Florida man exonerated for crime he didn’t commit

After more than three decades in prison, Thomas James was exonerated by prosecutors for a 1990 murder.

Thirty years in prison for a murder he did not commit.   You know that there is more to this story, he is a black man and the police and DA in racist Florida simply did not care, they pinned it on him and sent him away to rot.  What can the state now do to make it up to him?  Wrongly accused, all those years, the years of the prime of his life gone.  How does he earn any income?  But wait, his Social Security is going to be the minimum which is not enough to live on as he was behind bars all those years.   So he will continue to be screwed by the same state that imprisoned him for a crime he never committed.    But I guess at least now he can vote?   Maybe?  In Florida, a black man from prison?   Good luck.  

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