I interviewed a pastor running for Governor in Michigan who wants the Bible taught in schools.

3 thoughts on “I interviewed a pastor running for Governor in Michigan who wants the Bible taught in schools.

    1. Hello Nan. But what it shows is this man at least knew that the bible was full of smut that they wouldn’t let kids read in other books. Yet they keep claiming it is the book of virtue and how we should live our lives. Most of the people who want to take LGBTQ+ books out of libraries, both school and town / city wide libraries, don’t know their holy book is worse than the books they want banned. I have seen only one other person pushing for banning books that admitted they needed to say the books were being put behind the desk so that the bible wouldn’t be banned also. Most of these people are too arrogant to care about the truth. I really think most don’t know the bad or sex stuff in the bible, they just know what the preacher tells, or the church committee talk about. Mostly how bad the other ungodly people are.

      I base this on what little I know about the few times in my life I went to church regularly. When I was in first grade the adoptive parents got accused of child abuse by my school. It was a clear cut case. Those readers of my old blog may remember me writing about it. This was in the 1960’s and I got to stop going to school and the family moved to a nearby state, then moved again, then moved to a very small town that had more cows than people and I started the second grade in that town. My adoptive mother joined the local nondenominational church and her and her hell spawn daughters taught Sunday school for a couple of years. I was required to go to Sunday school and then church afterward. Then there was a big blow up of some type and the entire female part of the family plus me no longer went to the church. But during the time I was going to Sunday school and church I never remember being told the bad stuff. Lots of stuff about the ark and saving animals but never anything about all the people and animals drowned. Never heard about incest, bears tearing apart kids, or any of the other horrible stuff in the bible. We heard about strong wonderful people standing up for a Jesus that loved us and would always be there for us. Privately I would ask Jesus “why me, why always me”? But I never got an answer. Later as a teenager I got a choice, join an SDA church and get to get out of the home I was being beaten in or not join the church and stay in hell. I joined the church. Now that I think back on it seems weird they held sanctuary over my head to force my joining the church. During that year and half again I was taught all the good things that they wanted you to think the church was, more about the founders and Ellen White than about the bible. At the church boarding school we went to morning and evening chapel, Friday night at sundown we had a third chapel, church all day Saturday and morning / evening chapel on Sunday. The point is that we spent a lot of time in church. Again nothing about the sex, incest, and no good people were killed only the bad people were targets, and entire thing looking back was so staged to keep us focused on only the propaganda. I wonder if the adults got the same lessons? After school they wanted me to go on to one of their schools to be a Pastor. I looked at my options, their church, homeless on the street, or the military. I joined the military.

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      1. they just know what the preacher tells [them]. EXACTLY!! You hit the proverbial nail!!

        And THIS is one of the reasons I wrote my book. If you call the title … “Things I Never Learned in Sunday School.” 😁

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