Fox Host Sean Hannity Attacks Biden For Playing Golf

Good thing Hannity admits he is not a journalist.   But the Republicans / right wing have never been bothered by hypocrisy because in their minds it is OK if a Republican does it.  

From Sean Hannity’s personal website:

The optics on this are terrible. According to a report from The Daily Wire, while First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was visiting war torn Ukraine —on Mother’s Day —President Joe Biden was working on his golf swing, hitting the links with his brother Jimmy. Meanwhile, across the world and in a literal war zone, First Lady Jill Biden was doing Joe’s job. No word on how Joe’s golf game went.

9 thoughts on “Fox Host Sean Hannity Attacks Biden For Playing Golf

    1. Hello Nan. I know how you feel. I have not been on the right wing channels / cartoon sites much lately (my mental health has been better for that) but when I was they were totally relentless that their side never did any of the horrible bad stuff that the evil democrats were doing. No matter what the subject was their side was always pure and honorable and the democrats were always these evil people driving to take away rights and democracy. I never experienced the total denial of reality driven so hard as these people do. No fact, no reason could move them one inch, but their responses became more insulting and violent the more you did not agree with them. It is one reason I keep such a strong security on my computers. I think these assholes tanked my most loved first blog and got one of my computers infected that I did not know at the time how to clear. I do now. I know the jumpers on a motherboard that will let me wipe the CMOS that they use to insert their attacks. I taught myself a lot to protect myself. These are rabid people who live in a reality not connected very well with the real world. But I fear they are setting themself up to take over the country. They really want to do it. On these sites they are not shy about their intent. It is rights for them and no rights for others. Those they don’t agree with must be gone and only their way of thinking will be allowed. They are the US Taliban.

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    1. Hello Michael. I agree the news these days is not calming at all. The US government has become dysfunctional to the point we cannot get anything past the federal congress unless it helps increase the profits of the wealthy. The US becomes a more regressive country with the government doing less to help the public needs every day. The idea that the US is still a democracy is in doubt, it seems more like a country run by big business.

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        1. Hello Michael. The US news is so US focused we really don’t know how it is in other countries or how those people think. It is such a serious problem that many US people think speaking more than your native language is wrong. People that can speak multiple languages are often attacked in the US.

          I admire people that can learn other languages. Because I cannot.

          I spent three years in Germany. Some of the happiest years of my life. But from day one I struggled to learn to speak German. Yes I was in the US army. But I am not a jerk.

          After four years I could ask for a newspaper in German. I think I could still do that today. The lunch ladies at the place I ate when I could tried hard to teach me German but I just couldn’t get it.

          So to start I was shocked, a country kid from a place with more cows than people, in a new place where I couldn’t read the newspapers (1982) the street signs or understand people talking around me.

          The funny thing was when out with others I noticed something. We would all go into shops and they would have a horrible time getting what they wanted. I would go in and in what little I could grasp of German I would try to order and point and basically end up doing charades. At that point someone behind the counter would speak to me in English and I could order. As an 19 year old I was not really bright so this went on for a long time. Until one day I was talking to a German friend about how I was so bad at German but everyone helped me with English, yet I heard so many of my barracks mates complaining about it.

          He asked me “When you go into a place how do you address the people”? I was confused, told you I was not the smartest guy.

          He said Ok you go to order from a place how do you do it. I said after I look at what the menu is which I really don’t understand I go into the counter and try to ask in German and pointing what I would like. After several attempts someone would come and help me in English.

          He said to me do you not understand what you did different from the other soldiers that complain? I was still clueless.

          He said you tried to speak our language. Yes you suck at it, but you were giving it your best. Most Americans come here and think we must just speak to them in English. They make that assumption. And it pisses us off, so we don’t help them. You on the other hand tried and (in his words) make sounds a toddler could do better but you were willing to try. That is the point.

          So the end of my story is I spent a wonderful 3 years Germany. I would have stayed because a friend showed me the German government had a program to accept people like me into their medical training program. I really wanted to do it. But you had to be fluent in German in one year. As I had been there for three and couldn’t do more than ask for the train station and a newspaper, I returned to the states,

          So that is why I admire people who can learn and speak more than one language. If I could I would be living in Germany as an RN or more. It is also why I do not trust the US news to give the complete story on things. They want to give the US side of it but ignore the other countries issues. We see basically what our corporate news media want us to see from the position of making US corporations wealthier.

          Anyway best wishes, I am off to bed.


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