to infiltrate and shatter the natural water pathways and structures in the ground. The toxic waste fluids are very harmful and they go into the water tables, water paths, they are forced up into the soil. Pockets of natural gas are released into both the water systems and the soil causing water with gas to come out of house taps and pockets of dangerous ground that can explode under some conditions. Also it allows the unregulated release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. All so the oil companies can get the last hard to reach bits of oil from the ground before abandoning that site and going to drill / pump from the ground in another spot. Interesting the CEO of one of the companies using fracking who had pushed how safe it was went to court to stop fracking from happening in the area around his own home due to the damage it causes.

      As for Dr. Oz I hate that the main qualification for federal congress is celebrity. The man has crazy ideas but that doesn’t matter, he is famous is all people need to see. That was the same with trump, he was on TV so he must be qualified right? I wish people in this country would look at a candidates polices instead, but like Nan has mentioned there is no time in a busy person’s life to worry about politics anymore. People are too busy trying to make it through another day and have some pleasure in their lives to carve out time to study the candidates and what they are saying. They are lucky if they see a headline that may or not be true.

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  2. Scottie, this is not the first time Dr. Oz has gotten in trouble. One need only look at the trouble he got in for marketing untested products and supplements on his show that impacted people. He was called before Congress on that one. Judgment is keen in deciding on who to vote for. Too many are saying things that appeal to a narrow and strident base of voters, Oz included. I personally do not want to be governed by what these folks are espousing. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. judgment is keen in deciding on who to vote for. Well said.

      So many of these people are depending on their celebrity status to entice voters. Even tRump said in his endorsement that Oz was on TV so that must mean he was good, that the people wanted him.

      Keith you said you don’t want to be governed by what the candidates are pushing. Polling shows the country agrees with you on that. You pointed out correctly that these candidates are appealing to a small segment called the base. That is because they are in mostly safe Republican districts that are gerrymandered so whoever wins the Republican primary wins the general. So the most extreme candidate who appeals to the base, the cult of tRump, wins the primary like Marge Greene or a Matt Gaetz type. They end up in congress.

      Back to polls, this drives me crazy. If you poll a subject without party identifiers, just a question like are you in favor or want … lower drug prices, or name whatever liberal policy the Republicans media like Fox is against and you get yes. The people want it. Then you ask the same question with a party in it such as do you favor lower drug prices such as the Democrats are trying to pass and a large portion of the people that said yes the first time now change to no. Tribal party identification takes priority over the actual policy and how it would help the people. That is nuts to me. People are choosing to hurt themselves to support the party. I am a progressive. I am a proud liberal even when that word was made into something dirty and evil by the right wing media. I thought Ted Kennedy was pushing the right stuff. However recently the progressives agreed to something I did not support. I spoke against them for it on that issue. If the Democrats are wrong I say they are wrong, and right now they are wrong about a lot. If I had an alternative to the Democrats that could win that supported more of what I agree with I would vote for them. The question is why more people are not like me. Why do more people do not vote for what they feel will make their lives better instead of the R or D behind the name. I don’t get it.


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